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Fu Fu Chronicles by kara papas

My Voice

"There was more to this than what I could have ever imagined. I felt my body tense at each moment of every movement I made; the quick rush of air filling my lung as I gasp when my mouth was not occupied. I'm completely wet and my legs begin to give before I succumb completely. I am almost threatened by the edge of this impossible venture until my hands reach out to grasp upon anything at all."

I was so close to drowning that time and I've only been in for about ten minutes.

The chestnut haired woman panted before pushing out of the pool. The gym's pool was always empty at this hour. The supposed lifeguard wasn't even in the gym at this odd hour of the night. Shizuru swore to herself she'd end up drowning one of these days and the next morning they'd find her water logged corpse.

Always an optimist.

As Shizuru rung her hair out when she heard the squeaking of the door to this enclosed pool. She wondered if it was someone who just happened to be lost until the foot step got closer. The red eyed woman turned around to see the night guard walking with a ravishingly beautiful woman with almost black blue hair and the greenest eyes she had ever beheld.

"Here is the one person you have to look after…" the security guard sighed looking at Shizuru. Shizuru smiled softly. "She's here almost every night at this god forsaken hour swimming." The woman had a stone locked expression on her face as she almost glared down Shizuru while looking Shizuru over and then looking back to the security guard.

"Tsuki, you make me sound like a nuisance." Shizuru pouted playfully making the woman look back at her. Still no expression change.

"Ms. Fujino…I'm worried about you. I have the guard the only open door to the building now because of what happened…" The guard mumbled and looked away from Shizuru. Shizuru grabbed her towel and wrapped herself in it before closing the distance between her and the security. Shizuru rested her right hand on the security guard's right shoulder.

"You and I could have never known what he was capable of…but on the brighter side…he's not here anymore." Shizuru voice was unsteady and light yet there was a strength hidden within.

"Ahem…I apologize for interrupting, but I figure that you too are reminiscing on some bad event…let me lighten it up. Ms. Fujino my name is Natsuki Kruger. I'm the newly appointed night lifeguard that has been specifically hired for you because Tsuki here bitched so much to the owner." The women said with a rough husky tone. Shizuru blushed slightly not really knowing why. Natsuki smiled in very comforting fashion to accommodate that blush.

"Well I'm done for the night…" Shizuru sighed and looked over Tsuki who seemed to be waiting for Shizuru to say something. "Tsuki, I don't think I'll be able to change out of my bathing suit. If you could get my bag from the locker room along with my crutch…"

"Not a problem Ms. Fujino." Tsuki smiled with the concern of an older brother before he turned away to collect Shizuru belongings. Natsuki walked closer to Shizuru. Shizuru caught the look on Natsuki Kruger's face. There was a hint of insatiable curiosity. Shizuru knew it wasn't Natsuki's fault.

"I was leaving the gym when I was able to exercise properly, and it was just my luck that the night guard was a little off in the head. However, in a nutshell, I got attack and as a result I got one of the most unique knee injuries anyone could get. I had my MCL and LCL in my left knee completely ripped to pieces. Well, not to pieces, but you get to the idea." Shizuru finished as Tsuki showed up by Natsuki giving the new lifeguard a disapproving glare. Shizuru frowned at his approach. "Tsuki, I told her the brief story of why I swim at night. I'm far to busy during the day…plus I sleep a lot during the day."

The security just nodded handing Shizuru her bags so she could be on her way. The chestnut haired woman made her way to the rear exit and it confused Natsuki as Tsuki went to another door. Natsuki walked in hot pursuit of Shizuru as she watched the woman trek go from strong and steady to staggered and limping. Shizuru heard the foots steps behind her and began taking deep breathes as her mind plagued her with frightful images of a fight she cared not for. Her life was splitting like a thin thread of cotton when she found herself threatened by feet alone.

"Ms. Fujino, don't you want to exit the front of the gymnasium. I know the doors lock behind themselves, but still. I can imagine you might not be comfortable being by yourself." Natsuki said in soft tone realizing she might have scared Shizuru by the terrified yet controlled glance Shizuru gave her. The red eyes seemed to burn into Natsuki's green eyes. Natsuki stopped in her tracks and Shizuru walked just a a bit more realizing her personal lifeguard had stopped moving along with her.

"Ookini, Ms. Kruger..." Shizuru said ever so softly just as the raven haired woman interjected.

