Fashion Sense
written by: ohwhatsherface





"You're both idiots!"

More criticism.

"Why the hell are you people here with me?"

Sakura glared at the reflections of the two people who just had to come with her.

Damn those teammates of hers!

She, like just about any other female in the world, enjoyed shopping. She liked spending hours on ends rifling through racks for things that she liked, then trying them on and fantasizing about wearing the outfit on a date with the man of her dreams, and then putting them back on the rack since she didn't have the money to purchase them.

"You look so pretty Sakura-chan, but hurry so we can go get ramen."

"Your part is to attract the businessman's attention. The dress is vital to the mission."

And it was quite obvious as to who said what.

Sakura smiled cutely and chewed on her lower lip. "Yeah, I do look cute, don't I?"

Sasuke rolled his eyes. "Sakura hurry up and choose a dress." He crossed his arms over his chest and leaned against a wall.

"What's wrong with this one?" she asked, sounding very offended.

"Well for one," Naruto drawled. "It's yellow-brown-ish."

"It's golden."

Naruto shook his head looking rather displeased; Sakura wanted to throttle him. "No offence Sakura-chan, but that dress isn't really great for you… Maybe you should try something else—"

"You wear orange!" retorted Sakura, gripping his jacket. "You have no right to insult me!"

She hit him on the head.

"You wear orange!" she repeated.

"Yes, but it matches my hair."

Sasuke snorted.

Sakura turned her head to glare at him. "Oh like you get to insult my fashion taste."

She scoffed loudly.

"Heck, you don't even have the right to insult Naruto's fashion taste."

He quirked an eyebrow.

"Sasuke-kun, you wore a purple—"

Naruto laughed, knowing already where she was going.


Sasuke narrowed his eyes down to slits.

"—for years."

"Damnit, Sakura—"

"An ass-ribbon!" she repeated, poking Sasuke harshly in the chest. "Why don't I let you in on something, Sasuke-kun? The only reason that you got away with such a fashion disaster is because you walked around with your shirt open."

Naruto clutched his sides.

"If your chest hadn't been on display all that the same time, you would've just looked like a moron."

There wasn't much of a counter insult for that, and Sasuke knew that, unfortunately.

Although that didn't mean he couldn't try to piss her off.

"Like you do now?"

She threw a punch at him but he dodged it.

"Well since you two have such amazing taste, why don't you choose some dresses for me?"

A few minutes later, an orange dress with odd, black linings around it and on the straps, and a white one with a violet ribbon that went around like a belt, was thrust to her. The second one would have looked pretty decent if there hadn't been a giant bow at the back.

It was then decided that Sakura would warn Hinata before she married Naruto.

And when she and Sasuke had kids, she would dress them up.

But first things first…

"You're both idiots!"