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Chapter 1: It Begins Again

It all started long ago. When the first person discovered hatred.

They used it to conquer the world. People mistook it for darkness. They then thought that the darkness was evil. But that is not true. The powers of Light and Dark are neutral. It is the person who wields them that can be good. Darkness can be used for good and the Light can be used for evil.

But this story is not Light and Dark. It is about good and evil.

Every thousand years, a creature is born from the hatred of all the worlds is reborn. It can never be truly stopped. There is only one weapon that can stop it from destroying the universe.


This weapon has massive power. But not all can wield it. But when the creature comes, more people than usual may wield it.

They must congregate and face down this creature. But this is different. If they succeed in it's defeat, the worlds will once again will reunited as they were long ago.

The person who will link them will be brought into the world by the most powerful of these wielders.


Sora shot up. He looked out his window. It was about ten minutes to sunrise. Sora had a odd felling in the back of heart. He hated that feeling. Every time he got it meant that he would need to raise his Keyblade. But this time he would not be alone.

"They're getting their weapons." said Sora. Last year he, Kairi, Riku, Mickey, Donald, Goofy had went around the universe and gave out Hearts of Gold to many people. They now could wield Keyblades. It was time for them to come. He got up and changed and went downstairs. He found Roxas, who the year before thanks to Tom was able to separate from Sora.

"You felt it too, didn't you?" he sat on the couch with his Nobody/brother.

"I did." Roxas outstretched his hands and summoned the Oathkeeper and Oblivion. Sora summoned his Keyblades, the ones he got from Alphma. The View of Dusk, and View of Dawn.

"So it looks like we have to go back in action, huh?"

"Looks like it." they dismissed their Keyblades.

"We should probably tell Kairi, Namine, Riku and Tom, shouldn't we?" said Sora.

"Well, they most likely already know, not to sure about Tom." said Roxas.

"Still, we should talk to them."

"I'll call Namine and Kairi after breakfast." Namine, like Roxas, was separated from her Original, but Tom had no hand in it. It was the leader of the Soul Barrens sect of the Incompletes, Alphma who released her.

"I'll call Riku and Tom." Tom, since their adventures had moved to Destiny islands. Since he was too young to own a place, and Roxas now lived with Sora and Namine with Kairi, Riku had offered that Tom stayed with him. They became friends, but there wasn't a moment they didn't fight. Hey, no one said friends had to get along.

"Okay." They ate breakfast. Sora picked up his phone and dialed Riku's house. Ring-ring. . . Ring-ring. . . Ring-ring.

"Allo?" it was Tom.


"This be 'im. Is that you Sora?"

"Yeah, is Riku there?"

"Why yes, I believe 'e's asleep." Tom then snickered.

"What did you do to him?"

"Nothing that won't gain a few laughs later. By the way, is Riku allergic to fish?"

"No, why?"

"No reason." Sora then heard Riku yell out Tom's name on the other end of the line. "Why'd you call again?"

"Could you and Riku meet us on the island at noon?" he heard nothing. "Tom?"

"Got it!" Sora then heard a crackle and the line went dead.

"What did he do this time?"

Meanwhile, in his room Roxas was calling Namine and Kairi.

"Hello?" it was Namine.

"Hey Nam," he said.

"Oh hey there Roxas!" she chirped. "How are you?"

"Good, and you?" he was trying his best not to get sidetracked. That usually happened to he was with his girlfriend. Since the events at End, Sora and Kairi were now going out, as was were him and Namine.

"Good, good. Although I got this odd feeling when I woke up."

"That's what I wanted talk to you about, could you and Kairi meet us on the island?"

"Sure, but who's us?" asked the former Memory Witch, disappointedly. She was hoping that it would just be her and Roxas.

"Sora, me, Riku and Tom." replied the former Key of Destiny. "So, see you there?"

"Okay. See you there at noon."

"Bye, love you."

"Love you too." she then hung up, as did he.

Hours passed and the six went to the island and met at the poapu tree. First was Roxas and Sora, then Namine and Kairi, Sora and Roxas gave their girlfriends a kiss, then Tom and Riku.

"What's that smell?" asked Namine is disgust.

"I think it's Riku." said Sora. They all stood back.

"What happened to you?" asked Kairi.

"I 'appened." said Tom. Riku gave him a sour stare.

"Is that, is that fish?" asked Roxas.

"Yeah." said Riku.

"Why didn't you take a shower?" asked Kairi.

"I did. But the smell is almost impossible to rid. What did you do to me!" he yelled at Tom.

"Oh, this, and that, but don't worry, it fades after about a month of constant showering." Tom had a smug look on his face. He was then flung into the air and he landed in the water. Riku had summoned his Guardian, and had it throw Tom into the water. Tom teleported back to the small island dripping wet.

"What? Can't take me on your own so you need your shadow to protect you?" the Guardian leered down at Tom. They all had to admit, the Guardian was a terrifying thing. Weather it was Riku or Xehanort using it.

"I don't need it, but it's fun using it." he summoned the Way to Dawn.

"Please, I can take that on." Tom then threw out his arms and his blades appeared. But there was something new. This threw him off balance and he fell into the ocean.

"Did you see what was in his hand?" asked Sora.