"Natsuki...please, call me Natsuki. Ms Kruger is far too formal for a person like myself." Natsuki said finally breaking her expressionless face with a nonchalant smile. Shizuru blushed at the smile.

"Alright...Natsuki. Then you should call me..." Shizuru spoke playful and again was interrupted by the raven haired.

"Shizuru..." Natsuki said softly as she took a deep breath.

The two stood there for a few more second lost in each others' eyes. A moment they could not predict. The chance for the two was fate alone. However the two didn't not ride on fate, but reality. Shizuru turned to Natsuki and held her hand out in the silent awkwardness that they developed on their way to her car.

"Thanks for the escort." Shizuru said as their hands met. Natsuki took another deep breath and nod in response. The contact of there hands was one more thing for Natsuki to think over as she felt the delicate skin that Shizuru had offered her.

Shizuru pulled her hand away and quickly hopped into her car driving far away from her gym. The chestnut haired woman's thoughts went straight to planning her next set of ideas. She always had ideas. Ideas that formed into elaborate worlds with fantastic characters set to do mission and feats of grandeur that no one could truly imagine but Shizuru. Yet these ideas had been coming in, rougher and rougher, and she knew why. Shizuru was unable to write anything without letting her mind wonder to then.

So Shizuru Fujino's job was nothing much of a job. She made her money by her pen or rather more keyboard. Shizuru sighed to herself as she walked into her small flat tossing her keys onto the near by entry table by her coat rack. Tonight's venture was going to be a story about a killer. Shizuru had wanted to write one sense the near miss she had. However there had to be something more than what the killer was. The killer had to appear like everyone else, but the killings had to be a job. So Shizuru thought on about this as she walked into her standing shower. As she shampooed her hair a thought came to her.

I should do a twisted fairy tale backbone for this story! I can make something tragic and exciting, but it has to fit with what my audience wants. All they know is I haven't produced a good piece of literature since writing "My Love". Mmm, but that's a tough one to top.

By the time Shizuru had finished her thought she had already conditioned her hair and rinsed that out. The writer had her work cut out for her, but her daily routine of physical therapy had really worn her out. Her red eyes stared out to the mirror that was slowly covering in tiny water droplets from the steam. Yet, through the droplet Shizuru's eyes locked on the image before her. Her naked body. She had not really looked at herself in such an objective manner before the incident. Everyday since she had regained the ability to walk on her own did she just stare. There horrific scars on her body were more metaphysical than just scar tissue. Yes she had the surgery scar on either side of her knee cap, but she also had scars at her right thigh leading up to below her navel.

I shouldn't dwell...

The thought stayed stable until she found herself in her car the next night heading to her parking space at the gym. Shizuru pulled up seeing a lone motorcycle next to her spot. Shizuru wondered for a few seconds and walked out of her car with her bag and crutch in hand. Shizuru's heart always raced as she walked towards the side entrance staring strongly at the concrete steps that she was shoved against.

"Ms. Fujino...", Shizuru quickly looked up to see Tsuki standing in front of her.

"Good evening...I'm...heading in...is Ms. Kruger here?" Shizuru asked with light voice as if she was coming out of a daze. Tsuki just nodded as Shizuru smiled softly before walking to the pool changing room. Shizuru never put any of her belongings in a locker because she was typically the only one there, but when she went in to change into her swimsuit she notice a duffel bag on another bench. Shizuru already knew who it belonged to as she noticed a helmet by it. A slight blush crept on her as she went to the mirror to check herself out before going to the pool area.

The sounds of swimming echoed into the chestnut brunette's ears as she got to the pool. The lifeguard was playing in the pool. Shizuru grinned as she watched Natsuki swim to the other end. Shizuru walked up to the diving board and proceeded to do a perfect dive alerting Natsuki to her presence. The lifeguard shift to turn around looking at the body heading towards her under the water. The lifeguard was standing in the shallow end of the pool so she stood her ground as this wet crimson eyed goddess rose from the water in front of her. Natsuki shamelessly took in how the wet suit clung to Shizuru Fujino's luscious form. The raven haired woman was starting to notice how she needed to take deep breathes around this vixen of a woman.

"You have an excellent form...Shizuru." Natsuki said as she slicked back her hair. Shizuru grinned and walked up to the pool wall by her. "Um, well, anyhow...ahem, I thought I could help you with your therapy. That's what Tsuki said you do here."

