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Chapter 1 – Ring, Ring...

The Doctor was breathing as shallowly as he could.

He could hear not the tiniest of footsteps or rustling of clothes from where he stood pressed against the wall in an attempt to stay out of sight, clutching a sleek black gun in both hands making him not dissimilar to James Bond in bodily appearance. The corridor seemed empty, but you could never be too overconfident. He held his breath for a few seconds, daring to reach out a converse clad foot to the two-way junction in the corridor.

Thankfully his shoe made no sound as it hit the hard metal flooring, so he dared to take another tentative step forward – at all times making sure he wasn't being followed. Still pressed against the wall, he reached the junction and dared to poke half his head around the corner, his gun handle sweaty in his palm.

Clear. Or maybe his enemy was giving him some false confidence to work with and trip up on? He had to be careful.

He checked all routes again, just to be certain that there was no one lurking in the shadows. Satisfied, he slipped out into the corridor still shuffling like a ninja, pressed to the wall with his gun held confidently.

He was so nearly there – just a few more steps and he would be at the base. He was moving again – slowly but purposefully. But then he caught something in the corner of his peripheral vision – a flash of a moving figure? He immediately whirled around to his left, gun held up as he squeezed the trigger only once, his target running towards him like a speeding train.

He hit Rory Alexis Sigma-Tyler square in the chest with a deadly aim, whooping with joy as his toy gun blipped into life with an electronic ray gun sound. His son cried out in a laugh, falling to the TARDIS floor.

"Gotcha!" the Doctor yelled, dropping the toy gun and rushing to the boy squirming on the floor, still laughing with his own gun clutched in his palm. As the Doctor neared, Rory suddenly straightened up into sitting position, holding his gun up to his dad.

"Body armour!" he claimed, before he fired, the electronic toy gun immediately surging into life.

"Agh! You got me!" the Doctor declared, clutching at his chest and staggering backwards. "How…could I have…been fooled…by a boy?" he wheezed out, falling lightly to the TARDIS corridor grating with a huge grin in place.

"'Cause my daddy's the Doctor and WE ROCK!" Rory yelled, rushing over to his father and poking him gently in the ribs. "Man down! Man down! Get up, soldier!"

"I'm sorry sir…" The Doctor eased open his eyes, looking up at the child standing above him. "Can't…go…on…"

Rose Tyler casually wandered by, smiling at the death scene taking place infront of her as she made her way to bed.

"Only…the kiss…of Rose Tyler…can save me…"

Rose rolled her eyes dramatically with a smile, turning swiftly on her heel to go back to the Doctor on the corridor floor. He grinned childishly up at her, anticipating her kiss as she slowly leant down…before it was quickly wiped off his face as she kicked him sharply in his side.

He yelped in surprise. "Maybe you misheard me," he said, feigning sincerity, "I said kiss, not kick…"

Rose kicked him again.

"I should just shut up shouldn't I?"

She openly laughed, nodding in answer to him as she offered a hand up. He didn't take it, knowing she shouldn't be straining herself in her current state. Instead, he used his son to get to his feet, before swiftly disarming him much to Rory's dismay.

"You comin' to bed tonight?" Rose asked hopefully, unintentionally putting a hand on her swollen womb where the baby Time Lord girl was growing and rubbing it soothingly. The Doctor hesitated for a moment – he didn't feel tired. He was never tired, not anymore. He'd spent most of the past month and a bit tweaking the TARDIS during the night, only really sometimes going to bed to keep Rose company.

But how could he deny that face?

"All right," he finally answered, Rose looking more than delighted. "Lemme just put the sergeant to bed first."

"Captain!" Rory insisted suddenly as the Doctor grabbed him playfully around his waist and lifted him squirming off of the ground.

"Ay, ay, cap'n," the Doctor said as Rose kissed Rory motherly on the cheek. "Say night-night to mummy."

"Night-night mummy," Rory repeated obediently, still squirming.

