"Hey you two are back." Kisame said as he tried to complete the crossword puzzle. Sasori and Lola had returned from their evening dinner.

"I can't help but notice that Sasuke and Careen are gone." Sasori said looking around and listening to the silence.

"Yeah, you two missed all kinds of crazy shit. Zetsu drank plant killer by accident, Deidara called poison control, Itachi went crazy because Careen told him that he and Sasuke looked a lot alike." Kisame explained.

"Well, they are brothers and they do look a lot alike." Lola stated.

"Exactly, but in Itachi's mind, he is too sexy and his brother is…well not." Kisame told her. Lola joined Kisame in the living room while Sasori fired up the cappuccino machine.

"So where is everyone?" Sasori wondered.

"Well, Zetsu is asleep after the plant killer incident, Itachi and Dana I do believe are in the whirlpool tub. Marisol has had at least 17 bikini's on and off her body and Deidara thinks they are all horrible because none of them, and I quote this ' make her look as perfect and intelligent as she is, yeah.' So, needless to say they went shopping. Tobi made 3 boxes of Jello and now he's in his room going through cookbooks trying to find something to cook and mail to the leader. Hidan and Kakuzu went to the bank, but I'm sure they'll get into a fight on the way there.

"Hmmmm, you know I'm glad we missed all that. We went to that Irish Pub downtown. It's very nice, great food, Beer on tap is half price starting at 8:00." Lola told him.

"You want a cappuccino?" Sasori asked Kisame as he waited for the water to reach its appropriate temperature.

"Yeah, I'll take one. Hey will you put that whipped topping and chocolate shavings on the top?" Kisame asked.

"Uh…yeah! Hello!? That's what made my cappuccino's only like 100 times better than the leaders." Sasori said.

"Okay good. Yours really are 100 times better than the leaders." Kisame stated. Sasori started making his first coffee creation.

"So, Lola tell me about your thoughts on what all has happened here today." Kisame asked. Lola smiled and raised her eyebrows.

"I think teenage love is temporary and I can't believe she had a belly button ring, but aside from that, I think it's a quite typical." Lola remarked.

"See, this is what's great about Lola, she tells things honestly." Sasori said removing the first cappuccino and handing it to Lola. He returned to the kitchen to work on Kisame's cappuccino.

"I don't know Lola, those were sweet kids, I mean Sasuke was exceptionally innocent with her." Kisame said. "But you know, I'm starting to think Itachi's a little too critical, I hadn't noticed him this bad but god he just didn't give this girl a chance."

"I do have to agree, Itachi was a total ass hole today."

"And you know that girl strikes me as someone……" Lola was interrupted by Deidara parading Marisol into the living room.

"Alright, tell us the truth, yeah. Does this bikini make Marisol look fat, yeah?" Deidara demanded as Marisol stood before them happily in the pinkest, tiniest bikini she had had on her body so far.

"What do you think? Am I fat?" Marisol asked nervously.

"Marisol, I need to ask you a brief series of personal questions. Okay, how much do you weigh?" Lola began her questioning.

"102 pounds." She answered.

"Very well, now with that said do you honestly think you look fat in that thing? God, there's hardly anything there! You have the body for it." Lola said honestly.

"Well I was just worried about the high heels; you don't think it pushes my lower stomach out?" Marisol asked seriously. Sasori, being the mingler of trouble that he was, decided to give his input.

"You know, let's consult the panel….Deidara…..what do you think of your girlfriend right now….in this particular suit?" Sasori took a cappuccino to Kisame and sat down with Lola. Deidara didn't say anything, he bit his lower lip.

"Um….well…." Deidara paused again. "I love it Marisol! I love it I love it I love it, yeah! It's pink and god you are so hot, yeah! That's the one, yeah!" Deidara took a moment to calm down. "Hmmmm, I guess we didn't need you two after all, yeah." Deidara said.

And so Akatsuki spent a pleasant evening at the apartment. After an afternoon of mayhem, it was nice to have a calm cappuccino evening for once!

Sorry for the slow update, I have been out of town again. Look for my next story soon which I hope you will enjoy: Akatsuki Buys a House