A/N: Disclaimer: "Now what we need David, is a lot of ketchup and you screaming in ultimate agony. Can you do that for me? No? You'd rather have Russell's script? I don't blame you."

Slightly gory. Weird. Lots inspired this, a mix of elements from:

Jumanji, Saw 2, Back To The Future (Which number I can never remember) (Film), Shaun Of The Dead, Labyrinth, this weird one off special on a magician escaping from a water box thing, Red Dwarf - Back To The Future, Spy Kids 3D, the Resident Evils, Harry Potter, Quantum Leap, Trick Of The Mind, Jungle Run, The Crystal Maze, Scooby Doo, my own sickly imagination...and a lot more which I'm too hungry to think for right now.

Hovers between T and M, let's see how T sits.

Chapter 1 - Awakening

The Doctor's head was buzzing faintly, sort of like that ever-present sound of electric you can use to tell whether the television is on standby or not. His entire body felt heavy and cold like they were blocks of ice, but he ignored the discomfort in favour of his mixed up head.

He was laying on something damp…something…a little spiky. He dared to open his eyes, only to be met by flicks of long, unkempt grass brushing against his face. Where in the Universe…?

He jerked up to sitting position immediately as the image of Rose floated through his mind, his entire body disagreeing with his actions. He quickly looked to his left: a graveyard, standing eerie and silent in the cold night air. He whirled his head to the left – mistake – only breathing once more when he saw Rose still and sleeping in the long grass next to him.

"Rose?" he called gently. No reply.

He crawled towards the girl, struggling to battle against the length of the grass. Whoever owned this place really hadn't got out in the garden for a few seasons.

He rested his left hand on her right cheek, brushing back her scattered hair gently. With his right hand he quickly checked her pulse – strong. He checked over her head with both hands for any signs of injury, but she was untouched. He checked limbs for breaks. Clean.

Maybe now he could try and figure out where they actually were.

He looked up again, scanning the horizon for objects of interest. He didn't have to look far to see the giant towering medieval looking manor looming above them, half eroded and destroy by time and vandals.

For as far as he could see a giant grey stonewall at least fifteen foot high surrounded them, the graveyard and horror movie manor, caging them in. They were laying in the grass just by the entrance to manor, weeds and poisonous plants all around the walls and singular path to the heavy oaken door

"Rose?" he called again to the girl, giving her a slight shake as a desperate prompt for her to waken. The buzzing in his head had gone now, and his body didn't feel so heavy.

"Doctor," she moaned softly, her hand suddenly coming up and touching his cheek.

"Right here," he reassured her as she opened her eyes, looking around at their surroundings groggily.


"I don't know," he answered plainly, "woke up here the same as you."

He helped her sit up, letting her rest against him for support. She instantly used him as temporary hot water bottle.

"Were we drugged or summat?" she asked vaguely.

"Must have been." He looked over at the spooky manor once more, his mind shrouded in a cloak of thought. "I can't think of another explanation. What's the last thing you remember?"

"Umm…" she started, pulling away from him to get onto her feet, the Doctor following her. Her head was starting to clear slightly. She thought. She thought even harder. Harder. She was beginning to get worried now, looking up at the Doctor with terrified eyes. "Try…nothin'."

Boggle eyes. "Nothing?"


He lowered his eyebrows into a frown. "Umm, Rose…." He began, looking slightly worried for her sanity.

"What's the last thing you remember then oh mighty Time Lord?"

He raised a finger in declaration, opening his mouth to spill out an infinite number of memories just to prove her wrong – but nothing was coming.

"…I don't remember," he finished weakly.

"Ha!" Rose pointed at him, positively delighted. "Gotcha!"

But then she realised the full impact of the situation they had unwillingly been thrown into.

"…Nothin'?" she was the one to ask this time.

"Nothing," he confirmed.

"But that can't be right. We wouldn't know each other if we had no memories."

"Not necessarily. How did you feel during my regeneration?"

She paused, the answer so obvious yet so far. "…I don't remember."

"But it happened, right?"

She nodded, and shrugged. "It was just a thing that happened."

"Like events written on a calendar," the Doctor put into perspective. "It happened but…it didn't."

"So where does that put us?"

"In a rather large mess," he finished, sounding a little jollier than the situation called for.

"What do we do now?"

"Split up, look for clues," he said, blatantly aware of the Scooby Doo Theme lodging itself into his brain as he said the words.

Rose's eyes widened, horrified. "Split, up?!" she punctuated each word, glaring at him.

"Something wrong with that?" he asked in a bouncy voice. What's new Scooby Doo? We're coming after you! We're gonna solve that myste-

"Doctor it is pitch black and we are standing in front of a terrifying old manor and a bloody graveyard!" she hissed, but she could tell he wasn't even listening to her. What was going through his mind?

Don't look back! You may find another clue! A Scooby Snack, will be waiting here for you!

"Hmm," he said, bouncing on his toes. "Just scream if you find anything."

"Like a mutated psychopathic homicidal man hacking me death?" she ventured, but he had already started walking in the opposite direction to her, whistling a happy tune. Was that…Scooby Doo?

Rolling her eyes at the child she turned in the opposite direction to him – and went cold inside.

She was due to search the graveyard. At night.

Gulping, she began to walk.

Josh Rojurs: Unable to complete

Rebecca Webbe: Unable to complete

Fredrick Holden: Unable to complete

Jun Chan: Unable to complete

David Tennant: Unable to complete

James Gleick: Unable to complete

Chloe Preace: Unable to complete

Sandra Dee: Unable to complete

Billie Piper: Unable to complete

Emily Mour: Unable to complete

Jessica Webbe: Unable to complete

The list went on.

The Doctor slipped off his glasses as he sat infront of the stone memorial, scanning through the names with his confusion at its peek.

'Unable to complete'? What was that supposed to mean? He was vaguely reminded of Reinette and the Clockwork Droids – incomplete had meant her brain wasn't compatible because of her age. But that couldn't be the answer, surely? This was in an entirely different context.

He layed back on the grass, chewing on his glasses with his arms folded behind his head. None of this made any sense. He was utterly clueless, robbed of his memories and dumped in a freaky old manor with his companion. He couldn't remember anything. Infact, he couldn't even remember his previous lives. He couldn't remember his family, his childhood…

It must have been a pretty strong and well-created drug that did this. To take out such precise memories and leave the events intact, to break through his mental barriers and not touched a nerve in his brain. What had happened? He yearned to know. But…

A shrill high-pitched scream suddenly cut the air.

He jerked upright and bounded onto his feet, leaving his thoughts floating void where he had just been sat. He was running, running as fast as he possibly could to the graveyard he had unfairly left for Rose to look in.

"Rose!" he called as he reached the graveyard, forgetting the gate and instead leaping a hurdle over the waist high wall. He weaved between the graves with amazing agility, finally coming to a stop next to Rose, who was standing staring down at one of the graves shaking madly. He took her into his arms protectively. "What is it? What…"

Then he saw it, written on the headstone of two occupied graves side by side:

Here lies the Doctor,

A most worthy of foes.

But fell to the darkness,

When he lost his Rose.

Here lies Rose Tyler,

She told him forever.

So now here they lay,

For an eternity together.

31st October 1451.

For a moment, there was utter silence.

"Well," the Doctor started cheerily, "at least we know the date now."