Sam had come to three dead-ends already and was starting to get completely frantic. His breathe came out in misty clouds as he breathed heavily from running down various alley-ways. Sam's shaking hands pulled out his cell phone and dialed Dean's number. The phone rang and rang with no answer. Sam tried again and this time heard his brother's ring tone in the distance. Sam ran towards where the cell phone seemed to be coming from. He dialed Dean's number a few more times and finally he could hear the ring almost perfectly. Sam rounded a corner and came to a dead-end. He was about to turn to go back when his eyes fell upon Dean, lying on the pavement motionless. Sam yelled his brother's name and ran to his side, kneeling down. He took Dean's pale face in his hands, lifting it a little in an attempt to wake him.

"Come on, Dean. Talk to me, please talk to me!" Sam put his face by Dean's; he didn't hear or feel anything breathe escaping his lips. Desperately Sam put his fingers to Dean's neck, but felt no pulse either. His desparation reached it's height at this point.

"Oh God no, Dean!" Sam gripped his brother's jacket in his shaking hands, tears spilled from his sorrowful, blue-green eyes.

"He's dead." said a sultry voice from behind him. Sam slowly raised his head, his tear soaked face trembling and twitching with rage and emotion. He stood up and turned to face the Seductress. She flicked her long, wavy flames of hair.

"I've taken a lot of lives, but I have to say, your brother's has a uh...nice little buzz to it, Sammy."

Sam cringed at the last word spoken, but said nothing. The seductress looked at Sam for a minute and cocked her head to the side a little.

"Aww, he loved you so much, I can still feel it." Sam's face twitched.

"I'm gonna kill you." he said in a low, steady voice. The red-head laughed a light yet evil laugh.

"You could die trying, Sammy." Hate pulsed through Sam and he lunged at the Seductress, knife drawn. The woman side-stepped and she took hold of Sam's shirt, throwing him towards a dumpster. Sam struck the side of the dumpster with great force. He fell to the ground and rolled over onto his back, blood gushed from a gash on his forehead. Sam squeezed his eyes shut in pain and when he opened them, the Seductress was standing over him. He tried to sit up, but the woman pushed him back violently. Straddling Sam, the Seductress leaned down and put her lips to his. A feeling of great loss overcame Sam as he felt the life leaving him. "It can't end like this." He thought desperately,as his lifeforce dwindled with each passing second the Seductress held her lips to his. Sam groped for the bronze knife a few feet away. He finally located it. "I won't let it." Drawing all his remaining strength together, Sam gripped the knife in his hand and thrust it into the Seductress' heart. The red-headed woman gasped and broke the connection between her and Sam's lips. Sam pushed her off of himself and gasped for air. The Seductress took in a deep breathe that echoed througout the alley. An intense wind blew about the Seductress and in the blink of an eye, she disappeared. Sam felt the breathe come back to him and he weakly pulled himself into a sitting position. He shakily got to his feet and stumbled towards Dean. He kneeled beside him, scanning over his body for signs of movement; he wasn't breathing. Sam's heart plummeted into a deep abyss. He had had the dull hope that perhaps is the Seductress died, Dean's lifeforce would be returned to him. Sam fell back off his knees and sat with his hands over the back of his head, his elbows propped up on his knees. Past the point of being able to express all the emotions filling up his soul, Sam just sat and stared at his brother's motionless form.

"You can't be gone, Dean..." He recalled the time when Dean had been given a little over a month to live, he recalled the time when he had sat hopelessly watching his brother in a coma.

"...Not again." Tears streamed down Sam's face. His eyes scanned over his brother again when something caught his eye. The cloth on Dean's chest seemed to be moving , rising and falling ever so slightly. Sam froze and he wiped the tears from his eyes, clearing his vision for a better look. Yes, he was sure what he saw was real. Quickly Sam took Dean's wrist in his fingers; a faint heart beat was discernable. Hope flooded back to Sam and he took hold of Dean's jacket, shaking him.

"Dean..." Dean's face remained unchanging. Sam shook him a little harder...still nothing. He shook him harder than ever.

"Dean!" Dean's eyes flew open and he took in a sharp breath, coughing violently as air flowed back to his lungs. Sam let out a breathe he hadn't realized had he been holding and he pulled Dean into a sitting position, leaning him against the wall behind him. Dean breathed heavily. He looked at Sam, closed his eyes and let his head fall back against the brick-wall.

"Sammy..." Said Dean, breathlessly. Sam felt at peace to hear his brother say his name again.

"...Did you know that..." Dean paused, taking in deep breathes.

"...Dying sucks?"

Sam laughed out of sheer relief and wiped away a tear."Well, I kinda figured."

Dean nodded and blinked heavily."Help me up."

Sam put Dean's arm across his shoulder and paused."You think you can walk?"

Dean tilted his head to the side a little."Guess we'll find out."

Sam stood up, lifting Dean with him. Dean had forgotten about his injured shoulder, it cracked loudly as Sam helped him to his feet. He winced.

"Ow, that felt good." Dean patted Sam's back and took his arm off of him. He pivoted his shoulder around in it's socket; an unpleasant grinding sound ensued. He grimaced again and his eyes fell upon Sam's bleeding forehead.

"Damnit, you ok?" Sam put his hand to the gash and made a pained face.

"I'll live." He rubbed his bloodied fingers together and looked at Dean.

"You scare the hell out of me way too much, Dean."

Dean looked a little regretful."Yeah...but hey, I've escaped death three times now. How many people can boast that?"

Sam laughed a little. Dean made a disgusted face and shook his head.

"Man, I don't think I'll ever kiss a chick again."

Sam raised his eyebrows and gave Dean an incredulous look."Really, Dean?"

Dean opened his mouth to speak, but closed it again. He scratched his head in deep thought. Sam tried to conceal a smile.

"Just shut up and let's go." Dean walked down the darkened alley, holding his injured shoulder gingerly. Sam noticed a small, pink packet on the pavement in front of him. He picked it up, smiled and jogged to catch up with Dean.

"So, I guess you won't be giving up sugar afterall?" Sam held up the sugar packet between his index and middle finger. Dean stopped and grinned at the number scribbled on the slightly crumpled packet.

"I don't even know what the hell I was thinking." He plucked the number from Sam's hand and put it back in his jacket pocket. Sam smiled and sighed as he and Dean made their way back to the Impala. He found it comforting to know that his brother would always be the same; not even death itself could change Dean Winchester.