Hey guys,

Good news, I think. This story Living With The Superstars may possibly continue! Though there's gonna be a tiny change with the switching of characters…only just one diva really.

So originally I was gonna pair John and Torrie together somewhere down the line. But then around last year, I started to lose interest in Jorrie. So I'll be using Tiffany in place of Torrie. The pairing is new and kinda cute to me…so I'll use that to experiment and see how it goes. If it goes well, then I'll do some adjustments with the previous chapters. Hopefully everyone will get used to this change in the later chapters. Sorry to those who do like Jorrie though. But I can't really force myself to write about a pairing that I don't like anymore. It doesn't make sense.

If you want to unsubscribe this story because of this change, go right ahead. I'm not stopping you. But I really do hope you will give this pairing a chance. That would mean so much to me if you continue supporting this story, regardless of the change.

Thanks for your understanding and if you would like to see this story continuing (which I can guarantee it will.) then leave me some feedback! Thanks :)