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There. On the screen, were my son and daughter. Or, more precisely, my son and daughter the snake. Their tiny bodies had formed enough so that she would transform, despite such an early stage in development. Even while we watched, she slowly returned her form as an infant, and soon we saw them both kicking at their mother's stomach again.

Hatori sighed. "At least it is certain now that Tohru carries the snake. Your daughter will be born in two months, along with your son."

"But isn't that going to be too early for him?Two months premature..." Tohru looked worried.

"Yes and no. His body is forming at the same rate as his sister, so there will be little problems of his being underdeveloped. The main problem will be finding out why he does so. He may yet have something to do with the snake after all. Or maybe even something different. All we know is that in two months, they shall both be born." Not another word was spoken as Hatori gathered his things, and left.

After awhile Tohru ventured to say a couple of words. "What will we name them?"

Such a light subject, and still a heavy one at the same time. The name we pick may be the name put on our son's head stone when he is born.

In silence, we considered our options.

- - - - - - - - - -

"Jeez, Tohru, you've gotten huge!" Arisa joked lightly when she saw her best friend for the first time in a couple of months. "How much longer until they come out?"

"A couple of days. A week, maybe at most."

The past two months went by in a blur, so much that we had scarecly any time to see our friends and family with the exception of Hatori and Shigure. The younger men of the family were always busy keeping Akito occupied and away from our children.

Arisa sighed and stretched out on the couch. "You know, Hana wanted to come too, but her little brother is sick. He's tried to curse Akito too many times. Hana's trying to help keep him from doing anymore, for the moment."

Tohru giggled. "He needn't do that. It won't matter much longer. Once these children are born Akito can no longer have the hope of killing me."

A slight tremble went through her body as she spoke, alerting Arisa and myself into instant alarm.

"Tohru..." I whispered, smoothing her hair, "are you all right?"

She nodded, but held her stomach. "Y-yes, I'm fine, it was jus-" she stopped as she winced again, and gasped. "my water broke!"

What happened next seemed to be as much a blur as everything else that had happened throughout the pregnancy. Within a couple of minutes I was carrying the sweating Tohru to Hatori, who immediately got right to work at bossing us around, preparing for the delivery.

Two hours of pushing and harsh breathing on Tohru's side produced the birth of our daughter, whom upon landing in Hatori's arms was passed to me to wrap in a soft cloth. The few whisps of hair on her head were a bright color, and when she was fully embraced in my arms she transformed into a tine silver snake. It seems the curse had truly and completely left me and entered the child. It saddened me, as well as lit a fire of rejoice inside me, for it meant I would now and always be able to hold Tohru in my arms. That such suffering would now be inflicted on my daughter, part of me would forever regret such actions.

Tohru continued through the struggle of bringing into this world our son, who seemed to have some complications, as was predicted. With calm motions, Hatori worked to bring him out, but to our dismay, it was not his head that poked out first. More quickly now, Hatori turned it into a semi operation and gave an emergency C-section (no idea how to spell the actual term) and our son was finally allowed into the world. Fifteen minutes had passed between the births of the two, and still all could not be right. Hatori was breathing into my son, who had come out suffocating.

Such trama had never been encountered before, but luck was on our side. As Tohru slowly opened her eyes again, so did our son first breathe.

"M-my babies..." she breathed, regaining her own air, "how are my babies?"

My son was placed in my arms as well, and I too them over to her. "Our children are just fine. And I think our son has just given himself a name."

She smiled, lightly. "And what name is that?"

"Kichiro. For he is a lucky child indeed."

A smile graced her lips. "Then our daughter shall be Katsuya. A victory with her birth."

I nodded, and held the lot of them to me. Arisa, who had helped with the delivery, stood back with Hatori and merely watched.

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