The Doctor held him tight. "It's way, way, waaaaaaay past your bedtime."

"Don't be stoopid daddy! Captains don't go to bed!"

"They do when they still refuse to eat broccoli," the Doctor countered, hoisting the boy up onto his shoulder and marching off down the corridor with him still kicking and waving his arms frantically.

The Doctor finally dropped him onto the single bed in his room, helping him get changed into pyjamas.

"Mouth open," the Doctor commanded and Rory obliged, dropping his jaw to as wide as he could and sticking out his tongue. The Doctor ran a finger over his teeth, grunting approval. "Wow, perfect set of chompers here." He withdrew his finger, though Rory didn't close his jaw.

The Doctor reached out his hand again and pushed Rory's jaw together, before it just fell as soon as he took away the support. Rory giggled at him, reaching up and pressing on his dad's nose twice.

"Beep, beep," the Doctor said, before straightening up and ruffling his son's wild practically golden hair, matching his shining golden eyes of the Time Vortex that shone that way only when Rory was inside the TARDIS. "Go brush your teeth, and when I get back I wanna see you in that bed fast asleep!"

He nodded, not even closing his mouth as he ran with arms flailing into the bathroom.

The Doctor slipped back out of the room and back to his and Rose's bedroom, hands in pockets. When he arrived Rose was just stepping out the bathroom in maternity pyjamas, smiling at the sight of him.

"He asleep?"

"Will be in a minute," the Doctor replied, searching for some fresh pyjamas in the bottom drawer. "You alright?"

"Yeah, fine." She climbed under the familiar snug double duvet, holding her womb at all times. She was around four months along now, although it had only been two months since they'd left the Powell Estate, due to accelerated growth rates again. They were supposed to be going back to Earth soon for their wedding – the last two months they'd spent like they always had, out among the stars.

Her baby girl had been threatened seven times, Rory had been held at gunpoint nine times, her baby girl had saved her life three times and the Doctor had talked their way out of fifteen messy possible deaths – but she had loved every second of it. They were like they had always been, a family fighting for Universal justice.

She was glad they had hardly changed from how they used to be. She'd feared that once Rory had been born and they were both finally settled back into the TARDIS together at one hundred percent health (which hadn't been for quite a while…) then they would become appallingly domestic and even the idea of time travel would be preposterous.

But here they were still fighting the fight, risking their lives day after day and frankly, it was their version of a job – except you didn't get paid and you didn't have to worry about impressing your boss enough to get a promotion and become store manager.

"If you're sure." The Doctor disappeared into the en-suite bathroom on the bedroom. "Anyway, it'll soon all be over. Then we don't have to have anymore. I think you're mother's gonna make sure of that…"


"She was talking about efficiency of Vasectomies when she phoned earlier…"

Rose let out a snort of laughter. "At least she wasn't talkin' about a Hysterectomy. That would just be wrong."

"Ayee or oo," he replied, toothbrush whizzing around his mouth.

"What?" Rose asked, turning over so she was facing the open bathroom doorway.

The Doctor suddenly appeared again, now dressed in pyjama trousers with his chest left bare.

"I said, 'maybe for you'," he repeated. "I mean, me, the last Time Lord in the Universe…seedless? That's surely unethical." Rose snorted with laughter.

"Are we goin' back tomorrow?" she asked gently as he started towards to door again.

He nodded, though didn't stop walking. "I think your mother's gonna blow a fuse if we don't go back soon," he was almost at screaming point now, long since out of the room. "She's having her own kittens over your baby, I swear!" he yelled from halfway down the corridor. "Two seconds!" He glanced toward his destination – Rory's room. The light was still on. "I'm coming!" he called out in a singsong voice, stopping to a halt outside the bedroom door.

Immediately there was the sound of footsteps on carpet rushing across the room, and then squeaking as Rory hit the bedsprings and climbed under the duvet. The Doctor rolled his eyes, pushing down on the door handle and entering the room.

