Princesspyro: My first Sukisho fic(Audience claps and I take a bow)

Hashiba: Good, Good, Good!

Matsuri: Does that mean I can take pictures still(Hashiba falls and takes a picture)This one is great!

Fujimori: oh, Matsuri-Chan!(chuckles)

Matsuri: Look Hashiba-Senpai(show him the picture)

Hashiba: NOOOOO!

Princespyro: (chuckles)Put it on my website Matsuri-Chan!(smirks evily)

Matsuri:It'll be a hit!

Fujimori: But first lets get to the story!(smiles)

Princesspyro: I agree with Sunao-San!(smiles and laughs)

Hashiba: Disclaimer? Can I do it?!please!

Princesspyro:No. Matsuri-Chan will.

Matsuri: Princeespyro doesn't own nothing but the story! She doesn't own Sukisho or its charaters! She owns what she writes!

Matsuri & Princesspyro: To the story!


Why Can't I Kill Myself?

"I can't take it!" Hashiba yelled. Fujimori looked at him from his bed.

"Can't take what?" Fujimori asked. Hashiba looked at Fujimori, anger shining brightly in his crystal blue eyes.

"I can't take the fact that Yoru keeps popping up and Ran and we end up..." Hashiba trailed his voice off. He looked away.

"In the bed together." Fujimori Finished his sentence.

"What if I killed myself?" Hashiba asked absent-mindly. Fujimori's eyes turned a darker shade of Pink.

"WHAT?" Fujimori shouted. It wasn't Fujimori anymore. It was Ran."You Can't kill yourself!"

"Why not?" Hashia asked. Ran got up and sat on Hashiba's bed.

"Because than you'll kill Yoru!" Ran shouted. Hashiba rolled his eyes.

"So." He said. Ran got closer.

"Not only that I love Yoru...Fujimori loves you." Ran said. Hashiba stared at Ran.

"W-What?N-No he doesn't!" Hashiba said. Ran got closer.

"Oh yes he does." Ran said. He got closer to Hashiba's face.

"H-How do you know?" Hashiba asked. Ran chuckled.

"Because I'm half of him." Ran got even closer.He was now ontop of Hashiba.Ran eyes turned a lighter shade of pink. Fujimori blinked a few times. "AHHH!" He fell on the floor with a thud.

"F-Fujimori-Senpai?" Hashiba said.

"Sora-San..." Fujimori said."Don't listen to a word Ran says!"

Hashiba sighed."Why can't I kill myself again?" Hashiba asked.

"Lets not go through that again Hashiba-Senpai." Ran said staring at him. Hashiba sighed and laid back and looked at the ceiling. 'That still doesn't answer my question.' Hashiba said in his head.