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"I can't believe this! I can't stay here anymore Charlie. The rain and… just this whole town are depressing. I hate it here, and if you're not willing to leave then I'll go without you."

I stood in the centre of the room watching my parents fight all over again. Except this time I wasn't a seven year old girl with fear in her eyes. This time I was 17 year old with tears of sadness in my eyes.

"Renee, I can't help that. I can't just leave, my life is here!" Charlie yelled back tossing his arms up in the air, anger bubbling to the surface.

After a pause Renee stood up straighter and sighed. "Then my life isn't." She said sharply with a note of finality. As soon as she said the words her mind was made up, there was no going back. A trait I picked up from her.

I looked down at the small seven year old me sitting helplessly and lost on the couch. I knew what was about to come, and I wanted to somehow stop her from getting up off the couch, as she was now. I wanted to stop her from following her parent's yells into the hallway that led to the door.

But I couldn't, it had already happened and this was nothing I could change. But I could hope that the past would somehow change, and that the little girl wouldn't get crushed in the next thirty seconds. But that was all I could do…hope.

I followed after her, not wanting to, but my feet followed their own rules. They were following the footsteps of the little girl that was me. I watched as Renee grabbed her bags from beside the door that she had packed when she first started this whole fight, just to show that she meant what she was saying about leaving. I watched as Charlie grabbed hold of her arm before she could walk out the door.

I heard the harsh words that will be burned into my fathers mind forever as a reminder of what he lost.

"Just let me go Charlie." My father dropped his hand in defeat and together we watched as Renee turned and strode down the porch steps and out into the pounding rain. Charlie was paralysed on the spot, not even able to think about his daughter that was watching the whole thing beside him.

The little girl ran after her mother, only now realising that her mum was actually leaving her. She stopped at the porch steps and shouted out into the rain, trying to get her mums attention as she hurried into her car. But her pleas were drowned by the thundering rain. Only I knew what was actually being said.

Renee pulled out of the drive way quickly, not looking back at the husband and father she left behind. The little girl ran bare foot out onto the street as fast as she could, getting drenched in mere seconds.

She stopped in the middle of the road and watched as the woman that gave her life left without her and Charlie, ruining the happy family she could have had. The girl dropped onto her knees in the middle of the road and broke down sobbing. She was now drenched to the bone but she continued watching the road, crying, hoping that her mother would come back the way she left and make everything right again. But that hope was dead, just like the hope that the little girl wouldn't follow her arguing parents into the hallway, a hope that the past could change.

I slowly followed the pathway till I got to the space where the little girl was still crying her eyes out. I kneeled down next to her and watched as her face continued to crumple in pain- the only sign that she was crying as the rain washed her tears away. I wanted to soothe the pain; although I knew that I wouldn't be able to, what's done is done.

I reached out hesitantly to touch the girls pale cheek. I was only mere millimetres away and I was closer than usual to the girl. Maybe this time something more would happen in the dream this time.

Just as my finger touched the pale skin of the girl I felt nothing but air beneath my fingers. My whole hand went right through her face and out the other side. But my hand didn't just drop like it should have, my whole body kept falling, like I fell through the ground. All I saw was darkness ahead of me and there was an annoying buzzing coming from somewhere.

All of a sudden I felt like I was some how falling upward. It was a dizzy feeling and I felt like something was quickly pulling up towards the surface.

- My eyes snapped opened then. I was lying flat on my stomach and I now realised why I felt like I was falling upwards, I was waking up. My alarm clock was buzzing like mad, but I wasn't annoyed that it had woken me up. It was more of a relief; I hated when I had that dream. Having to watch my mother leave over and over again and being able to nothing about it. It was hell.

Not long after my mother left she met this guy named Phil. He was from a rich family and could provide for my mother. But I think it just makes her a gold digger, she started going out with him a month after she left us, so it must have just been for the money. No body bounces back that fast after you've been married, had a child, and made a whole life with someone.

I slowly pulled the blankets off of me and welcomed the cold air that sent goose bumps all over my body. It was the easiest way to wake me up in the morning without having to go have another shower.

I went to my draws and started sifting through the crumpled up clothing. It was the first day of school today and I thought I should try to look nice- not make an impression, just look nice. Reputations and things like that don't matter to me. The whole thing is pointless and a waste of time. But it was just the way things went. On first days of school people tried to get them selves noticed, tried to get them selves known as something more than what they are.

