Chappie One

Shino wasn't sure how he got into this. He knew why, he just didn't understand how he was dumb enough to lose that bet to his dad. It just didn't add up! He is a straight A student, he has had a 4.0 GPA since second grade, and he was currently applying for William and Mary, a college that has a very good science program and is also conveniently close to his home in Williamsburg. That still didn't explain the reason why he was he was standing with basically all of his belongings in the dock of an exceedingly large cruise-like ship.

Said ship was actually the home of the famous Cirque de Nuit. If he was a believer in fate, he would be on his knees and cursing the stars right now. Of course that would be terribly out of character so he wasn't going to be doing that anytime soon.

While he was waiting for someone to come out of the massive ship, he decided to use the time to try and figure out exactly what it was that he did wrong.

The end of his life started exactly eleven days ago.


Shino was currently sitting on his bed studying so that there was no chance that he would fail his upcoming placement test. While he was thoroughly enjoying his text book, he just couldn't ignore the gut feeling that something bad was about to happen.

His dad, Shibi Aburame, was currently out "socializing" at some "get-together" with some "close friends". The reason why Shino knew this wasn't true was because every Saturday that he was given this excuse, his dad had come home the next morning with a common hooker attached to his arm. He normally had to beat them off his doorstep with a broom. As if detaching them from his dad's arm was hard enough.

Shino sighed and set his book down on his bed and glanced at the alarm clock that was sitting on his night stand. After realizing that it was already past three a.m., he climbed off his bed and walked down the stairs of their two story house.

Once he reached the front door, he unlocked it purely out of hop that his father would be home early that night.

Once that was taken care of, he padded over to the kitchen, flipped on the light and proceeded to make himself a quick peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Getting bored, he decided to debate on whether or not his meal would be considered a late dinner, since he didn't eat dinner, or a very early breakfast.

Grabbing his sandwich and walking out of the kitchen towards the dining room table, he places his food down on the cold surface and walks over to the coat closet, reaching in and grabbing the three foot long crow bar he kept there for safety purposes.

Yes, he did believe the women who came home with his dad to be threats to his safety. He hadn't always used a crow bar, there was a time when a broom was all he needed to detach the leeches from his dad's arm. A broom used to be enough, until one of the women took our her zippo lighter and lit the broom on fire. Nearly burnt down the house, too.

After making sure that his crow bar was well within reach, he sat down at the table and picked up his sandwich, taking a small bite out of it while listening for the familiar crunch of his dad's car tires on the drive way.

Shino couldn't really blame his dad for wanting to go out as often as he did. Being the high up scientist that he was, he was forced to be serious and ready for work the second he stepped out of the door most mornings. This being the case, his dad tended to act a little...different...when it was only him and Shino at home. It was almost like he was a completely different person. Serious and hard working around everyone else, fun and a bit nutty around Shino.

Not that Shino cared. He had learned how to live with it years ago. In fact, not that he was going to be telling anyone anytime soon, but he kind of like having a strange dad. It kept him on his toes. Which is why feeling like something bad was about to happen isn't something that surprised Shino all that much.

He was about half way through his sandwich when he heard the loud 'slam' of a car door being shut. He already knew it was his dad because no one in their right mind would want to visit him or his dad on a Saturday night at the ungodly hour of 3:30 a.m. He only heard one car door being shut so he knew there wasn't going to be any need for the crow bar, but that doesn't mean he shouldn't be cautious about how his father was going to be acting.

Oh, he could hear his dad's footsteps now. Someone must have been smart enough to take his alcohol away for his footsteps sounded pretty even.

Thump Crash "SHIT!"

Shino sighed and moved to get up from the table, then immediately sat down after realizing that his life could be in danger. He could still hear his dad talking to whatever he tripped over.

"Stupid garden gnome. Why do your hats have to be so damn pointy? They HURT! I'm bleeding! I hope you're happy, ya stupid little..."

'So it was the garden gnome,' Shino thought, 'I never liked that thing.' Everything else his dad probably said was drowned out be a very large splash, followed by an obnoxiously loud shriek of "Victory is mine!"

'Great...he threw the gnome in the pool. And I'm going to be the one who has to fish it out.'

Deciding to actually get up this time, Shino went over and opened the door for his drunk father. He really didn't feel like having to replace a door. Again.

The sight he was graced with didn't really startle him. His dad must have wanted to go for the "raver" look this time. He was wearing a lime green, short sleeve shirt with two black stripes going across the front. Instead of the common pair of faded Levi's, he had decided to go with dark brown leather pants and a white studded belt. He had a pair of black boots that went up to his knees and had various sized buckles on it. He had black, fingerless gloves on that went up to a little above his elbows and a black choker with a dog tag on it completed the look. Whatever look he was going for. His dad was probably the only 38 year old he knew that could actually look decent in an outfit like that.