"I did." said Namine. Tom teleported back to the island and held out his right hand. There was a Keyblade there. The Guardian Crest.

"What's this?" asked Tom.

"A Keyblade." said Kairi.

"I know that! But why do I 'ave one?"

"Well," said Sora. "remember when you Kairi and I fought Sylar?" Tom nodded.

"I got one of those bloody 'earts when I fought that 'ead carving psycho!?" he thought. "Was it before I blew 'im up, or after?"

"After." said Kairi.

"Oh. Well I guess that dream makes sense now." They all looked at him.

"What dream?" asked Riku, he dismissed the Guardian.

"Well, the other night I 'ad a dream where I was attacked by Soul Barrens."

"Was it on a glass mural?" asked Roxas.

"Yes! It 'ad me picture on it. And you were there," he pointed to Sora, "and you, and you, and you!" he pointed to Kairi, Roxas and Namine. "Is that normal?"

"Well, before I got the Keyblade I had the same dream." said Sora.

"Me too." said Roxas.

"What about three?" Riku, Kairi and Namine nodded their heads. They too had similar dreams before they received the Keyblades.

"So what are the chances King Mickey had a dream like that?" Riku leaned against the tree.

"I'm guessing he did." Sora took his place on the tree. Kairi sat on the tree and leaned against Sora. Roxas and Namine also sat on the tree next to each other. Tom sat on the ground and used his magnetic powers to float up. He stared at the Keyblade in his hands. He looked at his friends. They each had a Keyblade: Sora had the View of Dawn and the View of Dusk. Roxas had the Oathkeeper and the Oblivion. Kairi had the Flowering Strength. Namine had the Chains of Memories. Riku had the Way to Dawn.

"Why do I 'ave this blade?" he asked.

"I don't have a clue." said Roxas.

"I think I know." said Namine. "It's actually an obvious answer."

"Well if your so smart then do you mind telling us?"

"Well, Tom's father was Kairi's family's bodyguard. Had the Heartless not taken over Tom would have taken over and become Kairi's bodyguard. So he got the Guardian Crest."

"Makes sense to me." said Roxas. He found it annoying when Namine showed him up like that. There was an awkward silence.

"What do we do now?" asked Kairi after awhile.

"Well, we have to wait for a message from King Mickey." said Sora.

"And until then, we're going to have to prepare for what comes next." said Riku.

"Can't wait." said Sora being sarcastic. He looked up at the sky. If Tom has his Keyblade, I wonder how many of the others have theirs already. he thought. Sora closed his eyes and thought.

It is true. All those who have received the Hearts of Gold have gained a Keyblade. Some familiar, some new. But it will take more then the Keyblade to win this. Some warriors will not even have Keyblades. But they will stand. That is all that matters. And when this battle begins. You will open the Door to the Light.

What about the Door to Twilight? Asked Sora, in this dream like state.

No, that door, is for another.

"Sora?" asked Kairi. Being taken out of his trance so suddenly, Sora fell out off the back of the tree. Kairi got up and ran to the backside. "Oh my God, are you okay?" she kneeled beside him.

"I'm not dead, if that's what you mean." he got up and rubbed his head. He looked around and saw that everyone was gone. "Where's everyone else?"

"They went to get ready," she helped him up. "so let's go," she laughed and put her arms around him "lazy bum."

"Okay then." said Sora. She then gave Kairi a kiss on the forehead. She let out a giggle.

"Come on." she broke away from the hug, grabbed Sora's hand and led him off the small island.


The chosen Keyblade Master. Sora was given the Keyblade when his home islands were attacked. He searched the universe with Donald and Goofy for his friends. After many battles he was able to defeat his enemies and return home. He is now romantically involved with Kairi.


One of the Princesses of Heart and a Keyblade Master. When the islands vanished she hid away is Sora's heart. After Sora rescued her she was left behind on the islands. She then forgot about Sora. She was reunited with Sora. After long and tiresome battles she was given a Keyblade. She is now romantically involved with Sora.


A chosen Keyblade Master. When the islands vanished Riku turned to the darkness and was then possessed by Xehanort. After losing to Sora he was set free. After locking himself behind Kingdom Hearts he accepted his inner darkness. Then in order to awaken Sora from slumber he took on Xehanort's from, but was eventually changed back.


A former Organization XIII member, and Sora's Nobody. Roxas wished to meet is Other, Sora. After losing a match to Riku he lost all his memories and was merged with him. Roxas fought Sora to gain dominance, but in the end didn't have the heart to do take him away from his friends. He was separated thanks to Tom. Roxas in now romantically involved with Namine.


Former leader of the Incompletes, Nobody sect, and Kairi's Nobody. Namine, after losing her memories of the Incompletes, was the Organization's prisoner. She was forced to erase the memories of both Sora and Roxas. Namine regained her memories she tried to take up the Incompletes plan, but in the end realized who she was. Namine is romantically involved with Roxas.


A former thief that lived in Traverse Town and Radiant Garden. It was found out that Tom knew Kairi before it fell under Maleficent. His father was also the royal bodyguard. Tom joined Sora and Kairi in giving out the Golden Hearts and helped in defeating Sylar. He is also the person who believed that Namine was good and helped free Roxas.

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