"Ara, I'm not sure if I want you helping." Shizuru said plainly.

"Okay, I can understand the hang up there, but I used to do water therapy at another gym. I can help you. It's going to be a lot of work, and I can assure you that you'll come out of this tonight wanting more." Natsuki said just as plainly right back at Shizuru. The crimson eyed woman grinned. "Good."

Shizuru did something she had never done before. She gave in to another person's compassion. Natsuki smiled at Shizuru and simply said that the therapy would remind Shizuru of being a child taught how to swim. Shizuru felt the slightest hints of a gentle voice so lost in the pit of her being making its way through the scars.

Thirty minutes later, Shizuru was laying flat against the cold tile by the pool taking slow easy breathes. Natsuki walked over wrapped in her own towel bringing Shizuru an industrial sized towel. Shizuru refused inwardly to stand to take the towel, but before the stubborn brunette could move the towel crashed down on her. Natsuki was being gruff with Shizuru because of the amount of complaining Natsuki had to endure from Shizuru. The green eyed life guard sat down on a bench by the pool side watching the towel lump sprout arms to go with the already exposed feet. The arms just wrapped around the towel and a muffled pleasant sound came from under it. Shizuru then rolled her body placing most of the giant towel beneath her damp body and the tile. Her hair hung in wet dreads around her face framing it along with her eyes; those gorgeous eyes.

"Alright, now let's go get changed so I can walk you to your car." Natsuki said as if she was still teaching therapy in the water. Shizuru slowly stood shifting her weight to her good leg.

"I think I'll just put my jeans over my suit and drive home like this." Shizuru said. Natsuki gave her a disapproving look. "It's a routine I'm use to."

"It's a bad one that you need to change. Also, you should at least try to put weight on that knee or you'll never be use to standing normally, walking, and hell even running at one point. These things you can do...you just need the confidence to do them with." Natsuki said tiredly walking to Shizuru. The red eyed woman just glared at Natsuki. Shizuru had completely taken in what she said. Shizuru was well educated and knew what Natsuki was saying was true. She stubbornly turned towards the changing room and started to hobble in her stride, but paused to walk slower. Natsuki stayed behind Shizuru just watching as the woman went from hobbling to a normal gait. The raven haired lifeguard knew it was painful for Shizuru to walk period after therapy, but Shizuru had develop some kind of threshold.

About three weeks later the two had developed quite a routine together. Natsuki had convinced Shizuru to do therapy outside of the pool. It was a one step at a time process but it was one that was working to heal this mysterious woman. They stood side by side both walking on treadmills.

"So tell me about yourself Shizuru? I always forget to ask." Natsuki puffed. The crimson eyed woman glanced to her right to look at Natsuki's facial expression finding curiosity waiting in those jade orbs.

"I'm a writer..." Shizuru huffed.

"Oh, what do you write?" Natsuki teased.

"Nothing...at the moment. I have been able to write after I got raped..." Shizuru said as she stopped the treadmill. Natsuki's face went blank and filled with guilt. Shizuru saw that and realized she never told Natsuki the type of attack. Shizuru had assume Natsuki would make the connection, but the lifeguard never did.

"I..." Natsuki stuttered as she rolled off her machine.

"Its my fault...I should have told you that what happened to me...but the guy is dead. So...no worries." Shizuru walked over with ease patting Natsuki's shoulder. Natsuki caught her hand and held onto it.

"So you lost your voice." Natsuki said softly. Shizuru gave a confused look. Natsuki's brow furrowed. "Your voice...uh, that drive that makes you who you are. I bet its one of the reasons why you haven't gotten better. Your knee that is."

Shizuru pulled her hand out Natsuki's hands and quickly slapped the lifeguard as if it were a reflex. Natsuki stood still and just breathed as she always did in Shizuru's presence. The crimson eyed woman just walked off grabbing her bags and keys. Natsuki let her go. The sting of the slap let her know that she was getting to Shizuru.

Ugh! The audacity of that woman...how can she say those things. How can she know those things? Why is she always right? Why did I hit her? Her voice...my voice. My strength...who I am? She's always so right. Why can't I just get on with it?

Unfortunate timing was the next set of therapy sessions. Shizuru refused to have Natsuki aid her. So the lifeguard just kept watch as the furious writer swam. However Natsuki was pleased that at least Shizuru was using caution as she swam. The chestnut haired woman did as many laps as she could and would get change and leave to walk on the treadmill in the other part of the gym to cool down before leaving.

