And In These Woods...

A/N: This is my first fanfic ever. A big thanks to my beta, Ibelieveinsam, for encouraging me to post this story. I couldn't have done this without her help.

The sound of Dean's favorite collection of 'mullet rock' roared out of the Impala's stereo. Sam was asleep, slumped against the passenger door, his head resting against the cool window. Sam's warm breath was frosting the Impala's passenger window as Dean drove down highway 87. Dean was busy singing along to his favorite tunes. He would occasionally steal a glance over to see if any of the noise he was making had woken up his brother. Thankfully, Sam was undisturbed by either the music or his brother's attempts at trying to stay in tune with the song. Dean turned the music down a bit. Dean was thankful that Sam had finally gotten some sleep. It had been too long since the kid had slept more than a few brief hours a night in the last few months. Hell ever since Jess's death, Sam hadn't gotten a decent night's sleep. Things didn't get better after the death of their father. This had bothered Dean, but Sam had never mentioned it and if Dean did bring it up, Sam would shrug it off as nothing to worry about.

Hopefully this new hunt will be a bit more exciting than the last one. Dean thought to himself, God knows that I need to hunt SOMETHING.

It had only been about a week since their last hunt. Some crazed loony of a ghost was haunting a run down apartment complex and caused quite a few of the guests to abruptly leave, saving themselves a lot of pain in the end. Dean kept the ghost distracted long enough for Sam to find the bones and salt and burn them. The job had been an easy one and Dean was more than ready to find something else to hunt down and kill.

Sam had come across an article on the Internet about a mauling that took place in a forest just outside a small town in Oregon. There hadn't been any prints or markings left by the creature, and that peaked the brothers' interest. There wasn't anything else to check out at the time, so they packed up and headed towards their new destination. Dean was more than ready to hunt something down, as a week was a little long for Dean to sit back and do nothing. He was bored and was beginning to climb the walls because of the lack of activity and things to do, until Sam came across the article. Dean had jumped at the chance to hunt something else and they packed up their things and took off.

Dean had promised Sam that he would stay away from the big cities as the Fed's were after him for murder (all the thanks going out to that stupid (but handsome) shape shifter that had taken Dean's form and had almost murdered a woman, causing this whole mess with the feds) but they were also looking for his brother.

"Enough wandering down memory lane, Dean. Time to pick up the pace and find a motel room for the night." Dean muttered to himself.

It didn't take too long for a motel to come into view as they entered Beltaview, Oregon. Dean pulled into the motel parking lot and parked the car.

"Hey Sammy, rise and shine! Can't have you sleeping all day and night." Sam stirred slightly before opening his eyes to answer his brother's comment.

"Couldn't let me rest in peace, huh, Dean?" Sam replied sarcastically.

"No way Sammy. I've been nice enough to let you snore so loudly, that it drowned out my amazing music." Dean gave Sam a sarcastic grin.

Dean was trying to get a rise out of Sam, but was unable to succeed in this attempt. Sam seemed a little out of it, to say the least.

Ah well, I'll bug him later, I just wanna go have a nice hot shower and get some food. Dean thought to himself.

As Sam went inside and talked to the motel clerk to book them a room, Dean began pulling their bags out of the car.

"Room 08." Sam called out to Dean as he approached the car coming back from the motel front desk. They unlocked their door and walked inside. The room was white in color, with a small table on the left side of the room, with a painting of horses running through a field above the table. The two beds were on the right side of the room. A TV was located on a desk beside the table and the small fridge was on the left side of the desk. Dean closed the door and both he and Sam placed their bags on their respective beds.

"Gonna have a shower first Sammy." Dean said as he grabbed some clean clothes from his duffel bag, while Sam began unpacking some of his things.

"Cause you know that being the oldest means I get to do what I want first." Dean had made his way over to the bathroom, when Sam spoke up.

"You get to do things first not because your older than me, but because I choose not to bother fighting you on such trivial Dean Winchester things."

Dean merely shook his head, chuckled, and closed the bathroom door. Sam finished unpacking his things and sat on his bed.

