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It was over almost as soon as it began. Around me everyone lay unmoving. To my relief, none were dead, merely injured. I don't know what it was exactly that hit us, it looked like a beam of light, in a bright green color.

Slowly, I managed to stand up. My breathing had returned, and the light had missed me, mostly. My leg burned in pain, but I tried to ignore it, and instead faced who I now knew to be Deep Blue in disguise.

He glared, mockingly, at me. "One... kitten... left."

Achingly, I took a step back. There was nothing I could do to save myself, the girls, or Ryou...

Wait. Ryou? Where is he?!

To my relief and horror, I saw him, standing behind Deep Blue, glaring daggers at him. My opponent followed my gaze and turned his head in time to find his cheek connect with Ryou's fist. Followed by his foot. And the other foot went to his throat as he fell over.

My jaw just dropped. Ryou had beat the crap out of Deep blue like it was nothing.

Staggering, the Masaya impersonator stood up, and failed to stay upright. He mumbled something unintelligible, and soon we were watching as he fazed out of sight.

Ryou walked over to me. "Are you all right?"

I nodded. "Better than the girls at least. Come on, we need to get them inside, and I'll be heading over to the zoo. We don't have much time,"

Despite the pain in my injured leg, I managed to get lettuce and Pudding into the cafe, while Ryou took care o the other three. Soon I was on my way to the other cause of distress, knowing it to likely be an unwinnable battle.

* * * * *

It was close to midnight when I managed to get back to the cafe. The zoo had been abandoned by the aliens, but they'd left their kirema anima for me to clean up. It was exhausting, tricky, and time consuming work. All of the zoo's animals it seemed had been changed, the outdoor ones, at least.

Ryou was waiting for me when I limped through the door. As soon as I was over the threshold my leg collapsed beneath me, leaving a worried Ryou to catch me.

Without a word, he caught me, and carried me up to his bedroom. As gently as he could, he laid me on the bed and gathered up a washcloth and a few bandages. I was almost unable to feel his hands moving across my skin as he cleaned the wounds, and soothed the aching muscles of my legs.

"The others are all right," he murmured, after awhile. "They've been taken home. The flash of light seemed to stun them the most, and burned their skin a bit. Lettuce got the worst of it, and has been ordered to stay home until she's completely healed. She can't become a mew until then. I also called your parents a few hours ago. I told them that we were having a longer memorial party than usual. They said it's all right. They are actually going to be going to Kyoto for the week, a spontaneous trip of some sort, so they've given you permission to stay here." He stopped rubbing my leg, and looked at me. "I'm sorry."

I shook my head, eyes closed. "It's not your fault. Nothing that happened can be blamed on any of us, least of all you."

A soft knock sounded on the door. Keiichiro entered. The two men spoke for a moment, in low voices. Through my tired haze I was unable to tell much of what they said. It seemed to be about me, though.

I was almost asleep when the door shut again, announcing the departure of Keiichiro. Ryou came back to the bed and stretched out beside me.

He sighed. "This is a mess, Ichigo."

"How so now?" my voice was slurred.

"Nothing new... yet. It's just everything. Masaya, I mean Deep Blue is back, Kish is going to need our help sooner or later, so he'll be back soon. Lettuce is unable to fight, and the rest of you girls can barely stand yourselves. Especially you, with your leg."

Weakly I lifted my hand and shook it, as if dismissing the notion. "I'll be fine. Just need some sleep..."

Another sigh. "-And some time. But we'll worry about that in the morning."

"Good night, Ryou." I mumbled, already dozing off.

I felt a slight warmth on my face, and realized he'd caressed my cheek in response.

* * * * *

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