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Prompt: Allen/Linali, 'the world falls down on you'

Note: The title is in Latin, and means (unless I've completely got this wrong), 'have pity.' Feel free to correct me on this if I'm wrong.


Miserere Nobis


When one is mortally wounded, every day feels cold on the skin no matter how brightly the sun shines.

So it is with her, and with him as well though he does not show it on his face. They are broken, and rebuilding the walls of their bodies is a long, arduous process. It is not fair that it should be cold as well.

He can walk better than she can, as her legs are sleeping like stones and refuse to be woken. So he goes to see her every day, dragging himself down the hallway to the room-- three doors to the left of his own-- morning and night, to sit by her bedside and talk with her about nothing in particular.

The first day he came, he took a good look at her, smiled, and said "You look like the world fell on you."

"It did," she replied with a wry smile of her own, then gestured to the chair next to her bedside. Komui sat there whenever he could come, but he had learned quickly not to come at ten or at seven, because that was when Allen came, and there was no place for him when Allen was there.

The last time he came, she was sitting on the edge of the bed, staring at her feet as though holding a silent conversation with them. They were rosy with blood and her toes were moving slowly like sea-creatures, tilting ponderously back and forth through the air.

He pretended not to see anything and carried on as usual, but he wore a secret smile the entire time.

The next morning, Linali came to see him.


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