The last few days had been uneventful after getting rid of that pesky ghost in Mississippi that had been haunting The Riverside Apartments building. Sam had been relieved to have a few days just to relax before their next gig, but had been having terrible headaches the last few days so he hadn't done much research. Sam also felt more tired then usual.

"Huh, maybe I'm getting the flu or something." Sam hoped that these headaches would go away soon. Of course, he was going to try and deny anything was wrong if Dean asked. He hoped that his brother wouldn't notice that the aspirin bottle in the first aid kit was running a little low. He figured that he would have to re-fill the kit before they left to investigate their hunt in the morning.

Twenty-minutes later, after getting cleaned and dressed, Dean opened the bathroom door, happy to have had a nice hot shower after a long day of driving.

"Hey Sam, the shower's all..." He looked over at his brother, who was laying on his left side, asleep, on top of half of the blankets.

"Dude, you still tired after all that sleeping in the car?" Dean muttered under his breath.

He went over to Sam, pulled the blankets from underneath him, and covered his brother in the warm sheets. Dean was a bit concerned with Sam's behavior the last few days. Sam seemed (at least to Dean anyways) to be more worn-out and tired than was normal for Sam. Sam tried to mask it, but Dean knew his brother too well. Dean had inquired about what was bothering him but couldn't get any answer out of Sam other than "I'm fine, Dean." Dean sighed. He plopped himself on his bed and picked up his cell from the bedside table.

"10:18 P.M already? Where DOES the time go?" At that moment Dean's stomach made its announcement known. They had been traveling since 7:30 A.M that morning, and had stopped for lunch just after 1 P.M and hadn't eaten anything since then.

"Guess I should go grab us some food from that diner down the street." With that, Dean stood up, put on his shoes, grabbed his leather jacket and car keys and headed for the door. He stopped at the door and turned around and picked up a pad of paper and scribbled down a message for Sam, saying that he had gone down the street to pick up some food, so that if Sam woke up while he was gone, he wouldn't worry about where Dean had gone to. Opening the squeaky motel door, Dean turned around to look at his brother.

"Be back soon, Sammy. Don't go and have yourself a party while I'm gone." Stealing one last look at his brother, he quietly closed the door behind him.

A dark haired woman was running through a maze of trees. She was slender built, in her early 20's, wearing a light blue top and black jogging pants and a look of pure terror etched on her face.

"Please somebody help me!" She screamed. A dark, blurry figure ran passed her. The cool wind burning her cheeks as the leaves kept falling all around her. She stopped when she saw a dead animal carcass in front of her. The moonlight casting an eerie shadow on the poor creature. The animal had been torn apart, and was definitely a grim sight to behold. A sudden, low growl from the bushes behind the woman caught her attention. A pair of dark eyes locked on to her pale blue ones. The animal lunged just as the woman let out a blood curdling scream...

Sam sat up in bed, covered in a cool sweat that swathed his body. Sam knew from experience that this wasn't an ordinary nightmare. No, this was a premonition. Not to mention the horrendous headache that was pummeling his head at the moment. This was going to happen, and probably soon.

Maybe this is why I've been having headaches and feeling like crap for the past few days. That would explain a lot. He thought sarcastically.

"Hey Dean?" Sam peered around the room, when he noticed a small note placed on the table. He got off his bed and made his way over to the table.

He scanned the note and decided he should get cleaned up before Dean got back and asked more questions about his health that Sam was just not in the mood to answer at the present time. Sam went to his bag and grabbed some new clothes and headed off to the bathroom and closed the door.

Sam hadn't realized how badly this vision had shaken him up. He'd seen more gruesome visions in the past, but this one seemed to be taking more of a toll on his body. As he looked at himself in the mirror, he had to admit to himself that he didn't look that good. His skin was pale, cold sweat was covering him from head to toe, and the dark circles under his eyes told him that this wasn't going to get better overnight. A long sigh escaped Sam's lips.

Sam was also contemplating who the vision was connecting to. Whenever Sam had a vision, It was either connected to The Demon, or kids with psychic abilities like himself. He turned away from the mirror and turned on the shower.

