Hanging by a moment, chapter 9

A couple days later, Lilly was hanging out at Miley's. They both were dressed as their alter egos, Hannah and Lola.

''You're ready girls?'' Mr Stewart asked.

''Not yet,'' Miley replied. ''We're waiting for Oliver.''

''Oh, really?'' He asked surprised.

But Miley and Lilly didn't have anytime to reply because someone knocked on the door.

''Hey Ol... '' Miley started, opening the door. But she stopped at the sight of what she had in front of her. Oliver was wearing a long brown hair wig, a pair of red sunglasses, and crazy colourfoul clothes. He looked like a hippie.

''Wow...'' Lilly let out. Miley and her dad were out of word.

''Meet my other me: River!'' Oliver exclaimed.

Lilly, Mr Steward and Miley bursted in laugh.

''What? You don't like it?'' Oliver said, disappointed.

''Well, it's a little...too much, don't you think?'' Lilly said.

''How come you can dress like this, Miley can dress as Hannah...''

''Well Miley is Hannah'' Lilly snapped, cutting in.

''Details details...'' Oliver said, moving a hand to dismiss Lilly's comment.

Lilly sighed. She wasn't Lilly tonight, Miley wasn't Miley either, so why not let Oliver not be Oliver tonight? After all, it could be a good thing for him, and for us... she thought to herself, laughing.

Surprisingly, Oliver was kind of cool during the concert. Of course, he was a little impressed and intimidated to be in Hannah's world, but he soon got used to it. And Lola actually appreciated to not hang out alone backstage anymore.

After the concert, they dropped off Oliver, while Lilly was sleeping over at Miley's.

''You're barely appart lately!'' Her dad said, winking.

''Yeah, and you better get used to it, dad! I'm not letting her go!'' Miley said, glancing at Lilly. Lilly took Miley's hand and smiled.

Lilly got off the bathroom her boxer and a white top on. Miley was already under the cover, waiting for Lilly.

''Your dad looks fine with me being always here...'' Lilly stated as she slid under the sheets next to Miley.

''Yeah...He totally is. He doesn't have a choice any way. He knows I love you.'' Miley said.

''I love you too.'' Lilly kissed Miley on the lips and laid back on her back. Miley wanted more than a kiss. She slid a hand under Lilly's top, caressing her belly, teasing her. Lilly shivered. She knew where Miley was going. She grabbed Miley's head. She kissed her deeply. Miley's top quickly fell on the floor next to the bed, soon followed by Lilly's. Moans of pleasure filled up the room.

Miley lighted the final candel. She was in Central Park. She had reserved a special spot in the park. The place where Lilly had found out she was Hannah and also the place when she said to Hannah that she loved her best friend Miley (A/N : see ''A weekend in New York''). The place was lighted by dozens of candels, and lillies were surrounding it. The night was warm and the sky was perfectly clear, letting shine the stars.

Lilly soon arrived in a carroussel. Her eyes were blinded, like Miley had specifically asked. Miley came to her and helped her getting off.

''Miley?'' Lilly called, feeling the person's body, and trying to find her way through this darkness.

''yes.'' Miley smiled, holding Lilly in her arms.

''Can I see now? I can't wait anymore.''

''Wait, we're almost there.''

''We're almost where?'' Lilly wanted to know.

''Just wait.'' Miley said, pecking a kiss a Lilly's lips.

She took her hand, and led her towards the blanket laying on the floor. She looked a last time around, making sure it was perfect. Then, she put one knee down and took a small box in her pocket and opened it, revealing a ring.

''Ok, now, you can't take off the blindfold.'' Miley said. Her heart was beating fast. She was nervous and excited at the same time.

Lilly slowly untied the scarf around her eyes, and took it off. Her eyes grew wide opened when she discovered she was in Central Park. Her eyes grew wide opened when she saw all these candels and her favorite flowers. Her eyes grew wide opened when she saw Miley, kneed down, holding a ring in a box.

Miley smiled. Lilly's reaction was as she had imagined it. The biggest part still had to come.

''Wh... we...wh?'' Lilly babbled.

Miley let out a small laugh. Lilly was so beautiful in the moon light. And this confusion in her eyes... wow.

''Lilly, I have a question to ask you tonight. It's been 6 years today that we are together, and it's been the happiest time of my life. I want to have you with me all the time. I can't stand the thought of being appart from you. You're the first person I loved, and you'll be the last one. I gave you my heart that day in New York, and I give you my life tonight.''

Lilly was looking at Miley. It wasn't confusion now in her eyes. It was wonder. It was like her dream was finally becoming true. The girls smiled at each other. Miley took Lilly's left hand and took a deep breath.

''Lilly, would you marry me?''

''I...wewawa.'' Lilly babbled, under the emotion.

Miley laughed. ''Come again?'' She mocked.

''I'm sorry, I'm just so... wow!'' Lilly exclaimed with teary eyes.

''It's ok. Let's do it again. Lilly Trescott/Lola Luftnuggle, would you marry me?''

Lilly took a deep breath and smiled. ''Yes, I do wanna marry you, Miley Stewart/Hannah Montana.''

Miley lips spread into a huge smile. She picked the ring and put it on Lilly's finger. Perfect fit, just like them. She stood up. ''Now you're mine...forever.'' She whispered putting her arms around Lilly's waist.

''Like if it wasn't already the case...'' Lilly joked, wrapping her arms around Miley's neck.

''I love you Lilly.'' Miley said.

''I love you too.''

The girls exchanged a deep kiss. All the love they had for each other was in it. Miley slowly made Lilly turned into the air, as the kiss continued.

Miley slightly moved in the bed, still sleeping. She had a big smile on her face. For once, the dream didn't feel weird at all. In fact, it felt like a premonition. Lilly was silently watching Miley sleeping, and smiled when she saw that the girl she loved was glowing in her sleep. ''What is she dreaming about?'' Lilly wondered.

Lilly didn't know that in a few years, she would get her answer. She would live Miley's dream.


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