He crossed the floor to the bed in which Rory had his eyes tightly shut, curled up into a ball under the covers. The Doctor smiled as he sat on the bed beside him, brushing back his hair fondly. He planted a kiss on the boy's head; taking in the moment before he got to his feet and silently tucked him in.

The TARDIS dimmed the lights as the Doctor shut the door quietly behind him, crossing the corridor back into his and Rose's room.

He checked her over with his doctor's eyes, sitting up waiting for him in the bed. He shot her a smile as he climbed under the cover next to her, sliding his left arm under her neck whilst the other cupped her cheek and turned her head to him with his facial features set in concern.

"You sure you're alright?"

She smiled back reassuringly. "Nothin' a foot massage and a weddin' couldn't cure."

"Well then, the Doctor just cured you," he said with a grin, lowering her gently down onto the soft pillows. "But you're tired. Get some sleep."

"Doctor's orders, eh?"

"Doctor's screams of outrage if you don't close your eyes," he said, lifting two fingers and tracing them down over her eyelids to close them as the TARDIS automatically dimmed the lights around them. "Need all the energy you've got to confront your mother tomorrow. She hasn't phone for ten whole hours – I think she's died."

Rose snorted in laughter, helplessly seduced by feeling of his thumb tracing her cheekbones – finally able to switch off into a peaceful sleep.

As soon as she dropped off, the Doctor allowed himself to relax into the double bed, closing his eyes as he finished temporarily turn off his brain as per usual when he slept with Rose now. He slept.

Ring, ring.

No. He was imagining it, surely?

Ring, ring.

No, it wasn't real. It couldn't be real. He was in a dream. He had to be.

Rose begged to differ, though.

"Wassat?" she slurred, turning over and taking his arm to put it over her ear to try and block the shrill sound of the constant high pitched ringing of the TARDIS phone.

Ring, ring.

"By Rassilon, that's just bad luck…" he murmured back, pressing his arm against her ear obediently. "Go back to sleep. It'll stop soon."

Ring, ring.

Ring, ring.

Ring, ring.

Ring, ring.

Ring, ring.

"Did you put the answer phone on?" Rose asked, already knowing the answer.

"Oh fiddlesticks." He groaned out loud, turning up to face the ceiling. "Hello?"

"Doctor!" Jackie's high spirited voice immediately rang through the room, severely unwanted. "I was just thinking whe-"

"You just called the TARDIS. I'm afraid the Doctor and Rose are not in at the moment. We do not wish you to leave a message either, so just bugger off."

The TARDIS' dead tone followed.

"Go back to sleep Rose," the Doctor commanded, ignoring her stare. "Sleep. Suh-leeep!"

"You're unbelievable," Rose muttered back, closing her eyes for the second time that night. Twenty seconds passed, and their immense relief the TARDIS was not dialled again.

They started to sleep…

"Daddy…mummy…!" a sudden whine of a voice came from outside the doorway to the bedroom, before the door was bashed down altogether to reveal Rory standing there looking nothing short of terrified with tears running down his cheeks.

"Can't get a moments peace in this place!" the Doctor cried out, thoroughly annoyed as Rose groaned again, ignoring this new predicament. The Doctor struggled to sit up without disturbing Rose, eyeing the child standing precariously in the doorway. "C'mere," he said, and Rory abided, moving slowly towards his parents' bed before climbing onto the duvet and crawling over to the Doctor.

"She was…she was standing there daddy…" he gasped between sobs of terror, "she's…she's always there…"

"Tell me in the morning Rory," the Doctor cut over the top of him, pulling him under the cover of the double bed between him and Rose. "I'm sure it's an interesting nightmare but mummy really needs to sleep, alright?" he said, though not unkindly as he brushed back his son's hair from his moist eyes. "Smile, now. Can't have my son crying, can we?"

Rory forced a smile to his father, clinging onto him tight as he too closed his eyes to sleep.

Finally, the Doctor was able to join them both.

Although, he was getting up in an hour.

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