His dad, hearing the door slide open, looked up and stared at Shino for a few seconds before any sort of recognition flashed into his eyes.

"Oh! Hey, Shin-chan! Guess what!"

Shino sighed and replied tiredly, "What?"

"I drowned the garden gnome!" He looked at Shino excitedly before doing a little hop and walking past Shino and into the house.

After closing and locking the door, Shino followed his dad into the kitchen and immediately suggested that his dad should go change and get in bed.

"Nonsense." Shibi retorted, beginning to search through the cabinets before grabbing a box of Oreo's and turning to face Shino with a serious look on his face. "I'm not tired. And besides, I have a proposition for you."

Shino didn't say anything, but the slight raise of an eyebrow urged his dad to continue.

Shibi, getting the hint, finished voicing his thought. "I want to make a bet with you."

"What kind of bet?" Shino couldn't believe he was actually asking.

Shibi smirked and leaned back against the counter. "You are going to apply to that one college, right? The one with the really good genetics program?"

"Yeah. Why?"

"I want to give you a little...test." He replied coyly.

"What kind of test? I'm already studying." Shino was starting to get confused. The only thing he did lately was study. Did his dad doubt him that much?

"I want you to genetically alter a common black beetle. Everything has to be the same, except it needs to be the size of a wolf." The whole time he was saying this, Shibi was analyzing his son. He already knew he had all the smarts to get into that college. He just wanted to have his son make a few friends along the way instead of isolating himself. He observed how Shino's brow was furrowed. 'He's taking the bait! All I gotta do is convince him and my plan is in motion,' Shibi thought to himself while laughing hysterically inwardly.

"What does this have to do with the bet?" Shino inquired. This wasn't making any sense.

This time, Shibi did laugh hysterically. He did it! His brilliant plan has been set into motion! "If you successfully alter the beetle, I will pay for every single college expense you will ever have."

Shibi could tell he was confused and shocked. Who wouldn't be? He suddenly tensed up after realizing that these next few minutes would determine the next year or two of Shino's future.

Shino still didn't understand where this was leading. 'Having dad pay for everything would be beneficial. I can tell there is a catch, though.'

"What happens if I don't properly mutate it?" Shino awaited the answer, and he had a feeling that he wasn't going to like what his dad was going to say.

'Here it is.' Shibi thought. "If you do not perfectly enlarge the specimen, I will not pay for all of your fares, buy you will also have to join the circus."

If Shino had been drinking anything at the moment, he probably would have spewed it in his dad's face. 'The circus?! He had more alcohol than I thought!' After getting his heart rate back to a more normal level, he gave his dad a very confused look.

"The circus?"


"Why...the circus?"

"It would be funny. It would also provide motivation for you to not mess up."

"...That is a good point."

While Shino was considering the bet, Shibi had a rather amused look on his face, one that could easily be confused with a look that represented insanity. 'He's gonna do it. He's gonna do it. He just ate the last oreo, but he's gonna do...wait...the last oreo...'

While Shibi was having the delightful little conversation with himself, nearing the borderline of insanity, Shino had reached over and took the last oreo from the box sitting on the counter. Having already eaten the small cookie, Shino was currently looking at his dad with a look that clearly said 'What the fuck are you on?' plastered on his face.

Shibi was staring at his son with a crazed look, before he stood up, put a hand on his right hip and cocked his left hip up in the air and raised his free hand and did the z-snap while bobbing his head in time to the snaps.

"Oh no you didn't, be-yotch."

'That's it', Shino thought, 'dad had officially lost it. First the circus, now this.' Shino slowly backed away a few steps, grabbing the crow bar and holding it in front of himself defensively. Just because it was his dad didn't mean he would hold back. It didn't stop him from hitting his dad over the head with a frying pan full of still cooking food two weeks ago. His dad had called him Brittany Spears and had tried to hump his leg. It was very disturbing.

Shibi was currently stalking towards Shino, looking ready to pounce, when he tripped over his own feet and was sent flying forward, doing a little superman pose in midair, then landing flat on his face. He tried to quickly gain composure and rolled over on his side and struck a supposedly "sexy" pose.

"So, whaddya say, son? Will ya do it?"

Shino wasn't sure if he should or not. He was fairly confident with his skills, and it was getting late. He came to a conclusion, and answered his dad with a simple, "I accept."

