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Synopsis:Lara finds an ancient stone of great power, the Lycanthro Stone. After she finds it though, she starts experiencing certain changes.


Lara Croft and the gift of the Lycanthro Stone

Some say they don't exist, some say they do, but whoever is right one thing is certain: Werwolves are marvelous creatures. However, humans of ancient times didn't agree, infact they believed them to be the work of demons. A great war raged between humans and werewolves for years until the humans sought the help of their shamans to destroy them. Unfortunately, they had taken a secret oath to never completely destroy any creature man, beast, or both. They developed a spell which they said would destroy them all, but what the people didn't know was that the shamans also created a stone which if touched under the light of a full moon, would grant them the gift of lycanthropy. When they discovered the shamans' secret plot, they killed them and attempted to destroy the stone, but found that they were unable to even scratch it. So they built a temple to house the stone to make sure no one would suffer from what they called they called the "Curse of the Loup Garou". Ever since then, no one had ever laid eyes on the stone again.

"Zip, have you gotten any information on this temple yet?" Lara asked over her com-link while trying to make out any writing on the walls. Lara had recently discovered this temple during her trip to Peru and wanted to see if she could get any sort of legend that may be associated with it.

"No, not yet. Every database I've checked haven't turned up anything about it. I'll keep looking." Zip replied. Zip is what some would call a computer geek, but he's actually pretty cool. He's Laras right hand man and one of her most trusted friends.

"I don't feel comfortable about this place Lara, it doesn't seem to be devoted to a god and you can't make out who built it. Maybe we'd better leave this place be." Alistair warned over the radio. He may be a worry wart, but he's also intelligent and very loyal to his friends.

"Don't worry Alistair, I'll be fine. I've been in situations like this hundreds of times before. All I have to do is find the main chamber, there's bound to be some sort of evidence as to who built this place there." She entered a hallway and immediatly smelled a boobie trap. She kicked a small rock onto the floor ahead of her and as she expected, a bunch of darts shot out of the walls. She chuckled at how easy these were spotted. She noticed the rock hit a certain design that was repeated on the floor, so she made sure to step in between them until she finally made it to the other side.

"Much too easy." She declared. Just as she was about to proceed, the floor literally came out from under her revealing a chasm filled with spikes. She was barely able to grab the edge it all happened so quick. She pulled herself back up and examened the floor. Not only were there spikes, but there were also spinning blades, spinning poles with spikes and a section that look incredibly deep.

"What is in this temple that's so important, they were willing to go to this much trouble to keep it safe?" She asked Zip over the radio.

"Don't ask me. Just try not to get impaled OK." Zip said warningly.

"I wasn't planning on it." She replied sarcasticly. She surveyed the hallway, or what was left of it, and found a spot on the ceiling she could grapple onto. She jumped over the chasm and grappled the spot and swung to the other side. The end of the hallway there was a door with carvings of what looked like humans with a dogs heads. Undetered by this, she searched for a way to open the door. After about a minute, she found a brick on the door that looked a little loose.

"Bingo!" She declared as she pushed the brick in the door. A low rumbling could be heard as the door lifted from the floor and disappeared into the ceiling. She looked into the room and saw only one thing, a padestal in the middle of the room with what looked like a ruby on it. Lara approached the middle of the room and was astonished at how beautiful the ruby looked in the moonlight that was shining through a hole in the ceiling. She could already tell that it was rigged and it would be dangerous to just take the stone off. She searched the room and found a rock that looked about the same size as the ruby. She approached the pedestal again and prepared to substitute the rock for the ruby. She slowly moved her hand towards the ruby and then her hand met with the ruby. Suddenly, Lara felt an incredible sensation coming from the stone, but it wasn't painful, it was actually pleasant. She felt as if something was being changed inside of her, but she couldn't tell what. She looked through the hole in the ceiling and saw the moon. At that moment, she felt the moon was the most beautiful sight she had ever seen. Then, as fast as it had begun, the sensation vanished and caused her to knock the stone off the pedestal. As she had suspected, the room began to shake and bricks and stones began to fall from the ceiling. She recovered from her little spell and realized what was happening around her. She noticed the ruby was still intact and not wanting to nearly black out again, she picked it up with a piece of cloth she had and made for a hole in the wall made by the collapse. It led to another boobie trapped hallway, but the collapsing temple had rendered them useless, so she paid them no mind. But one of the dart traps still partially worked and a dart left a huge gash in her back. She screamed in pain, but kept going and evetually found an exit. She hid behind a large rock as the entire temple collapsed to the ground leaving nothing but a large field of rock. She got up from her protective spot and viewed the wreakage. She felt bad that the temple was lost, but was just glad she was alive and that she was able to at least save an artifact before it was lost forever. She didn't notice that through all the excitement, she lost the cloth and was now holding the stone with her bare hand, but she didn't feel the sensation she felt earlier.

"Lara, are you there?!?" Zip shouted over the com-link which she dropped behind the rock. Lara picked it up and replied, "Yes, I'm fine, and I was able to save an artifact before the temple collapsed."

"Are you mad?! You could have died!" Alistair shouted. "Please Alistair, I'm alright, no need to lose your head. I'm going to need a ride Zip."

"Got one set up, I've got a lock on your coordinates and they're gonna be there in a few minutes."

"Thank you, and call the museum and tell them I have a new piece for them."

"Got it, see you in a few hours." Zip then turned off the com-link and Lara walked toward the meeting point Zip had downloaded to her PDA. As she walked, she didn't notice that the back of her shirt was torn, but there was no wound on the other side.

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