At least that's what it is like at Forks high. I've never been anywhere else but forks, but people always wanted to be something they're not. And when they finally get there, they either turn into complete ass holes and like being that way, or are just unhappy jerks.

But either way, they love to be the people that others look up to and practically worship, even if they do the most stupid things in the world.

I mean this thing is BIG! There is practically a social hierarchy. And want to know where I am? Well I'm in a whole different pyramid of my own. If you drew it out on paper it would probably be set out like this: Two pyramids side by side. And I proudly drew the second one with out any help.

In the normal social pyramid, it ranges from cheerleaders and jocks to so called 'band geeks'- I personally don't get why people that are in band are called geeks, everybody likes music. They should be at the top of the hierarchy, not the cheerleaders that prance around when, lots of people don't like dancing! Anyway, it has many little sectors dividing it up, which means included is most of the school.

And in the other pyramid that I single handily started, well there are only two sectors. At the point in big letters is me, Bella Swan. And underneath are about three other people. Well okay, I know it doesn't sound like much people but believe me, we do make a difference. Our little… clique if you'd call it that, are like the opposition to the 'popular', so to speak.

To them we were losers, nothing but gum stuck on the bottom of their shoe, just like everyone else. But just because they thought of us like that, doesn't mean we let them treat us like it.

The other students who are 'wanna-be's' don't think of us like that though- they think we are crazy for messing with them, but they admire us for it. We aren't "social outcasts"- we have friends out of our circle. We are more…social delinquents- criminals to the schools unwritten laws, standing up to the jerks that have sticks permanently shoved up their butts, with no fear of being brought down by their words or power. Well that's what we say anyway.

Sure it seems childish and really stupid that this whole situation is taken so seriously, but high school is no longer an innocent place to learn and make friends.

No, high school is place filled with rivalry and insecurities, hidden underneath classes and teachers.

I eventually decided to not go to out of my way just because it's the first day back. I pulled on a denim mini skirt, calf-length black leggings and a pink tank top and a grey cropped jacket. It was pretty normal and not to different to the usual clothing. Plus, I'd be in a jacket most of the day anyway. This is forks after all.

When I got downs stairs Charlie had already gone to work so I was alone. It was like living by myself at times. I was never sure if it were a good thing or a bad thing.

I grabbed a breakfast bar and headed out the door and to my truck. The loud roar gave me a small shock as it had been so quiet just short seconds ago in the house. I started on the ten minute drive to school and thought of how this year would turn out. If there would be any new kids that would be desperate to fit in and become one of the mindless clones. Or they could be like Emmett McCartney was; we all thought when he arrived he would be one of the idiots that crave attention, especially since the amount of muscle he has- it has to be to get somebody's attention. But no, he was a person who wasn't interested in fitting in and being accepted. He was a teddy bear at heart just with a rough exterior.

You would think that after Emmett came along I would stop judging people by just looking at them. But no, I have come to find that a lot of my assumptions have been correct. It was a rare thing to come across someone who didn't mind being different and not going with the crowd.

As I pulled into the parking lot I made sure to park as far away from the silver Volvo. It was the most expensive car in the lot and belonged to know other that Edward Mason.

How to explain Edward Mason? Well, he's at the top of the social ladder, football captain, student body president and a player to the max. He gets any girl he wants and then when he is finished with them, he makes it seem as though the girl was lucky to even be with him.

His family is rich and that would be a reason a lot of the girls like him. But then again I think girls would like him even if he didn't have a lot of money, he is unbelievably and annoyingly gorgeous. It's annoying because he knows it and works it to his advantage. Plus he just loves to be a smart arse to me, but I don't mind so much, I get to be a bitch to him in return and lets be honest, sometimes our little arguments are actually fun. Sure we tease but we don't let it get to us.

As I got out of the truck, jacket folded over my arm, I fumbled with my keys and it fell into a puddle at my feet. I bent down to get it and as I picked them up I saw a pair of feet in front of me.

I jerked upright and saw that it was just Mason leaning casually against my truck, arms folded. I copied his posture and folded my arms over my chest and tried to stare him down. He shrugged away from the truck and circled me slowly. I stood still knowing that he was about to start with his idiot comments.