Shibi shrieked, jumped up, and started to do a weird mix of a touchdown dance and a hot potato dance. Then he suddenly stopped and turned serious and looked at Shino before saying in a grave voice, "You have two days to complete the task. Then...I will come for you." He then promptly flopped to the floor and fell asleep.

Shino looked at his dad before quietly walking upstairs and climbing into his bed.

End Really Long Flashback

Shino had been so sure that he was going to win. But no, he lost it to a stump of a seventh leg. He had enlarged the beetle perfectly. There just had to be a little stump of a seventh leg on the back of the beetle. What made it worse was when he realized that his future had been determined by a deformed bug leg. That just made him feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

While he was fuming silently to himself, he hadn't noticed the man who had come out of the ship. The man who was currently poking Shino's forehead. Repetitively. In the same spot. With a frozen fish.

Shino stopped his musing in favor of glaring at the man, hoping that he and his frozen fish would spontaneously combust and prove all the scientists wrong. 'I wish he would keep his frozen fish to himself and leave me alone!' When the man switched from poking him to smacking him upside the head with it was when Shino had decided to voice his opinion.

"Would you please keep your frozen fish to yourself and leave me ALONE?!"

The man looked surprised for a few seconds before acquiring a very large grin. Or, that's what Shino assumed since 3/4 of the strange man's face was covered with a dark blue mask and a folded black bandana. Shino thought that was fairly strange. In fact, now that he had a chance to look at him, he concluded that the man in general was definitely out of the ordinary. Actually, he looked like a guy who just went on a shopping spree in a kinky sex shop and decided to wear his merchandise in public.

The man was wearing a very, very tight pair of black, low-riding leather pants with multiple rips along his thighs, letting glimpses of his pale, creamy skin show through. Ending around mid-calf was a pair of black, leather three inch platform boots. Around his neck was a black collar with two inch spikes going around the whole thing, Shino could swear he could see blood stains on them. He had on a white muscle shirt with eye-ball size pink polka-dots on it. Donning his fore arms was a pair of fishnets arm warmers, though Shino supposed they didn't keep anything warm for very long. Around the man's left wrist was a pair of handcuffs, and his left hand was still poised beside Shino's head, grasping the frozen fish. Hooked through the purple belt around the man's slim waist was a whip. The sight of the object scared Shino a bit, along with the handcuffs.

Shino decided to ignore the man's appearance for a few moments and decided to actually say something.

"Who the hell are you?"

"Well, shouldn't I be asking you the same thing? After all, you are the one who has been standing in front of the ship in the same spot for the last two hours." The man was starting to get on his nerves.


"Let's try that again. I'm Kakashi. What's your name?"

"Why do you want to know my name? For all I know, you could be a pedophile. You also took it upon yourself to smack me in the head with a frozen fish. If I have any reason to tell you my name, please tell me because you have about 20 seconds before I start screaming rapist at the top of my lungs."

Shino was expecting the man to immediately leave. What he wasn't expecting was Kakashi to fall to his knees and bury his face in his hands and start bawling his eyes out.

"A-All I did was ask your NAME! Why d-do you have to be so -sob- mean to me? I g-gave up my alone time with my dolphin-chan to come out and -hiccup- g-get the new employee. Y-You were the only person out here who fit the d-description that was sent to us, so I automatically knew it was you. I t-tried to g-get your attention, and w-when I did, I was nice and then you YELL at m-me and accuse me of being a -sob- pedophile. Y-You big fat MEANIE HEAD!!"

Unknown to Shino, during the whole speech, Kakashi was smirking behind his mask. 'If that doesn't get him, nothing will. He's going to pay for making me get dirt on these pants.'

Shino was currently staring at him like he was a six-headed dinosaur who had just tripped over a ladybug. It was slightly creepy, but at the same time, Shino couldn't help but feel sorry for what he did. Then all traces of guilt faded and were replaced with upmost annoyance as Kakashi started to bawl some more. 'My GOD what is wrong with this man?!'

Hey. Do you still want to know my name?" Shino had decided to put an end to this crap.

Kakashi instantly perked up. Jumping to his feet, throwing the fish to the ground and grasping Shino's hands in his own, he exclaimed, "Really?!?"

Shino sighed. "My name is Shino Aburame. I do believe I am the person you are looking for."

Kakashi nodded knowingly before dropping Shino's hands and picking up the teen's luggage. "Right-o! Come with me! The quicker we get to the ship, the sooner you can start your initiation, and the sooner I can get back to pounding my dolphin-chan into the mattress."

Shino looked at him for a few seconds before follwing him to the ship.

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