A/n: I'm updating finally yay

A/n: I'm updating finally yay! Ahh, Dance practices have been kicking my butt and I'm finding it harder and harder to update. I'm trying my best though!

Continuation of Day 5, St. Martin:

"Okay, I'm Daniel and I'll be your instructor. You might have seen me around the boat helping out the cruise director. I'm one of the assistant cruise directors, I just so happen to be trained and licensed in snorkeling, so I know what I'm doing." Daniel said as he stood off to the side of the beach. Sharpay couldn't tear her gaze away from him. Of course she liked Troy, but for some reason she was really starting to find Daniel attractive. Troy seeing Sharpay stare at Daniel like he was some kind of god, only made Troy seethe more.

"Now for those of you who haven't been snorkeling before, I want you to listen up, there are some fish and coral out there that is dangerous and can harm you, so please look though your pamphlets that I gave you and make sure to study the fish and coral. That way if you come across any of those you will know what to do." He stated.

Everyone nodded and started to look through the pamphlet. After a couple of minutes Daniel stopped them to get geared up and to make sure everyone was situated okay. Sharpay noticed that her goggles just wouldn't stay on; they kept falling off of her face. She was about to just through them down and scream with frustration. Troy seeing this just laughed and started to head her way to help her, till he saw Daniel run up with a smile and help her. This only caused Troy to roll his eyes.

"Here let me help you with those." Daniel said as he flashed a heart throbbing smile.

Sharpay just nodded as she stared at him with a goofy grin. "Sure"

"So what's your name?" He asked as he started to adjust the straps.

Sharpay smiled as she placed her hands on her hips. "Sharpay"

Daniel fixed her goggles and smiled. "That's a pretty name, sort of unique."

"It's a dog's name." She stated.

"Well then, the dog must be a pretty dog!" Daniel chuckled.

Sharpay grinned. "The dog is wrinkly."

Daniel grinned. "Well then the dog might be wrinkly, but I see a beautiful woman in front of me."

Sharpay started to blush. "Thanks."

"No need to thank me when I'm stating the truth." He winked.

Daniel started to walk off and stood in the middle of the beach as he yelled to get everyone's attention. "Okay I want you guys to grab a buddy and then hit the water, Make sure to look back at shore for a yellow flag, which will state that your time is up and you need to get back to shore to turn in your stuff. Also make sure to stay sort of close to shore, don't go too deep. You'll be entering the major danger zone."

Everyone nodded as they started to pair up. Sharpay looked for Ryan but saw that he was with Gabby. "Go figure." She thought. Her gaze turned to Kyle and Max who were paired up. Keith seemed to be paired up with a girl that he met and was currently talking to. This only left one more person. Troy. Sharpay turned around and saw him looking at the other paired up people. She walked over to him and looped her arm through his. "Well hello partner!" She grinned.

Troy looked down on her and chuckled. "Let me guess, everyone paired off before you could have dips on who you wanted?"

Sharpay pretended to be hurt. "What if I wanted to be paired with you?"

"Yeah, cause it took you thirty minutes to turn around and find me." He stated.

Sharpay scoffed. "Fine, you caught me."

Troy grinned. "I know. Shall we?" He asked as he pointed towards the water.

Sharpay smiled. "We shall!"

They started to walk to the water and slowly started to walk through the shallow parts till the got to the semi- deep part. Troy started to slowly float on his belly as Sharpay followed. As they were floating next to each other. Sharpay grabbed Troy's hand and led him to a fish that looked like Nemo. Troy couldn't help but laugh and started to swim a little further and point out an eel. This just frighten Sharpay as she tighten her grip on his hand and started to swim away. Troy just shook his head as he started to look around more. He had to admit that his hand in hers, just felt right. He knew that he liked her, no matter how much he wanted to deny it. He didn't want to think about how complicated their relationship could get if he was to tell her his feelings. As for now, all he wanted to do was spend time with her and he was doing just that.

As for Sharpay, she didn't know what came over her. She just grabbed his hand like it was a natural thing to do. Not really thinking anything of it. Of course she too had to admit that if felt so right to have his hand in hers. The way it just held hers, not too tight and not too loose. Just perfect. Sharpay slowly lifted her head out of the water to look back at the shore. She didn't see the yellow flag, so she assumed they still had some time. Troy was pointing out lots of stuff that only seemed to awe her. Of course she saw fish in fish tanks, but these fish were different. They were all different colors and different shapes. It some how seemed to interest her. Who would have thought that some stupid fish could actually catch Sharpay's attention span? It sort of surprised her too.

After swimming around for a while Troy stuck his head out of the water and noticed that the Yellow flag was sticking out of the sand from Shore. He tapped Sharpay's shoulder trying to get his attention. When her head snapped out of the water, he pointed towards the shore and started to lead her back. She followed him swinging their arms back in forth. Troy couldn't help but laugh at this. When they reached the shore they both parted to take their goggles back and to grab their stuff.