Shizuru's stubbornness would cost her so much though. Tsuki was standing at the side entrance to the gym the following night yawning and notice Shizuru coming in almost an hour earlier than normal. She blazed past him and the security guard quickly whipped out his phone and called Natsuki.

"Hey, Kruger-san...Fujino-san is here early. I thought I should let you. She looks a little exhausted too." Tsuki sighed.

"Shit, I'll be there as soon as I can." Natsuki said with a worried tone.

The raven haired woman had noticed that Shizuru was looking more and more tired as of recent. She had to have faith that the stubborn woman would be careful, but then again it could be just as bad. The lifeguard didn't have time to grab her bag. She just grabbed her helmet and ran out to her motorcycle. So now it was a race of worries against exhaustion in a broken writer. Natsuki knew it should only take her at best ten minutes to get there. Hold out for ten minute you damn stubborn woman. I'm on my way.

As the lifeguard raced to the gym Shizuru had already taken her dive into the pool. It had occurred to her that Natsuki wasn't there yet, but her mind was viciously assaulting her. So Shizuru began to push herself as hard as she could going over the recommended laps that Natsuki had suggested. Shizuru's arrogance got the better of her as she approached the pool wall and pushed off it with her legs as hard as she could. As her muscles contracted and stretched out the ligaments in her recovering leg began to swell and inflame in fashion so painful all she could do was crumple. The terror hit her that she was alone in this pool with no way of getting out. She was instinctually gasping from the pain and the fatigue made the pain worse as water caved in around her. The pain was almost as bad as then. It was only worse as her lungs filled slowly with a substance that was not air.

Natsuki had already run passed Tsuki helmet still on. The lifeguard ripped her helmet off as she ran into the pool room already seeing Shizuru's body giving up. She made no sounds as she just jumped into the pool making a beeline for the chestnut haired woman. The water didn't fight against Natsuki as she swam to Shizuru, but it violent clung to her and Shizuru when the lifeguard went to rescue the stubborn writer. Natsuki dragged Shizuru to the shallow end of the pool before pulling her out. Shizuru's body was slack and unresponsive as the lifeguard held a ear to Shizuru's mouth and nose hoping, pleading, for a breath. Natsuki made no hesitations as she instantly began CPR. She noted to herself the contact of her mouth against Shizuru was welcoming and reassure because the chestnut haired woman's lips still held warmth. Natsuki had made it in time enough to save her from severe damage.

Natsuki only had to compress Shizuru's chest five times after breathing air back into the writer's lungs before Shizuru had successful expelled the water on her own. The red eyed woman heaved the last bit of water and turned to see Natsuki Kruger on standing on her knees beside her. Natsuki was completely clothed yet the clothes were totally water logged. The shirt upon the blue haired lifeguard clung to her skin as if it longed for warmth the woman had burning across her, and her jeans hung at the mid of her hips. Shizuru just kept staring only then realizing the angered look she was getting from Natsuki.

"What the fuck were you thinking?" Natsuki almost whispered. Shizuru looked away. "Answer me." Natsuki said louder. Shizuru looked back.

"I tried...to swim like I use to. I thought I was better enough to not need your help...I'm sorry." Shizuru said hoarsely.

"I swear if I didn't care..." Natsuki almost whimpered. Shizuru eyes shot to Natsuki's averted ones. The green orbs were brimming with tears. "...no don't look at me. Just...get up if you can. I'll help you change..."

Shizuru just nodded as she wobbled to stand. Natsuki wrapped an arm around Shizuru waist and the writer's heart jumped with two feelings; anticipation and fear. There was an awkward silence between the two as Shizuru calmly walked in first. Shizuru just walked to her bag and look at her towel as she pulled the straps of her suit off her shoulders. Natsuki walked passed Shizuru pulling off her water logged shirt to ring it out at a sink. Shizuru eyes went from her towel to Natsuki's half exposed body. The bra Natsuki was wearing was shear showing pert nipples beneath reacting from the cold. It had been sometime since Shizuru felt some raw sexual desire, but a part of her shook from how she was looking at Natsuki.

Shizuru almost wondered if this is how he looked at her. Shizuru wondered and walked over calling out to Natsuki making the lifeguard turn seeing the swimsuit just barely clinging to the top of Shizuru's breasts that moved her deep breathing.

