Chapter 10

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"Dean? You alright?" Sam inquired as he noticed his brother holding his hand to his thigh.

"Yeah. Just a scratch. It's not that bad. I'll be fine. How about we get the hell out of this place?" All around there were nods of approval.

"Well at least there's no housekeeping here, or else they might be pissed about the mess that thing just made." Dean joked as they picked themselves off the floor. After cleaning up a bit, Bobby grabbed most of the gear as Dean helped Sam down the stairs and over to the car.

"Look. Umm... I just wanted to thank you. All of you for what you did. You saved my life. Thank you."

"You're welcome." Dean replied with a sharp grin.

"Look we'd stay if we could, but..." Kirsten held up her hand.

"Don't worry about the cops. I'll take care of them. I don't know exactly what I'm going to tell them, cause I can hardly believe what has happened myself, but just go. I'll take care of things here. Besides, your brother looks like he could use some rest, if not a hospital." Sam merely glanced down at the ground. He hated being used as an excuse to leave, but he did feel like he was going to crash any minute, so he'd suck it up if that meant that he could sleep sooner rather than later.

"Thanks. We appreciate it."

"Dean. I'm going to stay behind with her, just in case. I'll come up with a cover story."

"You sure Bobby?" Dean asked. Kirsten was already on her cell phone, talking to the police.

"Yeah, I'll be fine. Just go and take care of your brother, alright? You guys don't need anymore run-ins with the law as it is. Go." With that, Bobby turned around and went over to talk with Kirsten while they waited for the police to arrive.

Dean opened the passenger door so Sam could get in, slammed it shut and got into the driver's side. Dean started the Impala up, and took off down the highway.

"How ya holding up there, Sam?" Sam shifted in his seat, trying to alleviate the pain in his abdomen.

"I'll be fine, Dean. Let's just get the hell out of here and get a motel." Dean gazed at his brother, shook his head, and returned his visual attention back on the road.

"Motel? I was just going to take you back to the hospital, Sam. You need time to heal properly. Besides, some of your stitches need patching up and you need your shoulder stitched up after your little rendezvous in the woods." Sam scoffed and turned his head so he was looking at his brother.

"Dean, there's no way I'm going back to that hospital, not after everything that's gone on. Too many questions are going to be asked. Not to mention we need to keep a low profile. We don't need the FBI on our ass right now and you know I'm right. Besides, the food was terrible. You can fix up the stitches that I've ripped when we get to a motel." Even in the dark, Dean could see Sam's puppy dog eyes working overtime, begging him to let Sam get his way. Dean understood Sam's logic, but that still didn't mean he wanted to take a chance with his brother's health.

Damn it Sam. I wish you wouldn't do that. It's not fair! Little brothers. They sure know how to get their way. Dean stepped on the gas and the Impala surged forward at a quicker pace. Dean glanced over at Sam and he sighed in defeat.

"Fine. We can stop at a motel once we've cleared the town. I've just got to check out of the motel room and grab our things. I picked up your medication from the drugstore earlier today so we don't need to revisit the hospital. Then we'll leave this hill-billy town for good." Sam nodded his head in acknowledgment; a wide grin spread across his face at another victory over his brother and leaned his head against the passenger window. Not five minutes later, soft snores could be heard coming from Sam's direction. Dean glanced over at Sam and turned up the music a little bit. The music boomed out of the stereo as the Impala made its way back towards town.


Fifteen minutes after grabbing their gear and signing out, Dean and Sam were back on the road, heading out of town. No other cars were on the road, leaving it bare and giving the feeling of tranquility for Dean. Out of the blue, Sam suddenly spoke, which made Dean jump in his own seat.

"You know, I finally figured out what the connection was Dean." Dean raised his eyebrows.

"What connection?"

"I know why I was having visions. I figured out where I'd seen that guy before." Dean was quiet for a moment before he spoke.

"So who is he then?"

"Remember when I took off to Lafayette, Indiana?" Dean nodded his head. He hadn't forgotten that event, nor would he ever. That whole terrible event started the night Dean had told Sam what their Dad had told Dean to do if he couldn't save Sam. To kill him. Dean would never be able to kill his brother, no matter what. Dean would save Sam. But Sam had wanted answers that Dean was unable to give and had waited till Dean had fallen asleep and then he had taken off and left Dean behind. How could Dean ever forget waking up and seeing that his brother had taking off sometime in the middle of the night without him? The utter panic at not being able to find his brother scared the crap out of Dean. If it hadn't been for Sam stopping at the Roadhouse and talking with Ellen and Ellen relaying the information about his whereabouts to Dean, Dean might not have found Sam at all.

