Title: Two Fathers, One Son

Author: Calenlass Greenleaf

Disclaimer: Arathorn II, Aragorn II, and Elrond Peredhel belong to John Ronald Reuel Tolkien. I, Calenlass Greenleaf, own nothing except the words of this poem.

Spoilers: Spoilers for the Lord of the Rings.

Genre: Angst/Poetry

Archived at: FF-Net, Stories of Arda, Naice A Nilme, and Lord of the Rings Fanfiction. (In case you ever need to find me anywhere else besides FF-Net.)

Summary. Prose poem. Aragorn honors his two fathers. Written for Father's Day. NO slash or any adult themes. Translations provided at the end.

A/N: Someday I plan to write stories on (1) Arathorn's death, (2) Aragorn/Estel's coming to Rivendell, and (3) the farewell of Aragorn and Elrond. Just not yet…

Two Fathers, One Son

Two fathers,

One son.


One child,

Two guardians.


Two protectors,

One life.


To Arathorn:

I can vaguely remember you, my father—

Your hands were gentle as they held me,

When they first taught me to grasp a sword handle,

When they first showed me the wonders of nature.


I recall the first time you showed me a sunrise,

The look of wonder on my face,

The laughter in your eyes when I asked you who painted the sky,

The joy we had in the simplest pleasures.

The love that you always had for me.


I remember that fateful day when you fell,

An arrow pierced through your eye.

I remember your last words,

"I love you, my son,

Never forget me,

Or who you are."


Those words were forever etched in my mind.

Though I may have forgotten your face,

And even the sound of your voice,

I shall never forget your bravery,

Your legacy,

Your last words to me.


Though you were not here to see me mature,

To see me become an adult,

To see me become king,

I carry in my heart the faith that you loved me to the end.


Father, I love you.

Thank you.


To Elrond:

I remember the day you took me into your home,

When I became your son,

When you called me "Estel,"

When I became known to the world as "hope."


As I grew older,

You gave me your knowledge,

And taught me wisdom.

You gave me your love,

And taught me compassion.


When we said our last farewells in Minas Tirith,

I told you that no man could have a better father,

A better teacher.

Your words to me were not that of an elven lord,

But that of a father's.

You told me that I grown to become who I was born to be.


As the years went by,

You have not been forgotten.

My children enjoying hearing about you,

About our adventures when I was a child.

How can I possible forget you?

You will always be in my memory.


Though you were not here to see my children,

To watch them grow,

Though I can no longer turn to you for advice,
I carry in my heart the faith that you will always love me.


Adar, le melon.

Le hannon.


The End


Adar – Father

Le melon – I love you

Le hannon – thank you