When Sam had finished his shower and had gotten dressed, he opened the bathroom door and looked around. Dean was sitting at the table with a few burgers, drinks and fries spread across the table. Dean was halfway finished his first burger by the time Sam had finished his shower.

"Geez Sam, did you leave any hot water for any of the other guests? I'm sure that they would want to have a nice hot shower too..." Dean's smirk changed to a worried frown as Sam lowered himself down onto the other chair after placing his things into his duffel bag.

"Dude, you look like crap." Dean could see that Sam was a nicer shade of white then when he had left him earlier.

"Yeah, whatever, I'm starved." Sam grabbed one of the burgers that Dean had bought.

"Hey Dean? I think we're going to have to do the interviews, finding out what it is, and kill it fast because a girl is going to be attacked and killed by something supernatural fairly soon." Dean stopped slurping on his drink and stared at his brother.

"You had a vision?" Sam nodded his head as he took a bite of his burger.

"When? What happened?" Sam knew that whenever he had a vision, It bothered Dean that he was unable to help him. Dean looked worried. Sam decided to try and lighten the mood.

"Chill, I had it when I was asleep. Which is a nice change I guess. I saw this dark haired girl running around in a forest. I saw something big and black run past her. Moving too fast to tell what it was. She came into this clearing and found a dead animal that was ripped to shreds. Then there was this low growl from behind her and she screamed as it lunged at her. That was it. That's all I saw." Dean sat silently for a moment, taking in Sam's vision.

"Are you okay?" Dean asked.

"Yeah Dean, I'm fine. We have to find out who this girl is and stop my vision from happening. The sooner the better." Dean didn't believe Sam was telling him the truth about how his health was, but decided to let it go for now. Dean hated whenever Sam had a vision. Truth be told it freaked him out every time it happened. He hated not being able to help Sam. Dean was also wondering if perhaps The Demon was nearby. Sam's visions always had something to do with The Demon, or kids with psychic abilities. He also figured Sam was pondering the same question, but Dean decided that either he would or Sam would call Ash to find out if it was The Demon, after he finished getting more information out of Sam.

"Is there anything in your vision that may tell us when approximately this is going to happen?"

"Well there was a full moon, so let's see when the next one is going to be." Sam went to his bag, found the calendar and scanned it.

"The next full moon is in four days."

"Well that gives us a little bit of time to find this woman, save her and kill the damn thing before it hurts anyone else." Dean stated matter-of-factly as he threw the burger wrappings in the garbage. Dean sat back down and considered their options.

"Let's call Ash, get a bit of research done, then we'll call it a night." Sam nodded and stood up, walked back over to his duffel bag and got out his cell phone. Sam flicked his cell open and dialed Ash's number. Ash answered on the fourth ring. Sam asked Ash to see if The Demon was in the area. Ash put Sam on hold to go and check his computer. After a few minutes, Ash came back to the phone.

"Don't know if you should be relieved or upset, but The Demon is not your culprit. Hasn't had any activity since you gave me that information from your Dad. Sorry man."

"Thanks Ash. Just wanted to make sure. Say hey to Ellen for us."

"Yeah sure thing. Later." Sam hung up his phone and placed it on the table.

"Well Dean, it's not The Demon, so that means it's gotta be one of the kids like me. Only this one doesn't fit the pattern." Sam said as he sat back down on his chair.

"Yeah I guess so. Well we'll figure it out later. First we have to find this woman, and stop her from becoming monster food." Dean replied.

They resumed searching for information that would help lead to figuring out what they were dealing with. Sam tackled the computer while Dean looked for clues in their dad's journal.

After an hour or so of getting no closer to finding out what the thing was, Dean decided to get some shut eye and leave it for tomorrow, calling it quits after 2:30 A.M. Sam stayed up until nearly 4:00 A.M before, he too, decided to try and get some sleep. He turned off the computer and moved over to his bed, where he laid down on his back and pulled the covers over his tired body. He doubted if he would even be able to get to sleep as there were so many thoughts running through his head. He just needed a break. It wasn't too long before sleep claimed Sam's exhausted mind.