"Are you okay...Shizuru?"

Shizuru's mind rushed back to her rape and how powerless it had immediately made her. The way he approached her from behind. She had waved goodbye to the guard who was just standing there as always. She walked towards the cement steps and heard quick heavy steps behind her and then hands violent shoving forward down the steps. The way her one of her knees crashed against the steps was the first blow of the night. It was the striking blow. The pain was indescribable as she felt something inside that knee tear as she lay in shock draped across them. Then the sound of someone landing from a jump in front of her could be heard. She felt the same hands that had pushed her reach under her arms dragging her body up and then she saw him. The security grinned lustfully and let Shizuru fall back against the steps.

"Scream.." was all he said. Shizuru body was in complete shock. She could not run and watched as he pulled out a switch blade. The security guard just shove it under the skirt to cut it off alone with Shizuru's panties. The blade tip penetrated more than just cloth as it tore her skin from her thigh to her navel. Shizuru mouthed the word, no, but it was too late to argue with words as he grabbed her damaged knee before he forced himself inside her. Shizuru screamed out in pain as the would be security guard raped her.

Shizuru's mind had gone back to that point. She wasn't thinking like him.

"I killed my rapist the same night he attacked me..." Shizuru said quietly. "He had a knife with him which he used to cut my clothes off which did this to my body." Shizuru pulled her swimsuit down and walked out of it letting her embarrassment show on her face. Yet, Natsuki's eyes looked at the scar even so.

"How did you do it?" Natsuki whispered as if they were talking of secrets.

"He placed his knife down in reach enough for me to grab it as he angled himself for a better position...i guess. And I let him go further until I reached for it stabbing him in the temple right as Tsuki came running up after he had gotten back from his break..." Shizuru said as a tear went down her face. Natsuki did not know what to do as Shizuru stood there crying. It almost felt wrong to the raven haired lifeguard that she was extremely aroused by Shizuru present nudity. Natsuki walked to Shizuru none the less disregarding her arousal.

"Shhh, Shizuru...you didn't have to relive it...I don't think less of you..." Natsuki softly said as she wrapped her arms around Shizuru's naked body. "...and it might be wrong of me...hell I feel wrong...but you're beautiful. Your body is still beautiful."

Natsuki felt Shizuru shift and went to look her in the eyes, but found her lips suddenly captured by Shizuru's. Natsuki quickly pushed away, but was pulled back. Shizuru's face was hot with a blush and a heady need.

"I know what you mean feeling wrong...I haven't felt this way in awhile...and its been growing in me. Maybe I've got water in my head but..." Natsuki cut Shizuru off by kissing her back but more aggressively receiving a moan from Shizuru. Natsuki placed her hand on Shizuru's bare hips holding the away from her at arms length.

"This feels off to me...so off." Natsuki panted. "Besides, locker room really doesn't bode comfortable atmosphere...and support for your knee..." Natsuki panted again grabbing Shizuru by the wrist and walked the chestnut haired woman over to where her belongings were at. "Take a day to recover...let you mind recover...and when everything clears up and you still...well...uh. Yeah. You have my number."

The two walked out together and parted ways as if the near death by drowning never happened. Plus, the naked confession, and the mini sexual explosion didn't happen. Shizuru agreed. She should wait to let her foggy thoughts clear, and wait she did. However she let the rest of her foggy thought form into words to form a story she'd later title as Deadly Lovers.

The raven haired lifeguard's phone went off in the mid evening as she sat at her place. Natsuki absentmindedly grabbed for her phone answering it without looking and heard a smooth accent on the other line.

"I've waited, wrote seven chapters of my new story, and let my mind clear up. I still want this, and I thought of how to make you comfortable with it." The smooth voice paused.

"Alright Shizuru...do you know where Sakura Blossom is?" Natsuki said with no hesitation.

"I should hope so. I live there." Shizuru said laughing.

"Well...this makes things easier. I live in build 6 in the corner suit at the bottom." Natsuki said testing Shizuru.

"Well I live at the flat at the top..." Shizuru quietly responded. Natsuki snickered at the other end of the line. "Yes, I know. Bad knees apartment complex building with stairs only. I'll be down in two minutes."