When Sharpay returned her goggles she went to get her beach bag, she grabbed her blue towel and wrapped it around her. She was in the process of sticking her black tank top and shorts in the beach bag, when Daniel approached her.

"Hey did you have fun out there?" He asked.

Sharpay slipped on her sun glasses and redid her messy bun as she put her beach bag on her right shoulder. "Of course! I never knew that the ocean could have so many fish with different colors."

Daniel smiled. "Yeah it's pretty amazing."

Sharpay nodded. "It really is."

Daniel started to walk back towards the crowd that was waiting in the middle of the beach. "So I know this is kind of forward and stuff, but I was thinking that we could meet each other at the teen club."

"But aren't you too old to be in a teen club?" Sharpay asked.

Daniel smiled. "I'm only twenty-one Sharpay."

Sharpay started to panic. "No I didn't mean it like that! I was just assuming, since you know that you're a crew member, I didn't know how old you had to be and-"

"Its cool, I knew you were joking. I get that a lot, but yeah my dad is a worker on the boat. He's sort of good friends with the owner of the boat." Daniel stated.

Sharpay nodded. "I see. Well in that case…." She started to think if she really wanted to meet him there. Of course she liked him, but her mind kept wandering over to Troy. She technically wasn't going out with Troy, so what could it hurt…right? "Sure, I'll meet you at the teen club. How about around eleven, is that good?" She asked.

Daniel smiled. "Perfect." He said as he made his way to be in the middle of the crowd and led them back to the vans that would take them to the boat. Sharpay caught up with the Gang, who were chatting away about the experience. Gabby was the first to notice that she returned and smiled as she grabbed Sharpay's arm and led her up a little further from the gang.

"Soo, I want details!" She exclaimed.

Sharpay smiled "What are you talking about."

Gabby just rolled her eyes. "Please, who do you think I am? Now spill!" She demanded.

"Fine, Daniel wanted me to meet up with him at the teen club at eleven." Sharpay said with a smile.

Gabby squealed, causing people to look at her. She didn't seem to care as she launched into a series of questions. "Okay, I'm so going with you and so is the gang, We'll off to a different side, but totally checking you guys out, if that's okay with you of course. How can he even do that, isn't he a worker? Oh you're so lucky, I hope you know that!"

Sharpay seemed a bit taken back by all her questions. "Okay, I'll try to answer those entire random questions. Umm first off, I really don't care, as long as you guys don't do anything stupid to embarrass me. Second off, yes I know he is a worker, but I'm not sure if he is allowed to do this. Third, last but not least. Yes I know I'm lucky." She said as she finished with a chuckle.

Gabby just smiled. "Good, cause if you didn't I would have hit you!"

The girls headed back to the guys who gave them a weird look. Gabby just mouthed. "I'll tell you guys later." They just nodded as they started to move up to an open van. They all climbed in and started to talk about random things as the van drove them back to the boat. They got out of the van tipping the guy and walking towards the line that was waiting to get on. It seemed to go by pretty fast, because they were soon swiping their room key and walking on towards an elevator.

"So what was that all about?" Troy asked as he crossed his arms while waiting for the elevator to come down.

Sharpay just shrugged her shoulder. "Gabby will fill you guys in."

Troy raised an eyebrow as he followed the gang into the elevator that opened. "Why can't you tell me?"

"Cause you'll freak out and go all Ryan mode on me." She stated.

"What?" He asked as he raised an eyebrow in confusion.

Sharpay just smirked. "Big huge freak out mode, yelling and lot of pacing. Aka, Ryan mode."

Ryan crossed his arms. "That is definitely not me!"

Sharpay just rolled her eyes. "Sure Ry, whatever you say."

Troy just shook his head. "I'm not going to like this am I?"

Sharpay just shrugged as she stepped out of the elevator with the gang. She started to walk towards her room with Troy hot on her heels. "Probably not."

Troy stopped her door and whined. "Sharapy just tell me!"

Sharpay smiled. "You'll find out tonight, and then you can freak out. Till then I'm going to get ready for dinner. Toodles Troy!" She said as she swiped her room key in the door and quickly went in, slamming the door in front of Troy.

Troy groaned and just shook his head. "Woman!" He yelled in frustration.

Max patted his hand on Troy's shoulder and gave him a sympathetic smile. "I know man, I know!"

Troy raised an eyebrow. "Max…what the hell are you doing here?"

Max looked at the room numbers on the door and slapped his forehead. "Damn it! I got off at the wrong stop again." He said as he made his way back towards the elevators. "Wait guys! No seriously, I need you guys to be in the elevator with me! I don't want to have to get stuck in there with no one! It would be like Cast Away….oh shit; I don't even have a Wilson. Guys wait!"

Troy just watched him run down the hall like an idiot. "How the hell did he turn from smart to stupid in one day?" He wondered as he made his way into his room.

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