In a world full of Super Heroes, you are only as good as your power.

You have a shitty power, you have a shitty life. That is the unwritten law. For those of us with powers that mean nothing, with powers that are as useless as they are lame, life is shitty.

I sometimes wonder whether it would be better if I had no powers at all.

No such luck, I'm afraid.

I am not trying to say God has dealt me a crap hand. There are people worse off. I'm not a pessimist.

I'm a realist.

If I continue to be at this sub par level, my life will suck.

But Jesus tit-fucking Christ, why a guinea pig?

I couldn't change into anything worthwhile? Nothing other than a pathetic rodent?

Maybe that is what we all are on the inside. Rodents. Shrews ready to be exterminated with poison.

We are all here so that we can die. That is what we do. We are born, and we die.

What goes on in between isn't so important.

What goes on in between is only the introduction, leading up to the finally.

Why do you think people say all the important crap on their death bed? Because they are trying to make the most of their meaning. They are trying to exploit the meaning of life.

People say, 'Life is short.'


Life is the longest damn thing anyone ever does. It is brutally long. It is suffocatingly long. It is so long that people even decide to cut it short.

Not me though.

I want to live.

But not just so I can die.

I want to be a hero.

But Boomer, God and everyone else expects me to be nothing but a shrew.

Just drabble in Magenta's point of view. Love it? Hate it? R and R.