Natsuki wondered what the hell she could do in two minutes to make herself more presentable, but then again she also worried about Shizuru. It had been more than a day since Shizuru almost drown, and Natsuki thought the sexual attraction was more of a severe hero syndrome response. Shizuru was truly thinking about other things; using her time to clear her thoughts up. So in that time duration Natsuki's sexual desires for the mysterious writer grew, and her thoughts had gone to idle simple things about there brief time together. Natsuki loved the way Shizuru swam. The muscle tone that seductively called out to her. How easily Natsuki could slide her arms around Shizuru waist? However what was most taunting for Natsuki was the image of Shizuru naked body. The way her ample breasts actually had pertness to them which showed what shape Shizuru's body was in. Shizuru's thighs had firm soft appearance. The hourglass figure encased in a pale yet cream colored skin intoxicated Natsuki that much more.

Suddenly there was a firm knock on the door and Natsuki quickly walked over not thinking about the fact her face was total lost in a lustful blush that was somehow very innocent. The raven haired woman opened the door calmly and was meant by a very bashful writer.

"Hi..." Shizuru said in soft smooth tone. Natsuki face fell into further blush.

"Hi...uh...come on in...make yourself at home." Natsuki said staring at the chestnut haired woman who was simply adorned in a yukata of purple with an eloquent design of calla lilies.

"Ookini, Nat-su-ki." Shizuru said in a teasing tone brushing passed the emerald eyed woman. Natsuki quietly shut the door locking it without thought. She took a deep breath and watched as Shizuru sat down on the couch.

"I see you read my novels." Shizuru said glancing at the table. Natsuki instantly went red and just stared at Shizuru in wonder. Natsuki knew she was a writer, but not the writer she read. The writer she read went by one name; Kiyohime. Kiyohime was a famous lesbian novelist that really hit home with great erotica.

"It's pretty good...I mean...I love it...you really must..." Natsuki was stuttering through her word choice. Shizuru smiled.

"My sex life is barren. I write about what I wish could happen. My lustful thoughts are far better than what I've ever had." Shizuru sighed looking over to Natsuki whose expression changed as she walked over to sit down next to Shizuru.

"Well, I can help turn that around if you want." Natsuki said seductively. It was Shizuru turn to take a deep breath and as she did her heart skipped a beat. Shizuru had to say something before her mind went like one of her characters in a smutty scene.

"Natsuki...I told you I'd make you feel more comfortable with this...and right now all I can really say is I feel lust coming from you. I wish I hadn't said I was Kiyohime. I hope you don't think I'm some oversexed lesbian. You once said to me...I had lost my voice. I think it was because I had been tainted...tainted and destroyed. You've helped heal so much of me...and I want you to...it sounds so corny, but I want you to cleanse me. You don't have to. It's not a fun smutty sex scene like my stories have...it would be more...intimate." Shizuru confessed and expected Natsuki to cast her out like a piece of trash, but she was startled by a wordless response. Natsuki kissed Shizuru very softly the lips, and after she broke from the kiss she locked eyes with Shizuru.

"I'm sure you know this because you certainly place them in your stories enough. The lily's flower meaning is 'I dare you to love me' and it is corny that you want me to cleanse you, but I want to free you. I want to hold your body again but not suspended by water." Natsuki sighed letting her hands rest against Shizuru's. "I want to feel how tense your body could get just by being against mine. How your breasts feel against the touch of my tongue, lips, and hands. So, yes, I can do the intimate scene you want, and it won't be a scene. It's something you can have as long as you want it, and when you see fit you can cast me off."

Shizuru breath had been taken away, and tears escaped her eyes with no restraint. Natsuki just pulled Shizuru into her arms and held onto.

"Natsuki...I'd never...cast you off." Shizuru whispered as she leaned back to look at Natsuki. The raven haired woman smiled and quickly moved in for kiss and was not met by any hesitation. The kiss was more heated than what Shizuru had expected, but she wanted Natsuki and was willing to have Natsuki's aggressive side. The kiss became more and more intense between each bated breath as the two busied themselves with only the prospect of what the night had really been set out for. The chestnut haired writer was becoming much more aware of the fervent movements of Natsuki's hands, fingertips, through the silk thin fabric of her yukata. The defining difference of the last time her body was touched.

