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Chapter 15 – The Tyler Gaming Complex

"What the hell did you do that for?" Rose gasped at Jhutsu, struggling against the guard's hold as the Doctor hit the ground, eyes closed. "Doctor!"

"Good work employee!" Жemnas applauded Jhutsu as he lowered to the Doctor, wrenching his hands behind his back and pressing his knee in-between the unconscious Doctor's shoulder blades. The gun he'd stolen from the by standing guard and hit the Doctor over the head with in a space of less than two seconds was suddenly pressed to the back of the Time Lord's skull, finger poised over the trigger.

"Let her go or I'll shoot!" Jhutsu demanded, staring straight at Жemnas with extremely serious eyes. Жemnas assessed him for a moment.

"You wouldn't."

"I don't give a toss about your bloody game. He can die for all I care; it's not my problem. I just want Rose safe."

"Jhutsu, please don't do this!" Rose was staring down at the Doctor, absolutely terrified.

"It's okay Rose, I'll save you!"

Жemnas was staring between the both of them, a plan forming one last time in his mind.

"I propose a trade," Жemnas started, rubbing his hands together in an 'evil mastermind' way. "You give me the Doctor, I'll give you the girl."

"No! Jhutsu!" Rose begged the alien infront of her. "Please, I came here to save the Doctor, not myself!"

Jhutsu paused for a moment, looking down at the Doctor unconscious beneath him before looking up at Жemnas, mouth opening to answer his proposition.

"Police! Stop!"

Rose breathed a sudden sigh of relief, feeling the grip on her shoulders loosen dramatically. She bounded instantly forward and dropped down next to the Doctor, Jhutsu busy checking his vitals.

"I'm sorry Rose," Jhutsu muttered, satisfied with the Doctor's health. "I had to stall him somehow."

"Thank you," she replied with a smile, hugging the alien briefly before turning to see the man whom had put them through so much turmoil finally get his just desserts.

"Zender Жemnas you are under arrest on charges of abduction, physical assault and mental assault of the 'computer game character' known as the Doctor." A policeman was cuffing Жemnas' hands behind his back. "You do not have to say anything but anything you dosay will be taken note of and used against you in the court of law."

"And I would have gotten away with it if it weren't for you meddling kids!" Жemnas spat as Rose got onto her feet, striding towards Жemnas with the evilest glint in her eyes he'd ever seen in his entire life. He watched warily as she raised a hand high in the air above him, the word fear suddenly having a whole new meaning as her palm came swiping down like a cannonball, making vicious contact with his cheek at the sound of a very loud crack!

"OWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!" Жemnas screamed incongruity, unable to bring up a hand to clasp at his burning cheek as they were both cuffed behind him. Rose smiled, folding her arms in satisfaction as she turned away from him to see the Doctor and Jhutsu.

She rushed back over, noting the Doctor was now starting tremble slightly in unconsciousness as shivered breaths came through gritted teeth. If they weren't careful hypothermia would set in soon. She rubbed the towel even more over him, desperately trying to warm him up.

"This isn't the end, human!" Жemnas screeched, "you'll be forced to return!"

"When pigs fly!" Rose retorted, watching him go as the police guards dragged him backwards out the door, kicking and screaming.

"They already do on Azurox Two," came the Doctor's voice from below, almost startling her. She hugged him tight in the moment; happy at the conclusion this adventure seemed to have come to.

The Doctor pulled himself up to sitting position, holding a hand to the side of his head where he'd been struck unconscious and glancing around the room where polices guards were clustered. He frowned.

"Hey…" he started sulkily, still looking around the room. "I missed everything!"

"Bad guy in jail, turns out Jhutsu was trickin' everybody all along," Rose filled in quickly for him.

"Speaking of which, I'd better go sort out the paperwork," Jhutsu realised, getting onto his feet. "Time Catcher's redundant now, but thousands of people have booked it in advance…" He sketched Rose a half wave. "See you later, and Doctor, take it easy awhile won't you?" and with that, he sped out the door up to Жemnas' office.

They both paused for a moment, Rose looking down at him once more. "TARDIS?" she proposed.

"TARDIS," he confirmed, giving her a happy grin. "I feel like an iceberg."

"I'm sorry ma'am, we've had to cancel your booking to play Time Catcher in three months time." Pause, as Jhutsu listened to the reply, before speaking once more, "because of unforeseen technical difficulty." Pause. "Doesn't work for you? Well, umm, basically, Mr. Жemnas was using a real person as the Doctor and we only just found out." Pause. "Yep." Pause. "Yes, he's fine. He's gone home." Pause. "You want to meet him? I don't really think we're at liberty to do that ma'am…" Pause. "He's been imprisoned for three months, he needs time to recover." Pause. "I'll ask you not to use that kind of language, ma'am. Goodbye."

Jhutsu set the phone down on the holder with a sigh, reaching across the table for his beverage. Before it even had a chance to touch his lips the intercom buzzed, almost making Jhutsu fall off of his chair in surprise.

He pressed the button, speaking into the electrical device.


"Two people in reception requesting to see a 'Jhutsu Porther', the Doctor and a girl called Rose."

"Send them up."

Around ten seconds later the door clicked open to reveal the human woman and Time Lord male, looking at him with grins. He got up onto both feet extending a hand to shake.

"Oh don't be so formal," the Doctor said, waving an uncaring hand and dropping freely into an available chair infront of previously Жemnas' desk. Jhutsu looked him over for a moment as the Doctor helped himself to Jhutsu's drink, determining he didn't seem to be affected by the experience at all. He looked healthy and happy despite the fact he'd been sleeping for three months. His injured arm was in a sling, no doubt Rose's work.

"How's the arm?" Jhutsu ventured, resuming his own seat once more.

"It's nothing," the Doctor answered casually, but Jhutsu caught the firm background shake of Rose's head as she also took a seat. "Nurse Tyler here makes waaaaaaay too much fuss."

Rose smiled gently, ignoring him. "We came to see how you were doing."

Jhutsu shook his head, regretfully. "Not good, I'm afraid. Everyone's moaning that they 'paid good money to see you' and asking if they could meet you anyway…"

"I know, I'm awesome," he said, without making any attempt to disguise his ego.

"Plus there are no offerings for manager now Жemnas has stepped down…" He seemed not to notice the two staring at him after his words. "I mean, no one's willing to do it because they think the whole project's cursed…whoever takes it over is gonna have to redo everything…"

The Doctor coughed ever so lightly, and Jhutsu finally registered him.


They both just stared at him. He blinked.

"…Wha…?" Then he realised. "Muh…muh…me?"

The Doctor nodded, expression set.

Jhutsu could hardly get the words out, "but…but…but…I don't even have a name for the complex."

"Make one up!" the Doctor said obviously.

Jhutsu half smiled, looking around the room for influence before his eyes finally set on Rose, still sitting back in the chair.

"The Tyler Gaming Complex," he finally said, giving Rose a huge grin.

"Not too cliché then," the Doctor said, taking one last gulp of Jhutsu's drink as he grinned broadly, getting onto his feet. "We'd better make tracks Rose, TARDIS needs refuelling – she's been running full pelt for three months solid."

"Gotcha," she said, bounding onto her feet beside him and looking back to Jhutsu. "Take care, now."

"Don't do anything I wouldn't do," the Doctor said, turning back to the door to head back to the TARDIS. Jhutsu was bewildered – was there actually anything the Doctor wouldn'tdo?

As the two friends disappeared out the door Jhutsu smiled to himself, turning back to the papers stacked on his desk.

The Tyler Gaming Complex.

He was going to start from scratch.

The End

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