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By the way general warning for those who stumble into this story. This contain girl on girl sex. It was my first try at icky nasty depraved smut. People semed to enjoy it. So enjoy if you wish!

Fu Fu Chronicle
Chapter 1

It was something the raven haired girl would never admit to as she stood there observing how Shizuru sipped at her tea. Shizuru looked up from her desk making eye contact with Natsuki. Natsuki blushed and looked outside at the campus.

"Ara, Natsuki's so cute when she blushes." Shizuru said with her Kyoto accent.

"Mou, Shizuru!" Natsuki said shooting an annoyed look back Shizuru. Natsuki looked back outside and blushed more.

Natsuki thoughts started going wild as she turned around looking at the ground asking Shizuru something. "Ne, Shizuru, do you want to come over today?"

"Natsuki I'm working late tonight to finish the final graduation ceremony plans for your class. I promised Director Fumi I'd help while I took a year off." Shizuru sighed.

Natsuki frowned again. "I can wait you know. You could always spend the night. It's the weekend. Please!" Natsuki demanded.

Shizuru smiled and nodded in agreement. Natsuki slowly walked over to her Kaichou and kissed her on the cheek. Shizuru blushed as Natsuki sat up the desk beside her laptop. Shizuru kept typing as Natsuki sat there waiting for her to finish for the evening. Shizuru glance over to the legs beside her and smiled a horny smile and went back to typing. Natsuki put her hands behind her a let out an exasperated sigh making a moan like sound. Shizuru stopped typing and put a hand to her face as blood trickled down her nose.

"Natsuki did that on purpose." Shizuru muttered.

"Eh, Shizuru your nose is bleeding again." Natsuki said not realizing why. The same thing had happen the previous week as Natsuki went to a tattoo parlor to get a wolf tattoo where her HiME sign was. She had taken Shizuru with her of course. When Natsuki was getting the tattoo she was holding on Shizuru's hand. Natsuki moaned during the entire tattooing process; some people like that kind of thing. Shizuru had an intense nosebleed then too. This entire moaning episode made their love making session a lot hotter that night.

Shizuru wiped the blood clean and turned off her computer. "Natsuki let's go ahead and go to your apartment, now." Shizuru hinted. Natsuki blushed and smiled grabbing the older girl's hand. Natsuki had wanted to get Shizuru to her apartment for awhile now and this worked just fine knowing that Shizuru wanted it to. Tonight was going to be good.

The apartment door slammed as the girls just started to devour each other. Natsuki teased Shizuru as she pushed further into her apartment finally reaching her bedroom. Their kisses becoming hotter and hotter as their tongues overlapped. Shizuru started kissing Natsuki's neck and running hands across her clothed breasts. Natsuki moaned as she started growing wet. Shizuru pulled Natsuki closer and whispered in her ear.

"Natsuki, I want to fuck you." Shizuru said coarsely. Shizuru only used language like that to make Natsuki hornier and it always satisfied the two girls in the long run. Natsuki sat back on her bed taking off the top part of her uniform giving Shizuru the right of way. Shizuru mouth went straight Natsuki's again and traveled down to the younger girl's breasts. Shizuru was not going to be defeated by a bra and removed it so she could get to her goal. Once she tossed the bra off Shizuru went to work on Natsuki's breast. Shizuru traced the tip of her tongue around the hardening nipple and then gently teased it with her teeth. Natsuki moaned and placed her hands on Shizuru shoulders making the girl stop so they could switch positions. Natsuki was sensing the Shizuru was probably a whole lot more horny than she was. Natsuki took off all of Shizuru clothes leaving her panties for last. Natsuki slowly removed them and grinned.

"Natsuki, stop staring…" Shizuru said protested.

"Mou, Shizuru is so wet already." Natsuki said inserting two fingers into Shizuru thrusting them in and out. Shizuru groaned with pleasure. Natsuki continue her assault against Shizuru as Natsuki kissed and suckled against Shizuru's neck.

"Ah…Nat-ssuki…together…please. aahHa" Shizuru moaned Natsuki stopped removing her fingers and licked them clean.

"Mmm, you really wanted it today didn't you, Kaichou-sama." Natsuki said teasingly licking the top of her own finger. Natsuki sighed a moan and straddled Shizuru's hips after removing the rest of her clothes but did not push her hips down against Shizuru's. Natsuki turned her head to the side and gently bit down on her index finger as she stood on her knees. She ran her other hand down her stomach and in between her legs thrusting her own fingers inside her body making her face go red hot. She loved to tease Shizuru this way. Natsuki let go of her index finger and moaned deeply.

"Shizuru, if you want it, come and get it." Natsuki panted removing her fingers. Shizuru pulled Natsuki down by her arm and the two locked into a hungry kiss ecstasy dripping from the corner of the mouths. They broke for air and Shizuru made her move repositioning her legs with Natsuki's. The girls both sat back as the started rocking their hips in tune with each other rubbing their clits together. Both girls started moaning and whimpering more as they picked up the pace.

"Oh, Natsuki…nat..suki…uuuuhh…mmm Natsuki…" Shizuru said throwing her head back arching her back making their clits grind together harder.

Natsuki breathing back heavier and heavier as was starting to loss her strength. Shizuru seeing her raven haired lover falling back she grabbed the girl's legs maintaining their original pace. Shizuru bit her lip and then gasped for more air as she moaned.

"Shizuru…I…I'mm…..going…" Natsuki panted. Shizuru moaned louder and Natsuki arched her back. Then the two girls screamed out each other's names as they came. Shizuru pulled Natsuki into her arm with what little strength she had left. The two sweat clad girls kissed each running their hands over each other's bodies before going to sleep.

"So, what are you doing this weekend Shizuru?" Natsuki asked as she shut her eyes.

"Absolutely nothing. Do you mind if I spend the night here and the weekend." Shizuru purred.

"Not at all." Natsuki smiled.

The two whispered "I love you" and went to sleep.