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Being the new girl around town, Ayana, or simply Aya for short, wasn't really a crowd favorite just yet. She had just transferred from Manhattan to Cameron, North Carolina, and the feel of the place was certainly different. Manhattan was way busier than that of the somewhat cozy lifestyle people in Cameron lives. The ambience was definitely different. She was in a, what we call for lack of better term, culture shock.

Today was her first day of school. She was entering Cameron High School as a senior. It being a co-ed school like her previous one back in Manhattan, she knew how it would be with the guys. Aya was a girl with the killer looks. Dark-haired, jade-eyed and a full pink pouty set of lips, paired with the body models would crave for everyday, she was a natural-born heartbreaker. Note, mind you, she hadn't had any operations done.

Smoothing out the cream chiffon miniskirt and the baby pink spaghetti-strap on her body, she checked out her appearance in her full-length mirror one more time to be sure she was decent. Make-up free, slightly wavy hair tucked back with a scarf made into a headband, platform shoes. She grabbed the white hoodie jacket that was hanging on the mirror and put it on. So far so good. She looked decent and appropriate for a first day in a foreign land to her senses.

She grabbed her pink Juicy Couture body bag and slung it on her shoulder before picking up the pile of books and a binder off her desk and onto her arm, in the process, blowing away the wavy strand of ebony hair from her face. She walked out of her typically half-messy, half-neat room and down the wooden staircase of her house. She was, by no means, late. Well, at least that was what it said on her silver Cartier watch.

But her mother's eyes sang a different tune. "Ayana Michelle Rodriguez, why are you moving so slow on the first day of school?" Alessa, the older Rodriguez, reprimanded her seventeen-year old daughter once the teen was down the stairs.

"Sorry, mom, I just got up a little later than expected." Aya replied in a calm tone.

Her mother sighed. "Well, then, eat your pancakes and make it fast. The bus should be here in ten minutes." She said while running her hand through the mass of ebony hair on her head.

"Yes, mom." Aya replied as she set down her things on the island counter in the kitchen and proceeding to eat the blueberry pancakes her mom had conjured for her breakfast.

She wasn't by any means nervous. Actually, she was highly anticipating what was gonna happen that day. It was her first day. She was planning on trying out for the cheerleading team and looking forward to meeting new people. Just like back in her old school. She was head cheerleader last year considering she was only a junior. She was popular and A-list but still one with a manageable attitude.

Beep. Beep. The beeping sound of the school bus's arrival sound was less enticing to her. She cringed upon hearing it but immediately drank the glass of apple juice set right beside her plate. She jumped off the stool, grabbed her things and somewhere in the flurry she managed to let out a, "Byemomgottarun."

She climbed aboard the traditional yellow bus almost every school had and searched for an empty seat. Everyone's eyes were glued right onto her mainly because she was a new girl. Just by scanning the people in the bus, she'd already seen the different social groups. There were the probably geeks who all wore thick-rimmed glasses, ungodly sweaters and had the freakiest hairdos. There were the athletes whose hairs were either up in a ponytail or hidden beneath a baseball cap. There were the cheerleaders who were wearing their black and yellow uniforms and filing their nails. There were the rock guys who were all wearing black, had numerous piercings and heavy black eyeliner. And then, there was one.

He seemed to be occupying the only seat that had a vacant spot beside him. He had a mysterious aura to him, as if he were thinking of so many things at the same time. He seemed alone and no one was really minding him. His brown hair was put into about dozens of braids on his head and were showing a slight hint of the color green. He wore black cargos and a grey sweater over a white tee and all three items had dots of multicolored paint. His Reeboks didn't show any difference as to the paint content.

She walked closer to him and asked with a smile, "Excuse me, is this seat taken?"

He looked up at her and both of their green eyes met for the first time. He shook his head before looking out the window again.

For Aya, that second he took to look at her and shake his head and just simply acknowledge her presence, it felt different. It wasn't the same as getting catcalls and wolf-whistles in her old school. It was like, that second, his eyes, though they were green, they seemed more of Technicolor. Shaking the thoughts from her head, she plopped down on the seat beside him and placed her things on her lap.

The rest of the ride to school, things were quiet for her. She hadn't talked to anyone just yet. The bus was filled with chit-chat about what they all did during summer vacation. There were stories about surfing in Hawaii, climbing the Eiffel Tower, touring Harvard University, going to a My Chemical Romance concert, watching Numbers on AXN. Yeah, those were the memories for them. For Aya, it was just a moving truck, cardboard boxes, balled-up newspaper and lots of old memorabilia she discovered.

The dingy old school bus came to a halt outside a brick building with the name 'Cameron High School' labeled in thick white lettering on the front wall. There were students dotted here and there, some were goofing around, some were walking, some were chaining their bikes to the stand. The students in the bus got out and slowly filed out of the vehicle.

Aya watched the guy she sat beside with close interest. He had a plain purple Jansport backpack that was, like the rest of his apparel, stained with paint. He slung it on his shoulder and, with one hand tucked into his cargo pocket, walked his way into the building. He wasn't minding anyone, wasn't greeting them with a hi or hello. He was just quiet.

"Well, well, well, who do we have here?" a voice said from behind her. Aya spun around to come face-to-face to a girl who was clad in a cheerleader uniform, had light brown hair that was tousled a bit, and some fair share of make-up on her face.

"I see we have a newbie amidst…" said the girl standing beside her. That one had mocha brown locks with hazel eyes and she had the kind that would qualify as bedroom eyes without even trying.

"She looks like a hot pick. Considering she's a newbie." Said the other girl standing on the opposite side. She had blonde hair, baby blue eyes and looked almost anorexic underneath her uniform.

"What's your name, stranger?" asked the girl in the middle.

"Ayana Rodriguez. Aya, for short." Aya said without any hesitation, nervousness or fear. She wasn't over-confident and arrogant, but she knew how to play along with the popular crowd.

"Well, Aya, I'm Lorraine. Blondie over here is Lisha, Lish, for short. And Ms. Playboy covergirl-soon-to-be here is Michalka. But, people call her Blee." Lorraine said.

"Why do people call you Blee?" Aya asked Michalka.

"Excessive swearing. They say I swear too much but it's actually just damn normal language for me. No fucking deal." She said as if the words were found in the English dictionary from the very start. "…Came from Bleep, actually. You know, in the movies, when they censor stuff."

"Oh." Aya reacted.

"Well, Aya, here in this school, we are the dominant crew." Lorraine said while linking her arm in Aya's. She slowly began to lead her to the front doors of the school. "There is no student around here who doesn't do our every bidding. So, here goes. The moment you stepped in the bus, we knew you were crew material. We're offering to teach you the round-abouts of the school, how cliques go, which teams to join and of course, how to dress."

"What do you said, newbie?" Lish asked her.

"You up for fame, popularity, being every guy's fantasy and every girl's idol?" Blee said.

Aya pondered about it for a minute. Sure, she wanted fame, right? Who, in her right mind, would say no to that?

"Offer accepted." She said with a megawatt smile that had already captured some guys walking on campus.

"Coolio." The three said in unison in that high-pitched cheerleader voice.

"Now, let's go and get your orientation started, shall we?" Lorraine said as all four walked through the school doors like models walking down the runway. The student body parted to give way to them, jocks cat-called and whistled, wannabes hung onto their every word, geeks tried to suck-up and hey, Aya couldn't say she was complaining.

That's how it all started. How senior year, popular life and total control came to be in Aya's life.

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