Title: Little Girl Lost

Author: Ebony-Jayne

Notes: And the father is… I'm taking creative license with the time it takes for DNA to come back. If it takes a few hours on the show it can in my story! And I don't share the character Vicky's view on suicide just to be clear.

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters or the show or the story lines on the show. I do however own the characters that I make up so please don't steal them. Any resemblance to anyone or anyplace is a coincidence.


Chapter Four: The Test

The DNA had been sent to a lab that specialized in paternity suits so the results would be back in 48 hours. Child Services had agreed to let Brennan Take care of Addie for the time being seeing as she was registered as a foster parent. So Hodgins had said goodbye to her and headed home. He wasn't going to sleep for the next two days. He knew that for a fact. As he lay in bed he again wondered why Vicky had done this. What had possessed the woman to abandon her daughter? He knew something would have to be seriously wrong for her to do something like this. She just wasn't the type to abandon her child and kill herself for no reason… She was vivacious, beautiful and loved life. She had even told Hodgins once that she thought killing yourself to be the ultimate in selfishness. What had changed? As he pondered this his mind wandered back in time to those precious few weeks he had spent with Vicky in LA…


The music was loud, the booze was cheap and everyone was having a great time. Jack had gone outside to grab a few breaths of fresh air when he saw her, long blonde hair, high cheekbones, big green eyes. He had seen her earlier on the dance floor and had been taken aback at how beautiful she was. She looked to be having the time of her life, dancing with the guys who had flocked to her, drawn in no doubt by her beauty. She had been happy to dance with them but had deflected all of their advances for anything more than that. Now here she was smiling at him and walking towards him. His palms began to sweat and his breathing sped up as she got closer.

"Hi," she greeted a little nervously.

"Uh..hi," Jack replied awkwardly.

"I'm Vicky," she held out her hand.

"Jack," he replied, taking her hand in his.

"Oh God I swear this never used to be as weird and awkward when I was younger," Vicky laughed.

"Huh that's funny because I remember it being just this weird and awkward," Jack told her. She laughed and it was a vibrant, contagious sound and Jack found himself laughing too. "Wanna go dance?" he asked, unsure of where this new courage was coming from.

"I'd love to," Vicky replied.


They had spent almost an hour dancing together, drinking together and having a blast that night. Then Jack had walked Vicky home. At her front door he had leaned in, meaning to kiss her cheek, but she saw him coming and turned her head so that his lips met hers. After a few seconds they broke apart. She smiled.

"Night Jack," she said wickedly.

"Uh…um…goodnight Vicky," Jack replied.

They had gone out three more times that week and things had gotten physical on the third time. For three weeks they had lived and breathed each other. Then Jack had to go back to DC. It had been so hard to say goodbye. They were both left broken hearted and they had exchanged email addresses and promised that their relationship could work long distance. After six months however they had realized that it wasn't going to work. They had emailed as friends for a while but after eighteen months they had just drifted out of contact. Jack had often thought of her and although he had had girlfriends since, none of them really compared to Vicky…


Jack paced and ran his hands through his hair. Any time now. Any time now he would find out for sure if Addison was his child. He had no idea how he felt about the situation. On the one hand he wanted her to be his but on the other hand the entire idea freaked the living hell out of him. How in the hell could he raise a child on his own?! It scared him just to think about it. He suddenly envisioned himself trying to give her the birds and bees talk. What would he do when she bought home her first boyfriend? He shook his head and made a conscious decision to cross those bridges if or when he came to them. He heard his name being called and then Brennan was walking toward him, Addie holding tightly to one hand, a manila envelope in the other.

"Ohhh God," he whispered to himself…


He stared at the results in front of him, breathing heavily.

"Hodgins?" Brennan asked gently. She got no response. She reached over and touched his shoulder and he looked up at her. "Well?" she asked.

"She…She…Addison…She…She's…I have a child…"


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