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She couldn't believe what she had just heard. She was going to have a what?

Young Mira looked up at her parents with large, currently questioning brown eyes. 'They did not just say I was going to have a little brother did they?' Mira couldn't help but look mildly displeased at her mother and father who were beaming back at their daughter.

"I don't want a brother." The six-year-old whined as she folded her arms across her chest and turned her back to her parents with a huff. Her parents laughed warmly. Her father walked over to his young daughter in her yellow shirt and gray army overalls. Placing a hand on her red pony-tailed hair he kneeled beside her.

"Now, come on Mira. You're going to love being a big sister." He said with his green eyes shinning and his mouth set in a warm grin. Mira just continued to pout and kept her arms folded. "Come on Mira. You'll be the older sibling, just like I am. Your little brother's going to look up to you and your going to have be their to help him." Mira's father kept trying to move into Mira's line of view, but she kept spinning around to avoid him. Her stubbornness once again surfacing.

Finally giving up Mira's father stood and he couldn't help shake his head and laugh at the behavior of his daughter.

"Well, I think that you'll like being a big sister just wait and see." He said with a warm chuckle.

'I doubt it.' Mira thought.

Mira sat and twiddled her thumbs as she waited in the white halls. Her father sat beside her, with his head hanged low to where his blonde hair covered his face and his glasses loosely dangled from his ears.

"Excuse me?" Someone spoke. Both Mira and her father looked up. Before them was a young woman in a female's white nurse outfit. "You can come in now." She said with a smile.

Mira's father hesitantly stood and walked into the room, where the nurse had disappeared into. Mira followed. Within the room was Mira's mother. She laid in a gray bed with her long red hair was mussed and stuck to her face. And within her arms was the new member of their family. Mira came close to the bed. She couldn't really see the newborn that well, but that was soon resolved when her father came and lifted her onto the bed.

Mira looked down with a bemused expression as she stared down at her baby brother. 'This is my little brother?' she thought as she continued to gawk at the infant who was wrapped in the warmth and comfort of blankets and their mother's arms. He himself gawked back at the Mira.

Mira's mother giggled and looked to her daughter and husband. "So what should we name him?" The woman asked and waved her index finger over her son's head, who in turn tried to grab it with his petite hands.

"Why don't we name him Anthony?" Mira's father suggested. Mira's mother played with the name in her mind and looked down at the newest member of her family, who had just taken a hold of her finger.

"I don't think that that's the right name, but it is quite the start." She said. "What do you think about Benjamin?"

"Not quite sure, but lets keep it in mind." The father spoke.

Mira continued to stare on as she ignored her parents' discussion of a name for her baby brother. She watched as he curiously tugged at their mother's finger. She tilted her head side to side as if this would help her get a better perspective of the round child with a few small strands of blond.

"Mira? Miiiiiiirrrrrrraaa. Mira!!"

Mira snapped out of her small trance and looked to her mother. "Yeah?"

"What do you think we should name the baby?" Her mother asked, her usual warm glow surrounding her.

'I really don't care.' Mira thought. "I don't know, Harry?" Mira said not putting much thought into her brother's name.

Her mother and father looked at each other, to the baby, to Mira, back to the baby and once again to each other.

"Actually that sounds like a great name." The mother beamed happily.

"It does?" A baffled Mira looked at her parents.

Her father nodded. "So, it's decided from now on your brother's name will be Harry." The man placed an arm around his daughter. "And till he can do so on his own, little Harry is always going to have his big sister Mira to protect him." Mira's father pulled his daughter close to where their cheeks pressed together. Mira's father grinned brightly. Mira just rolled her eyes at the thought and looked at Harry with annoyance. 'This is going to suck.' She thought.

Mira couldn't believe it. How could anything go on for so long? Mira's brown eyes where wide in shock as Harry continued to cry. She didn't know why he was crying she just knew that he was and she didn't know what to do. Their father was at work and their mother was making frequent trips between their house and the neighbor's house. She had only left for ten seconds when Harry started to cry.

'How do make it stop?' Little Mira mentally cried. She knew that her mom could stop Harry's crying, but she also knew that she wasn't supposed to leave her brother alone. She pressed her hands to the sides of her head as she tried to think.

"Oh. Harry would you just SHUT UP!!!" She yelled. To Mira's surprise it suddenly got quite. She look over at Harry on the couch, to see her little brother just sitting their quietly. His face wet with the remnants of his tears. He starred at his sister with his large eyes. 'I can't believe that actually worked.' Mira thought.

She cautiously walked over to Harry and pulled herself onto the couch. Moving close to his carrier, Mira looked at her brother the same way she did in the hospital. "It's going to suck having you around." She said. And with those words, Harry once again began to cry.

"Oh. Mama, please come back." Mira whined.