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"Ayame, why are you here?" Tohru's voice quivered, trying and failing to hide the hurt in her voice from me.

I know, it is my fault that she was attacked. She nearly died, either from her wounds or a broken heart. I gave her the heartache. I turned her away, though I feel the same. "I'm here to see you. Please allow me to apologize." I bowed as is common to her own nature. I truly am sorry for doing this to her. I love her very deeply, but it was for her protection, even if it tore me up inside.

"Ayame... why?" she didn't even try to hide her pain. "I can't do it. I can't pretend like it never happened! I can't!" she ran off, and I pursued chase. I'm not letting her go again! I had to follow her a good distance before she collapsed. She lay panting on the ground. I continued running until I was right next to her. I wrapped my arms loosely around her, so I wouldn't transform. She tried to struggle, but I kept holding her. After just a minute or two, she stopped struggling. "Why?" she cried, "why are you doing this to me? You were the one who rejected me! Rejected..." she fainted from exhaustion, and I held her as close to me as I could without transforming.

I carried her back the way we came to my car. Gently placing her in the back seat, I got in and drove off. I was going to take her to my house, though she's never been. It is the only place we can be alone.

---------- ---------

Tohru woke up at around seven o' clock that night, and... upon seeing me, started to cry again. She cried herself to sleep again. I stayed by the bed, holding her hand.

I must have fallen asleep, because I woke up to her blue eyes staring at me, eyes all swollen. I immediately sat up, but I kept hold of her hand. I followed her gaze to our hands, but started to stare again at her eyes. "Why... why did you do this. You have no reason to try and and pretend to like me... to care about me..." I watched a lonely tear fall down her cheek.

She sat up, turning away from me. I sidled onto the bed, next to her, taking both of her hands in mine. Though her eyes were hidden by shadow, I could see that she was watching me. Her eyes followed mine so gently, but never strayed. I followed them for just a moment before tilting her head up.

I brushed away her tears before resting my lips upon a new tear still trying to escape. I kissed it away, and held her to me. I transformed, but she held me in her lap. At first we said nothing, but I broke the silence. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to turn you away to hurt you. I wanted to protect you. You see," I looked down "I've loved you the entire time. I... I even told Akito." I heard her gasp, and saw her shadow shift. She had lowered her eyes to look down at mine.

There was an understanding in her eyes, but a painful fear as well. "But... did Akito have to know? You wouldn't have been hurt by Akito. He wouldn't have sent Mine away, with out her memory." I stared at her, but she continued. "I do love you, but I don't want you to feel as if this is a forced love. To make up for Akito's beating me. But, you don't have to do this, Akito is... not going to change because you disobey him. Why do you pretend like that is why you said that to Akito? Did you really mean it? Or are you also plotting to use me to rid the Sohma family of the curse, too?"

Bitterness plagued her last words. "You're wrong!" I hadn't meant to yell like I did, but I can't let her think that! "It's not that. I meant what I said to Akito. I really love you, and I want to protect you. Even if Akito will punish me a million times over, I would keep proclaiming it to him, and I swear to protect you. Just please give me a chance, to prove my love, in the strongest way I can."

We didn't say anything for awhile. I even transformed back to my human form. She merely turned her head as I got under the sheets.

I was about to take her hand again when she took mine. She held it to her face, and made it slide down to her neck. "Then show me. Show me the extent of your love."

"That is impossible," I said, turning away, "I can not show the extent if there is no end." I turned back to her and leaned forward, holding her loosely, finding her lips with my own. I kissed her, gently, at first, but soon trying to show her my passion. She let me gain entrance to her mouth. I led our tongues in a dance. She accepted it all. I ended the kiss, and slowly slid my hand to her back. Gently I pushed her down, placing her under the covers with me. I did not care that she could see my body. I would make love to her, show her that she can be loved. I do not do it merely for pleasure, only true love. I had been in love before, but never so deeply.

She accepted it all, let me remove her shirt, kissing her neck. I removed her other clothing before actually starting anything. I merely kissed her over and over, not feeling the body I would soon get to know. "Ayame, wait. Won't you transform?"

"No, don't worry. When a Sohma is truly in love with one with mutual feelings,the curse overlooks them, acknowledging that they are accepted, free."