Natsuki's hands caressed Shizuru's body exciting every last sensation. The sensation of her skin coming alive bursting with fiery anticipation. Shizuru felt herself rise in that dizzying drunkenness of ecstasy and Natsuki was doing this to her with her clothes still on. Then a sudden jolt of intense ecstasy rushed through Shizuru tensing her nipples as she felt one of Natsuki's hands leave her back to go to her exposed thigh. The way Natsuki's hand moved up Shizuru thigh was innocent enough outside for the way she let her thumb brush against her inner thigh. Shizuru let out a slight sigh and sudden felt a grin form on Natsuki's lips as they left Shizuru's neck.

There was no moving from the couch in Natsuki's flat. Shizuru could already sense this when their breathing had hit that erratic stage. Shizuru could no longer help herself as took an aggressive stance letting herself push against Natsuki's shoulder to force the sexy lifeguard into a position that Shizuru could take dominance. Natsuki got the hint but as she was trying to shift herself on the couch she fell backwards against the expanse. The emerald orbs watched Shizuru's movements with utmost curiosity as the lusty writer made her move. As if it was one of Shizuru's very own cliché story scenes, the writer undid her robe revealing her nude body before the lifeguard again.

Cause and effect; Natsuki analyzed this beauty before her. It was obvious to Natsuki that Shizuru was not truly embarrassed but still ashamed of her body. Natsuki knelt on her knees before Shizuru and kissed the writer's stomach where the switch blade scar had ended by her navel. The writer took in how soft those lips felt on her stomach. They had been soft against her own lips, but the gentleness in how the lips touched her body. The way Natsuki's hands held, caressed, Shizuru's hips and buttocks made the chestnut haired writer feel delicate and precious. Natsuki worked down the scar placing a chaste kiss on and around it until she reached where it began. As lust filled as the raven haired lifeguard was she knew this had to be set out by Shizuru. Natsuki could feel Shizuru's trembling anticipation because the writer's body was truly trembling.

The silence was thick and tense laced with strong breaths coming from the writer. It was the need that shone in the red orb's, and Natsuki coaxed Shizuru to lay back on the couch again. It took no motion or sound from Shizuru to make Natsuki continue; the raven haired woman just knew what the writer needed. As intimate as anything could be Natsuki knew that a well placed tongue could easily make even intimacy seem naughty. Shizuru's hip bucked just as she felt the lifeguard's tongue flick in strong yet precise motion. It took a couple of moans to let Natsuki know Shizuru was getting a well deserved release, and finding herself again.

It wasn't until Natsuki pushed two fingers in did Shizuru reel. Natsuki knew she might have gone too far passed Shizuru's comfort levels, but she pressed on. Shizuru's hands gripped tightly against the couch as she began to pant. The more Natsuki pushed in and out the moan of pleasure seemed to inner mix with slight gasps of pain. Natsuki stopped and sat back. Shizuru face was redden and hand no longer clutched at the couch. The breaths the red eyed woman took seemed to steal the very air from Natsuki.

"Shizuru, if it hurts...I can stop." Natsuki said with soothing voice. Shizuru had head turn to the side resting away from the back of couch.

"No, it's okay. I'm just not use to it." Shizuru said slowly before gasping from grazing touch of Natsuki's fingertips. "Mmm, I know I want to keep going."

There wasn't a response from Natsuki. She just kissed the Shizuru as she pushed fingers back in. Natsuki kept a slow rhythm feeling Shizuru tight inner walls around her fingers. It became quickly evident to Natsuki how badly Shizuru wanted this when Shizuru hips bucked harder against her palm. Natsuki got the hint and quicken her pace pressing harder and harder. The way Shizuru felt Natsuki's movements, the unjulation of her finger and the way Natsuki palm repetitively pressed against her clitoris. It was the way Natsuki's hand shook and the sound of wet skin slapping against wet skin. Shizuru was finding it increasingly harder to let a moan escape here and there. The writer's body writhed from the pleasure jolts she was getting.

Shizuru could no longer keep her voice trapped inside as her back arched just enough as she came. The moan she let go was a heavy and revealing for herself. Natsuki just leaned down and gently kissed Shizuru on the lips before breaking the mood.

"So how's your knee?" Natsuki asked in a chipper tone.

"Knee..." Shizuru panted. "Fine, but I don't really believe you just asked that after..."

"Well your total comfort and pleasure is a concern of mine so..." Natsuki mumbled.

Shizuru just laughed as she laid there think how fantastic it would be to leave her erotic writing behind and just live it instead.