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Jack sat beneath the large palm trees, shadows dancing across his tan back as the wind swayed the trees. His half-lidded eyes were fixed to the smiling face of the fair-haired leader. Ralph, Samneric, and a few of the other boys were laughing and splashing on the beach. The glimmering water accented Ralph's beauty as it came down in sparkling showers around him.

'He's lovely.'

Although he would tell no one, Jack had grown quite attracted to the blonde boy over the past couple of months. His eyes followed the thin rivulets of salt water as they slithered their way down Ralph's body. The thin chest. The slight bumps of ribs that showed through the golden skin. The slender torso and narrow waist. Jack licked his suddenly dry lips as his eyes passed the other boy's navel, traveling further down until the reached the water that appeared a little below the sharp hipbones.

He blinked a few times and looked back at Ralph's face only to find those piercing eyes staring into his own. Jack felt his heart stop and beat rapidly all at once. Ralph was the first to look away, his attention turning to the still-somewhat-pale lump of a boy. Soon Piggy was next to Ralph, his round cheeks squinting his eyes as he smiled up at the blonde. Jack's eyes hardened at the sight of the annoying boy whose plump hand found it's way to Ralph's bony shoulder. Jack couldn't stand the boy. Or rather, Jack couldn't stand the constant attention Ralph gave Piggy.

"Hullo Jack." The voice snapped Jack out of his thoughts and he looked up to see who had spoken to him. Simon stood just outside the shade of the palm tree squinting down at Jack, a meek smile on his pink lips.

"Hi Simon," Jack replied lamely.

"May I sit?" the younger boy asked politely.

Jack looked at the ground next to him then nodded, scooting over to make some room. Simon sat down, his legs tucked beneath him. For a moment, neither boy spoke. A slightly stronger wind swept by, whipping their hair about their faces. Jack had returned to watching Ralph, relieved to see that Piggy had gone.

"You like him, don't you?"

Jack's head snapped toward Simon, a horrified look hidden from his face, but not his eyes. Simon calmly turned to meet Jack's gaze, his face expressionless.

"Ralph, I mean. You like him right?" he clarified.

"Of course I like him. He's our chief and-"

"No. I mean, you like him more than friends don't you?"

Jack's heart was racing. Was he that obvious? Could everyone tell Jack had an eye for Ralph? He eyed the mystical boy beside him. Simon grinned.

"You don't have to worry. I understand. I won't tell anyone."

Jack flushed with anger as well as embarassment.

"Of course you won't tell anyone because there's nothing to tell," he said angrily. His ears burned a bright red as he stood, towering over Simon.

"But I-"

"You're batty!" Jack shouted, quickly regretting it when he saw the hurt look on the younger boy's face. Simon hung his head a bit.

" 'm sorry." He got up and hurried into the thick jungle.

Jack sighed, feeling bad for yelling at Simon, yet feeling relieved at not having to admit the truth.

'What does he know? He' batty,' Jack thought.

He desperately wanted to believe those words.

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