"So, I can hug you now, and will feel you holding me back?" Up until now our bodies still had yet to touch, as I stayed supported by my knees and hands. "Yes." With that final little word she wrapped her arms around me, causing me to fall on her. She didn't mind, instead welcomed my weight and the feel of our bodies touching completely. Though she is a child, her body is fully matured, and much smaller than my own. I wrapped my arms around her waist and kissed her again. We held each other for the longest time, though I had transferred my weight to lie by her side.

We never released, though both of us were still a little embarrassed for our nudity. We kept the blankets pulled up over Tohru's chest, though I could still feel it beneath the blanket. She sighed. "Is this all you want to do? To show your love?"

"Doesn't the fact that we can hold each other prove it enough so that I don't need to claim you as my own as proof?"

She crawled over to where she supported herself above me, the blanket falling to her waist. "Do you not wish to claim me?" she seemed hurt, but also seemed to be teasing me. That is my job!

"Would you rather I claim you now or later, if you would be so kind as to accept my ring?" I took a diamond ring off my pinky, one she hadn't noticed, and slid it on her ring finger. She blushed, but leaned back down, settling her head into my stomach, her legs wrapped around one of mine.


---------- ------------

We married soon after, though we had just a small wedding. Akito remained clueless as to what we did. Or so we thought. Only close family were invited, besides Tohru's two closest friends, and someone brought wine. It tasted fine to me, and Tohru liked it as well. The other Sohma's felt completely normal, as had I, though Tohru's friends did not have any and nor did Kazuma, but Tohru grew weaker as the night progressed. It wasn't until she collapsed while dancing that we heard that laugh.

Akito. He was here! The dirty bastard. He had known all along about our wedding, and had brought a drugged wine that did not affect members of the Zodiac. "How dare you defy me?" he asked. "I shall make you pay. Tohru will suffer the same fate as I, and when I die, so shall she!" He left, laughing, though none chased after him for an antidote. Hatori examined the wine in a lab, finding the same drug that made Akito the false Kami-sama of the Sohma family. Tohru would die at the next New Years Party, and there was nothing we could do.

----------- --------------

There is one thing, that I did not think of at the time. We still may have a way to save my beloved, but we have to act fast. I have to impregnate Tohru with the new snake, as I am no longer part of the zodiac. If she becomes the mother of a zodiac, she will live, and Akito's curse shall go unfulfilled.

The problem lies in the fact that there is only seven and a half months until New Years. The new snake may not decide to be Tohru's and my child. Tohru was estatic to learn there was still a chance, but should any other Sohma become become pregnant with a child now, there will less likely be a chance. We talked to all Sohma's, asking for them to hold off on their child-making, an embarrassing topic but nesacary. They, thankfully, agreed.

------------ --------------

While the others in the zodiac were busy telling others of our emergency, Tohru and I were busy ourselves. We had been in almost non stop love-making, resting for an hour before continuing or having Hatori check to see if it worked. It took three tries before it did, but we enjoyed our failures thouroughly.

------ ------

Five months passed without incident. Tohru was growing huge quickly, and seemed to positively glow.

We were beginning to think that she really did carry the new snake, but Hatori gave us news that can not be deciphered as good or bad. Tohru has twins. It would seem that twins would give us twice the chance for the snake, but it has its downfall as well. The snake will be born two months before the other, and the other may come with it. It may even die. I must call my children both an 'it' however, because Tohru carries a boy and a girl.

The stress is really piling on Tohru, who is forbidden to leave my sight. Akito knows she is pregnant and has been trying to kill the children. "Ayame..." she panted, after an unusually painful morning sickness, "something's wrong. They had been kicking for awhile, but they stopped!"

I quickly called Hatori, warning him of Tohru, and he promised to get there within ten minutes or so. We waited, and he arrived, carrying a stuffed medical bag. I lay Tohru down on a quilt on the floor, and Hatori checked her over. He went out and brought a small machine out of his car. He set it up as he explained. "This is an x-ray machine, and it hooks up to a normal television. It will show us what the children are doing right now. Tohru, you may want to cover your eyes at first, so I can make sure everything is fine." she nodded, and I covered her eyes with a blindfold.

Hatori set it up, and I stroked Tohru's stomach, willing to feel a kick, a sign that our children are all right. I watched as Hatori put the actual images on the TV, and we couldn't believe what we saw. We could see my children, but something was wrong. When we told Tohru nothing she forced the blindfold off and looked at the screen. She gasped and cried out.

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