A/N: Chapters 1-3 are used to be part of the prologue. But then I've decided to turn them into chapters, lol. Well I hope you like this story. Happy reading!

Chapter 1

It was a hot summer where many families would send some time together. Tents were up, bonfires lit and ready for the process of barbecuing and canoes would be hoisted over the heads of four people as they were carrying them out to the lake to go to canoeing, a popular activity to do during a fun-filled camping trip.

Among the families at the camp grounds were two of them whom were really close and the fathers had planned this as a big family vacation. The Ortons and the Cenas would gather together to share the fun outdoors as well as relaxing themselves.

The parents were at the picnic table talking and laughing at Mr. Cena's jokes when they were interrupted by their two sons.

"Can John and I go to the lake?"

"Sure you can," said Mr. Orton.

"Sounds alright by me," said Mr. Cena.

The fathers seemed okay with it, but the mothers however could be a bit distresed over the boys' independence.

Mrs. Cena sighed before making her reluctant answer. "Yes you can."

"And you mom?" Randy asked his mother.

"Yes you may," said Mrs. Orton. "But do not go into the woods, got that?"

"That goes for you too, mister!" said Mrs. Cena.

The boys nodded.

"We won't be," said John.

"We promise," Randy assured them.

"Alright, just be sure you'll be back here by four," said Mr. Cena.

"Okay" said John. "Oh just to let you all know, that Randy and I are taking our backpacks with us."

"What for?" John's mother had a stern look on her face that John only knew of.

"We're not looking for trouble mom," John quickly put in.

"That's what I thought," Mrs. Cena began.

"Look we're only taking them if case we need anything from them, so we don't have to run back here."

Mrs. Cena sighed. "Alright, alright go ahead."

John and Randy exchanged grins to one another.

"We'll see ya later!" said Randy.

"What's your curfew?" Mr. Cena recalled.

"Four o'clock," said John with a tap on the side of his forehead. "We got it written in our minds."

"Alright good," said Mr. Orton. "Have fun, you two!"

"We will!" said the boys.

"Don't go too far!" said Mrs. Orton.

"Don't cause any trouble!" said Mrs. Cena.

"We won't!" said the boys. They ran to their tent to grab their backpacks before they set off along the gravel path.

"So do you think our folks suspect something?" Randy asked John. "When you mentioned our bags I mean?"

John shrugged. "I haven't got a clue. Maybe my mom does. She's like the trouble sensor."

"Trouble sensor?"

"You know what I mean. It's like she knows that we're up to something before we actually do it. To be honest, she can scare the skin out of me sometimes."

Randy laughed. "I see what you mean by the look on her face."

"That's what I'm saying!" said John. "If that's some special gift of hers, I wouldn't be surprised."

Randy laughed. "Come on, last one at the lake is a stinky cheese!"

"Huh?" the teenage boy's eyebrow was raised. "I thought it's supposed to be rotten egg."

"John, don't ruin the fun."

John laughed. "Okay, but I'm going to beat you!"

"Oh yeah?"


"Alright!" said Randy. He was about to run off but then he suddenly paused.

"What?" John asked.

"Hey, what's that?" Randy was looking up at the trees.

"What is it?"

"Up there?"

"John looked up in his direction. "Where?"

"This weird looking creature," said Randy.

"I can't see anything."

"What are you blind?"

"I can't see what you're seeing!" said John.

"Alright look carefully," said Randy. "I just saw it crawling up behind that branch. When it's coming down again, you'll see it.

"Okay," said John. "Maybe I should wait for a bit?"

"Yeah, I think so."

John continued staring up at the tall tree above. There was still nothing. He wanted to see the creature bad for he loved animals dearly.

He sighed. "This is stupid, I still can't see it. Oh well, we better go anyway or we'll be keeping the others waiting so…"

His voice began to trail off.


He looked around.


He was nowhere in sight.

"Where is he?" John asked himself.

"I'm over here, stinky cheese!"

The brunette boy was at a farther distance, running with his backpack jumping along his back.

John stomped his foot into the ground with a frustrated groan before making a laugh.

"Aw man, he fooled me!"

Randy turned around and a smirk appeared on his face. "You can't catch me!" He then stuck out his tongue at the improbable loser at their game.

"We'll just see about that now, won't we?!"

The teenage boy took off at full speed like a cheetah catching his prey. Randy kept on running with his best friend catching up to him as they were laughing away with the warm breeze blowing past them as they ran down the gravel path to the lake.

Or so their parents thought.

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