"Well the reason I had gone down there was because there was another kid like me who had lost his mother in a fire when they were 6 months old. The only thing was that he was murdered a month before I got there. His name was Scott Carey. Ava had had a vision of him dying days before he died, before she warned me about her vision of me dying."

"Huh. So how did you figure it out?"

"Well I had only looked through Kirsten's family. There wasn't a match so I tried a search for any Scotts in the town. I got two hits. I went through that database and found a match. Then I brought up the folder and it told me the date of birth and gave me the death certificate. It gave me the Lafayette, Indiana location as 'place of death'. I just put two and two together."

"So all this time you were connecting to some psychic's family and friends?"

"Yeah I guess so. Scott used to live here, until they moved four years ago to Lafayette."

"Well, at least that's one mystery solved. Though, it sucks if you are going to have visions of other people that all the other psychic kids have come into contact with." Sam rubbed a hand over his bleary eyes.

"Yeah, tell me about it."


About two hours later, they arrived at another small town and Dean pulled into the first motel that came into sight. Dean parked the Impala and went inside to book them a room. Ten minutes later, Dean had grabbed their stuff from the car and hauled it inside. Dean went to the bathroom to take a look at his wound on his thigh. Thankfully, it wasn't quite deep enough to require stitches . Dean was greatful.

"No new stitches for me!" Dean muttered to himself quietly. He quickly wrapped up the wound to stop it from bleeding and changed into some new clothes. He left the bathroom and put his old clothes into his duffel bag. Sam then got off his own bed and limped all the way to the bathroom. Dean put on his shoes and opened the front door and went to the Impala and grabbed the first aid kit. He closed the trunk and made his way back to the motel room and closed the door. He took off his shoes and tossed the first aid kit on to Sam's bed.

"You ready to get those wounds re-stitched?" Dean asked as Sam came out of the bathroom.

"Yeah, alright. Where's my medication Dean?" Dean rummaged through his coat pocket and produced the two bottles of pills that his brother was to take to reduce the chance of infection and tossed them over to Sam.

"Take one of each every 6 hours." Dean reminded Sam as he opened the bottle of pills. Sam nodded his head as Dean handed him a glass of water to take his pills with. Sam laid down on his bed and hissed in pain as he lifted up his shirt so Dean could stitch up the wounds that had opened up. With needle and thread in hand, Dean began to stitch his brother back up again.

Fifteen minutes and a dozen curse words later, the wounds were re-stitched and Sam got up and grabbed some clothes from his duffel bag. Dean was nearby in case his brother needed help getting to or from the bathroom. Sam merely shook his head and limped to the bathroom to change his clothes. Dean put away the first aid kit and laid down on his own bed. Dean laid there, starring at the ceiling, thinking about how close he had come to losing his brother. Dean didn't know what he would do if he lost Sam. Sam was the last member of his family, his best friend, and his little brother. Dean lived for his family. He would do anything to protect them. Now that Sam was the only family member left, Dean would be dammed if he lost Sam. Their Dad had sacrificed his own life for Dean's by making a deal with the same demon that had killed their mom.

The colt had also disappeared during Dean's 'miraculous' recovery and their Dad's sudden death. Dean had never felt such pain as when they lost their Dad. This pain was a mixture of fear, mourning, and anger. Slowly the pain lessened and talking with Sam about it had helped. Even though Sam had to almost beg to get Dean to open up and talk with him about their Dad's death, he was grateful for it. Dean decided right then and there in that small motel room in the middle of nowhere that no matter what comes their way, he and Sam were brothers, and that they would take down anything that got in their way. Whether it was ghosts, spirits, the demon or even psychic visions, they would take them all down, together...

"Hey. Dean, are you alright?" Sam was sitting on his bed, and had been calling Dean for the past minute, getting no response from his brother.

"Huh? Yeah I'm fine." Dean took his gaze off the ceiling and turned his attention to Sam.

"You should get some sleep Sam. We're gonna hit the road first thing in the morning. That is, if you're up to traveling." Sam shook his head as he climbed into bed.

"Don't worry about me Dean. I'll be fine. Course, cause I'm still recovering and all, you gotta grab the coffee in the morning." Sam replied, while trying to cover a yawn and stifle the grimace of pain as he laid down and got under the covers in his bed. Dean stopped staring at the ceiling and turned his head and scoffed as he faced his brother.

"What I'm I? Your personal slave? Bitch."

"Jerk." Sam smirked as he took off his watch and tossed it onto the bedside table.

"Night Dean."

"Night Sam." Dean flicked off the table lamp and laid on top of the covers on his bed.

