Here's my newest Boothcentric peice. It's angsty, but fluffy...well, what I mean is, no one is in mortal danger, but it's kind of painful to read. Okay..anyway. I have this slight obsession with Booth's if you're into that, this is for you. Have fun!

Booth sighed and kicked the door shut, wincing as he did so. Foot pursuit, while wearing dress shoes and in sub zero temperatures was never fun, but today was especially ill-advised. Today the bones in his feet protested even the slightest movement, and after an entire day of anything but being still, he was in serious need of painkillers.

"Bones? You home?" He called out, shrugging out of his coat. He probably should have called ahead of time, made sure she wasn't still at the lab, but he hadn't thought about it.

He sat on the edge of the couch, noticing that she hadn't answered him and carefully began taking off his shoes. He hissed in pain as his feet shifted out of the shoes, aches and pains usually forgotten were pronounced when the weather was like this and he hated the cruel reminder of things he'd rather forget.

Booth glared at the offensive footwear and started back toward the bathroom, walking slowly and allowing himself to limp only because he knew he was alone.

Definitely wearing sneakers tomorrow. He knew quite well that sneakers with suits was a fashion faux pas, but it was either that or be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of the week. And he didn't think the stairs up to his apartment would agree with a wheelchair.

He pulled out his cell phone as he opened the medicine cabinet and dialed Brennan's cell. It started ringing and he held the phone between his shoulder and ear as he rifled through containers of toothpaste, deoderant and cold medicine for for a small orange vile near the back. A prescription of very strong pain pills he hardly ever used, but thanked God for every time he did. They were like magic.

Brennan's phone was ringing for the third time when the door opened out in the living room.

"Hang up Booth, I'm here!" Brennan's voice echoed out in the apartment and Booth awkwardly held the pills in his mouth as he answered.

"Be out in a minute Babe!" He shut his phone and drank some water from the faucet, squeezing the wide pills down his throat.

Out in the kitchen Brennan pulled a bottle of wine out of the cupboard and got a beer from the refrigerator.

"Mmm. Smells good." Booth came down the hall, rubbing his hands together as the smell of pizza hit him in the face.

He kissed Brennan quickly and went to the box.

"Half Carnivore half Veggie. Perfect."

"Also known as Herbivore. And someone who eats both is Omnivore." She stated, getting out the plates.

Booth rolled his eyes, stuffing a piece of pizza in his mouth as Brennan handed him a beer.

"Please Bones," He said, swallowing, "no squint talk while I'm eating." He glanced at the beer, remembering quite vividly what happened the last time he'd had beer with he pain killers he'd just taken. He grimaced, he was not spending another night with his head in the toilet.

"What's wrong?" Brennan noticed the strange look he was giving his beer.

Booth glanced at her and shook his head.

"Nothing, I'm just not thirsty. That's all." He grabbed another piece of pizza and headed toward the couch.

"Anything good on the boob tube tonight?" He glanced at the clock on the wall as it ticked past 10:02.

"Booth you're limping. Did something happen at work today?" He heard her ask from behind. He closed his eyes briefly, before turning his best smile toward her.

"No, I'm fine. Just a little tired and sore, what do you want to watch?" He asked quickly, not wanting to linger on the subject for too long.

Brennan grabbed her pizza and joined him on the couch, sufficiently distracted by his change in topic.

"I don't know. Isn't that why you subscribe to that TV magazine?"

Booth shrugged and grabbed the remote, staring blankly as he started flipping channels.

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