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Hanging by a moment, Chapter 1

Lilly and Miley were laying under the sheets of Miley's bed. Yeah, they were together, naked, and still amazed from what happened a few minutes ago.

Miley was holding Lilly in her arms. Lilly had her head on Miley's chest, her eyes closed.

''I wish we could stay like this forever.'' She whispered.

''Me too... But we have to go back to school...''

Lilly groaned. Their lunch break wouldn't last forever. She climbed onto Miley and looked at her in the eyes.

''You wanna go now...?'' She asked seductively.

''Naaa. I guess we still have a few minutes...'' Miley smiled.

''Good.'' Lilly leaned and kissed Miley.

The kiss soon transformed in much much more. It's been a week they had got back together, and it's been a perfect seven days...and three nights...The girls couldn't seem to have enough of each other. They barely managed to not jump on each other at school. And what was happening in Miley's room during the break perfectly illustrated their deep desire for each other.

Oliver was desperatly looking for the girls. He was basically running through the school, but no sign of them. He finally catched up with them, only a few minutes before they had to get back to class.

''Where have you guys been?!'' Oliver exclaimed.

''Nowhere...'' Miley evasively responded, winking at Lilly.

Lilly finished to put her stuff in her bag and turned to Oliver.

''What do you have here?'' Lilly asked, taking the magazine from Oliver's hands.

''Hey!'' He protested, but Lilly ignored him. The cover was talking about Hannah Montana new sexy photoshoot. Cool, she thought.

Lilly opened the magazine to the correct pages and ''Wow!'' She exclaimed, breath taken.

''What?'' Miley asked. She looked over the magazine. Here she was, as Hannah, in a bikini, on a beach.

''She is soooo damn hot.'' Lilly let out. She looked at Miley with a complice smile. Miley slightly blushed.

''Come on Lilly!'' Oliver said, shocked. ''You've got a girlfriend, remember? Leave Hannah to me!'' He grabbed the magazine and walked away.

''Yeah I do have a girlfriend... a really really sexy one...'' Lilly winked at Miley and kissed her. The kiss, as usual became a little more. But the students around them made them stopped. They were out and accepted, but still...

The bell rang, and they headed to their class, hand in hand.

School was over, and the girls had headed back to Miley's house.

''So, do you still have this bikini you were wearing for the photoshoot?'' Lilly innocently cried from Miley's bed.

Miley was in her Hannah's closet, getting ready for her concert that night.

''Oh, you mean, this?'' Miley said, stepping out off the closet, and wearing the bikini. Lilly's mouth dropped open. Miley came closer and pushed Lilly slightly, laying her down the bed. She climbed on Lilly and kissed her. Lilly's hands moved up and down Miley's back, to soon unhook her bikini's top and threw it somewhere.

Miley quickly unbuttoned Lilly's blouse kissing her naked skin.

''You're...Ah... sure... you got...aaah... time for this?'' Lilly barely managed to ask.

''For this...'' Miley kissed Lilly on the lips. ''Always.''

Lilly rolled Miley over and sat on top of her. She was still wearing her opened blouse. She seductively took it off under Miley's hungry eyes. Lilly had also her jeans and bra still on. Miley's hand for Lilly's zipper. Lilly watched her, smiling. Slowly, the zipper went down, revealing Lilly's panties.

Hannah was on stage, performing, for Lola's biggest pleasure... and the fans'.

''Nobody's perfect...'' Hannah finished her song. Out of breath, she welcomed the public cheers. She thanked her fans a lot and finally got off stage. She ran to Lola, and kissed her passionately.

''Gosh I missed you...'' She whispered.

Lola smiled playing with Hannah's blond hair. ''I missed you too...'' She said lovingly.

''So what did you think?'' Hannah asked, holding Lola by the waist.

''Amazing... especially the sexy dance you made, you know...''

Lola tried to reproduce Hannah's sexy moves which caused Hannah to laugh.

''What?'' Lola stopped. ''You don't like it?''

Hannah quickly kissed Lola and laughed, but didn't answer.

''Let's get out of here.'' she took Lola's hand and they went outside.

Lola and Hannah took a deep breath in th fresh air. They walked for a while, putting as much distance as they could between them and the arena.

''Oh, that feels good.'' Lola moaned, feeling a slight breeze on her skin. ''I'm burning up under that wig...'' She looked around. ''Do you think I can take it off now?''

Hannah looked around too. ''I guess...'' She shrugged.

Lola smiled and ripped her wig off. Lilly was back.

''Aaaah...'' she let out, shaking her hair with her hand. ''Finally!''

Hannah was staring hungrily at Lilly.

''What?'' Lilly asked.

''Kiss me.'' Hannah begged.

Lilly smiled and grabbed Hannah by her necklace. She slowly pulled her close to her. She lightly touched Hannah's lips, but didn't kiss her. Hannah, tortured, groaned. Lilly laughed and finally kissed her, sliding her tongue in her mouth. Hannah moaned of pleasure. She grabbed Lilly and pulled even closer to her. Lilly put her arms around Hannah's neck and her hands disappeared in the blond hair. They were completely lost in their embrace, forgetting the rest of the world.

And because the world had disappeared, they didn't see one of their friend in the bush. They didn't see their bestfriend in the bush. They didn't see Oliver in the bush.

Oliver couldn't believe what he was seeing: Lilly was kissing Hannah Montana!

Oliver quickly walked towards Lilly. She was with Miley at their lockers. Good. Miley needed to know about what Lilly had done. First, the Hannah photoshoot and then the kiss...How could Lilly do something like that to Miley? After all they've been through?! He was so mad and disappointed.

''So Lilly. Had fun last night?'' Oliver snapped.

Miley and Lilly exchanged a look, surprised by Oliver's attitude.

''Err, yeah. Thanks for asking...'' Lilly slowly said, unsured.

''What did you do?''

''Nothing much. Stayed home. The usual.'' She lied. Why was Oliver so tensed today?

''Huh!'' Oliver coughed. ''home...'' He repeated, a disgusted look on his face. He was looking at Lilly with disdain, and Miley didn't like that.

''Oliver, what's your problem?'' she intervened.

''Miley, stay out of it.'' Oliver said. ''So Lilly, you're sure what you did last night didn't involve a blondy popstar?''

Miley and Lilly exchanged a concerned look. Lilly stared at him, not knowing what to say.

''So, are you gonna tell Miley? Or do I have to tell her myself?'' Oliver challenged Lilly.

Lilly was so stunned that she couldn't even form any words. Miley was looking at a angry Oliver and a lost and quite afraid Lilly. The three of them stayed silent and still.