Dean couldn't help the smile that plastered itself upon his face. Things were going to be alright. His brother was safe and sound, or rather, was on the mend and was safe for the moment. They had finished the hunt and had saved the life of a young woman and stopped another one of Sam's premonitions from running its course. Come hell or high water, the brother's would carry on and protect the helpless, while looking out for one an other and doing what the Winchester's do best.

As Dean once put it, "Saving people, hunting things. The family business."


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The brothers sat there in the motel room, watching some lame action movie and laughing at the absurdity of it all.

"You wanna go grab dinner, Sam?" Sam took a look at his watch. It was almost 8 o'clock. This was actually somewhat early for the brothers to be eating dinner, but since they were on a break, it didn't really matter what time they ate.

"Yeah sure. What do you want?"

"Uh get me a burger with extra onions and some fries."

"You know every time I get onions for you, I'm the one who ends up suffering the repercussions." Sam muttered as he put on his shoes and grabbed his jacket.

Dean just grinned at his brother before replying, "Make sure they put LOTS of onions on then. Thanks!" Just before the door slammed closed.


The air was cooling off as the sun dipped behind the mountains. Sam zipped up his jacket to try and block out the cool wind. It was the end of September, and summer had given way to the beginning of fall. The diner was only three blocks from the motel he and Dean were staying at, so Sam decided to walk to the diner instead of driving the Impala so he could stretch his legs. Few people were walking on the sidewalk on either side of the road. Most had gone home for the night to be with their family, Sam surmised.

Sam walked briskly towards the diner as it came into view. He opened the diner door and closed it, the bell ringing, signaling his presence. Sam made his order and sat in the nearest booth, waiting for his food to arrive. Twenty minutes later, the waitress handed the bag of food to Sam, who smiled at her and said a quick thank you before heading out the door.

Sam had not even walked a full block from the diner, when he heard a commotion coming from the small park to his right. Sam switched into hunter mode and moved to the side of the library building, just out of sight of the park. Sam made his way over to the corner of the building and peered over at the group of people standing around inside the park grounds. A woman's pleading voice reached Sam's ears.

"Please Matt. Just let me go." Her pleading blue eyes searching for understanding and compassion from the five men surrounding her. She knew only two of the men. She also knew that they were trouble and that they didn't like anyone crossing them. She hoped the other man she knew would try and reason with this group on her behalf.

"Joey? Please, make Matt understand..." Matt slapped the woman hard across the face, bringing tears to her eyes as she stumbled backwards. Joey didn't move to help her, but had a shocked look upon his face.

"Get up, bitch." Matt hissed through gritted teeth. Sam had heard and seen enough. He recognized two of the men from the fight he and Dean had gotten into last night. His blood was boiling at the atrocious behavior of these disgusting men. His father had raised both he and his brother properly, and no way was Sam going to stand by and let an innocent woman get attacked by anyone. Even though Sam disliked fighting, sometimes it was necessary and this situation called for it. Sam wished he would have been able to call Dean so he could back Sam up. Dean's phone had gotten wrecked during their last hunt, so Sam had lent him his phone, which Sam had forgotten to get back from him. Dean hadn't picked up another phone yet. That was on his 'to do list'. Sam placed the bag of food on the ground by the corner of the library, and walked quietly towards the small crowd.

"We already smashed your car. Why not just give us your purse and you can walk away from here, before..." Matt stopped as he saw a figure making its way towards their group.

"You won't lay another hand on her, you arrogant ass." Sam said through gritted teeth as he reached the rim of the circle and moved past the four other men in order to stand protectively in front of the clearly terrified woman. Matt's face swelled in anger.

"You again?" Sam edged his way towards the edge of the park, his back now towards the street, keeping the woman behind him.

"I want you to take off and get out of here, alright? I'll handle this." Sam said barely above a whisper.

"You both are not going anywhere. You got lucky last time you little punk, but your buddy isn't around to help you out this time." Matt and his friends moved towards Sam, beginning to enclose around him.

This is not good. I wish Dean was here to back me up. I've got to get this woman out of here before things get ugly. Sam thought as he moved himself and the woman back towards the park's front gates, his eyes never leaving the group of men in front of him.

Five against one were horrible odds, even if he was a Winchester.

"When I say go, run. Get as far away from here as you can." Sam spoke softly, but spoke with conviction. The woman merely squeezed his arm in response, too afraid to reply in words.

"Take him out Steve!" Matt yelled. Steve came at Sam fast, arms swinging.

Sam yelled, "Go!" and the woman ran off towards the street, not daring to look back at what would only be a violent blood bath to follow.


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