Title: Little Girl Lost

Author: Ebony-Jayne

Notes: A huge surprise awaits one of the squints at the Jeffersonian one cold winters morning…

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters or the show or the storylines on the show. I do however own the characters that I make up so please don't steal them. Any resemblance to anyone or anyplace is a coincidence.


Chapter One: Surprise

Temperance Brennan stepped out of her warm car and into the frosty early morning air in the parking lot of the Jeffersonian Institute. She locked the doors and as she turned to head inside a noise made her stop in her tracks. She could hear a child crying. Suddenly on high alert she pulled her gun out of her bag and headed off to find the noise. She remembered that a series of women had gone missing a few years back, lured into a trap by a recording of a child crying. She crept toward the sound of the crying which seemed to be coming from near the buildings entrance. As she came closer she breathed out and put the gun away. There was a little girl standing a several feet left of the entrance doors to the medico-legal lab.

"Hey," Temperance called out awkwardly. Why couldn't Booth be here now? He was the one good at kids not her! The little girl backed away and cried louder. Slowly edging closer, Temperance wasn't sure what to do. "Uh it's ok…sweetie," she always felt reassured when her best friend and colleague Angela Montenegro called her 'sweetie' so she hoped the little girl would too. "Uh My name is Dr Temperance Brennan. I work here. I'm a forensic anthropologist," she told the little girl. The little girls sobs were getting quieter and slower now.

"What's that?" the little girl asked with a hiccough that made her whole body jump which Temperance actually found kind of cute.

"A forensic anthropologist is someone who studies bones and solves crimes," Temperance explained.

"Like on the CSI mommy likes?" the little girl took a few steps toward Temperance, her curiosity piqued.

"Yeah. But with bones not bodies," Temperance tried to smile reassuringly but she knew it was coming off as awkward. "Where is your mommy?" she asked.

"She went away. We went for a ride in the car in the dark and then we came here and then she went away," the little girl began to cry again. She hurled herself at Temperance and wrapped her little arms around her left leg. Temperance started to feel panicky. She had no idea what the hell she was doing! She'd never looked after a kid in her life. Deciding to act like the rational scientist she prided herself on being, Temperance looked around for any way to identify the child. She noticed two suitcases and a backpack sitting beside where the little girl had been standing and wondered what kind of mother left her little girl out in the freezing cold in the middle of the night. God knew who could have grabbed her if Temperance hadn't found her first.

"Uh it's ok…How about we go inside where it's warm?" Temperance asked. Soft curls wound themselves around her fingers when she hesitantly rested her hand on the child's head.

"Ok," the little girl let go of Temperance's leg and picked up her backpack and a stuffed dog that Temperance hadn't noticed before. She stood looking at Temperance expectantly. Temperance picked up the two suitcases and took the little girl inside.


"Is that ok?" Temperance asked as she watched the girl eat the muesli bar she had found for her.

"Yummy," she replied.

"What's your name?" Temperance asked.

"Addison," came the reply.

"Addison. Do you know why your mommy left you here?" Temperance asked. The little girl didn't reply.

"Morning sweetie!" Angela's voice drifted into Temperance's office. "What did you get up to in the weekend…Whoa," Angela went silent as she spotted Addison who promptly lunged at Temperance and started to cry again.

"Shhhhh," Temperance soothed, looking desperately at Angela for help.

"Bren, what's going on?" Angela asked sitting on the couch near Temperance and the little girl.

"I found her Ange, out in the parking lot. She said her mother left her there in the dark," Temperance explained.

"Oh my god. How awful," Angela said softly. "Hi Sweetie, I'm Angela," she said to the little girl. Addison lifted her head from Brennan's shoulder and looked at Angela before hiding her face again. "I wonder why she left her here," Angela said to Brennan.

"Yeah I've been wondering that myself," Temperance replied. Special Agent Seeley Booth chose that moment to stride in with Jack Hodgins and Zach Addy in tow.

"We got a case Bones!" he said loudly, not noticing what Brennan was holding.

"Why do I have to be here for this?" Hodgins asked grumpily. Addison suddenly started letting out terrified shrieks from Brennan's arms.

"Whoa," Booth looked at Brennan questioningly.

"I found her Booth. Outside of the lab. Her name's Addison," Brennan replied over Addison's screaming. She tried awkwardly to soothe her to no avail. She was starting to feel panicky again. She was waaaay out of her depth here.

"Is this your dog Addison?" Zach asked, picking the toy up off the floor. Addison stopped screaming immediately and looked at Zach. She nodded. "What is his name?" he asked her.

"Gordon," Addison whispered, sniffling.

"Gordon," Zach echoed holding the dog out to the little girl. She took it gently and hugged it to her chest, sliding her thumb into her mouth and snuggling closer to Temperance. Zach smiled at her and she smiled back around her thumb.

"Nice one Zach," Booth said approvingly.

"How come you are a human when you're talking to a kid but you turn into a robot when talking to adults?" Hodgins asked.

"Kids are easy. They don't judge," Zach said stiffly.

"Aww look She's sleeping," Angela pointed out.

"Well she must be exhausted," Booth replied. "Has anyone checked her bags for anything to ID her or explain why her mother left her here?" he asked.

"No not yet," Temperance told him. Booth picked up the little pink backpack first. He dug through a few things and then put it down.

"Just a few toys, some coloring books, crayons and paper," he stated. He opened the smaller of the two suitcases first and pulled out a letter that was sitting on top. He turned and held it out to Hodgins. "It's got your name on it," he stated.

"Mine?" Hodgins asked. He slowly opened the letter in his hands. He read through it silently and then read through it again. He looked up at them, shock written all over his face.

"What?" Angela asked. "What does it say Jack?" Hodgins was silent for a moment.

"It says…," he looked down at the letter and then back up again. "It says that kid is mine."


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