"Looks like Cindabella is trying to impress someone this year." Edward said as he stopped in front of me. He gestured to my clothing with an expectant expression on his face. I hated when he called me Cindabella and he knew that. It just made me seem as though I was a slave to him.

I smiled sweetly and replied, "Well it seems as though it caught your eye eddikins." HA! Take that Mason, I knew he hated that name. It made him sound like the whiny little wis bag he really was.

"No actually, annoying catches my eye."

I put my hand over my heart and wore a proud expression before I pretend curtsied and said, "Well I'm glad to be in your line of sight, causing you irritation is a great honour."

This only made him amused and he pressed his lips together to try and hide his smile. "Nah, really now, girl catches my eye, as well as annoying so I just couldn't help my self. I had to come over here."

I slipped my jacket on and began to walk around him so I could get to my first class, which unfortunately he was in. he followed after me, easily keeping pace. "Speaking of girls, where is your little puppet of the week? Because, you know, you could go find someone that actually enjoys your presence." I said wanting him to go away.

He grabbed hold of my arm and brought his face dangerously close to my own. "What if I wanted you to be the puppet?" He whispered. I was shocked at first but soon regained my composure. This was probably the way he gets all his girls, dazzling and flirting. It wasn't going to work with me.

I smiled mischievously up at him. "I'd say the puppeteer is wasting his time." I lifted my foot off the ground and brought it down hard onto his foot, he jumped back making him let go of my arm. He sucked in a breath and held it looking up at the sky until the twinge in his foot left.

"Don't touch me again." I said coldly before leaving to go to first period.

As I walked something really came to my attention. I was almost Edward Mason's new project! Every other girl would probably be squealing and jumping up and down at this point, but not me. Maybe if he wasn't a jerk and if he wasn't like the guy that my mum is with, I would give him a shot.

I walked into building 3 and looked to see if my friend Angela was here yet. She was one of my best friends. She was quiet, like I used to be. I still am sort of, it's just when the time comes to stand up to people I will with out a second thought.

I spotted her in the back left corner of the room. I walked down the isle to sit next to her. We began talking about the usual, what we did during our break and everything. Emmett was supposed to be in this class as well but he hadn't showed up yet.

Just as the bell ran Edward came running into class, looking a little dishevelled. He ignored the teacher's warnings completely and looked around the room for a seat. Of course he could get any seat he wants to but he chooses to sit in the one in front of Angela and me. Emmett still wasn't here yet, and I wished more than ever he could be as there was no one else sitting in the seat in front of us, which is where Emmett would sit, so Edward sat with his back up against the wall and put his legs up on the other chair. The teacher didn't notice as he was writing stuff up on the board for us to copy down so everyone was talking still.

He faced the front trying to look innocent and started whistling 'ode to joy'. I kept quiet knowing that he wanted me to start with him. Slowly he turned his head to look at me from the corner of his eye. And when he saw I was looking quickly turned back to the front still whistling.

I smiled involuntarily as he began to turn again. His eye caught mine and he turned quickly away. I knew he was doing it on purpose to be annoying but I couldn't help but find it amusing.

"You look awful." I noted as I gestured to his messed up hair and his shirt collar sticking up. He looked back to me a little too eagerly with a proud smile upon his face.

"Why thankyou. So do you."

I ignored his comment and continued, "What'd you do, run a marathon?"

He smiled bigger and shrugged. "Jessica wanted to say hello." After a second I then realised what he meant by that.

I scoffed and shook my head in disgust, "Yeah in the janitor's closet." He shrugged again and turned back to the front. "You're a complete Jerk."

Angela kept quiet through out the whole ideal and didn't give her opinion on the situation. Edward turned back around to me and had an evil smile on his face. He was about to start on the teasing and come backs. He opened his mouth to talk but got cut short as the door slammed open.

Everyone looked up to see Emmett come through the door. He gave a slip to the teacher and came down to where Edward sat. He looked down at Edward's feet on his chair and then met Edward's eyes. He looked very intimidating right now and after a few seconds of staring each other down, Edward reluctantly moved his feet.

I looked to Angela and found she had the same grin as I did on her face. I looked back at Emmett as he unpacked his books. He caught my eye and winked before turning back to the front.

Edward had sunk into his seat and didn't turn around once more during that lesson, but I knew that it wouldn't last long. I had biology with him after lunch and none of my close friends were in that class.


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