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Tongues of fury fired rage licked at the soles of her heals as she ran. The pain of the calluses slowly leaking up into her joints, her limps flying loosely behind her rapid paced body. Sweat bathed her frail figure under the scorching heat; how much longer could she run? The miasmatic doubt washed over her, taunting her pale green eyes with delusions of what lie ahead in the blazed path. Run, because no matter where you run I can find you. Monsters flocked into her path; chaotic earthquakes rumbled beneath. She lost her balance, tumbling forward her knees and scraping fresh skin from the body. She huddled her head under her torso, sobbing wretchedly with blood stained tears. Her pink hair matted in clumps on her shoulders, was caked with crimson and debris. Jade eyes awake with panic, pulsed with every shriek in the air.

She dared to look up. His face, his angelic face, looking her straight in the eye. Black malachite textured hair framing his matured face, setting off the obsidian black of his eyes. He wore nothing more then the solemn grin on his face, unclothed from the torso down. It wasn't the familiar grin she was used to from him; there was something twisted in its being. Another wave of panic rippled through her body.

"Sakura," he whispered with heaven on his tongue. A fresh sheet of tears glazed over her eyes; she wasn't sure whether to cry for joy or for fear, "Sakura." He called to her, offering his pallid hand as a gesture. Her fear was lifted like the burden it was; he could be another one of them, why wasn't she scared? She stared, unsure whether to trust his beautiful face or the silk of his hands. Her hands, thick with perspiration, shook with the fear that had kept her running. Her breath wearing thin as she made the decision to give him her hand. "Sa-Kura." He mumbled, his face now downcast, voice tinted with a raspy winter. She waited for his response with anticipation in her heart.

"Sakura?" he looked up at her, those soft obsidian eyes replaced with the taunting red of the sharingan, "I've come for you." She gasped as fangs slipped between his black lips, and claw shaped wings bit at the royal purple sky. I've come for you. I've come for you. She let a scream escape her throat, manically trying to throw herself away from his cruel laughter. His gorgeous face manifested into a beautiful monster; claws and horns bubbling to the surface beneath ebony skin. He held a tight, clawed grip on her clammy hands. I've come for you. He whispered on her neck. Up her chest. The crook of her nose. Stealing a surplus kiss from her virgin lips. Tears leaked into her mouth as relentless screams came pouring out. He was hurting her, suffocating the life out of her mere mortality. This angelic creature, slave to the devil. He cupped her face, the gentle smile back from the dark depths of his heart, but her image of him was still tainted. She tried slipping out of his grasp but he held her face firm. Isn't this what you wanted all along? He teased. Raven eyes conflicted with jade. Isn't it? Isn't it? Crawling closer. Closer. Reality blurred before her frenzied eyes.

And then, Sakura Haruno, fell out of her nightmare.

yeahyeah reviewwww kind of scaryy huh? we all know the real sasuke would never evur do that.