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"Yes, Zaku?"

"Why do you wear bandages?"

"Because I like too."

"Aw, c'mon, that's not good enough."

Dosu snapped his head at Zaku's direction.

"Excuse me, Zaku?"

"U-uh, I meant, there has to be another reason."

"There isn't."

"Dosuuuuuuuuuuuuu. Don't lie."

"I wear bandages because no one else can see what I look like apart from myself. In this world, people can read you. Your emotions, chakra, background, family, everything. These bandages show them that I don't want their eyes to pry."

Zaku was shocked. Not only did Dosu fully explain why he wore bandages, but it was probably the longest sentence that had ever come out of the boy's mouth.

"Ah. I see."

"Are you happy?"

"Yes, thank you."



'God, this is boring. Why doesn't Dosu talk to me? I am on his team after all. Maybe he isn't the chatty type?' Zaku was carried away by his own thoughts for a while until Dosu asked

"Have you ever kissed anyone, Zaku?"

Shock. "Yes, I have. Why?"

"Who was it?"

"A girl a few years ago and Kin, which was an accident."

"I see."

"Have you?"

Dosu pulled a disgusted face, Zaku could easily see it.

"No, it's disgusting."

"Would you ever kiss me?"

Dosu looked at Zaku. "Hmmm, no."

"Why not?"

"... You are my friend?"

"But if you had no choice?"

Dosu sighed. "Probably."
Zaku was thoughtful for a few minutes.

"Can you kiss me now?"

Dosu leaned in and pressed his bandage covered lips against Zaku's. Although it wasn't a real kiss, it still had Zaku's blood gushing to his groin.

"Happy now?!"


"... Why not? I just kissed you!"

"Yeah, but you have bandages on!"

Dosu tensed. "Zaku... I take my bandages off for no one."

"Yes, well. Please?"

"Zaku please. Don't push it."



Zaku's movements were swift. He grabbed the lower part of Dosu's bandages and yanked them off. He didn't pull them all off because if he did Dosu would beat him up worse than if he left half on. Still, you could only see Dosu's chin and lips. Dosu had thin lips, pinkish coloured and had extremely pale skin. Hmmm.

"Zaku.. you fucking little -"

Zaku slammed his mouth against Dosu's, savoring the contact. Dosu gasped in suprise, causing his mouth to part and Zaku's tongue to invade his mouth.

Dosu tasted like honey and sweets, which was unusual, as Dosu never ate sweets. He rubbed his tongue along Dosu's loving every minute of being the seme in this little relationship.

Dpsu relaxed slightly, letting himself be dominated for the first time in his life, and leaned into Zaku's iron grip. Zaku pulled back. "Uwah, Dosu. Thanks."


"You are thin. Do you hide behind your clothes?"

Dosu grunted and wrapped his tattered bandages up.

"Ask for one thing at a time, Zaku."