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Chapter 8: Flashback

Abby Gaffney danced happily across the floor at the party she was throwing at her apartment. Ah the joy of emotionally unavailable parents, to make up for their emotional unavaiablity they got her an amazing apartment in Boston while she attended Worthington University. She walked over to the keg, where a guy, who she could see from behind was incredibly attractive was pumping.

"Hey sexy, get the hostess another one," She said holding the cup. He turned around. "OH Shit!"

"Hey there," Scot Vanderbilt smiled, "Nice digs Gaffney." She stared at him and blinked. "Words, Abigail, we're in college after all."

"You're supposed to be in New York," She said, "We were never supposed to see you again."

"You have multiple personalities now?" He said, "That's kinda fucked up."

"You're not funny," She said. He smiled.

"A little," He held up his fingers creating a small space, "I'm a little funny. Look, at the last minute my father decided to donate a wing to Worthington and here I am. I figured I'd run into you eventually." He smiled, "Come on you're sort of happy to see me right?"

"Sort of," She said, "But don't forget our last Scooter!"

"You standing on a dock yelling at me because your little sister cheated on me," He nodded, "And don't call me Scooter. Here's your beer."

"Thank you," She said huffily and trotted away.

At the end of the night Abby sat, completely wasted on the couch, the apartment was a mess, she would clean it up in the morning.

"Alright Abs," Scot walked over, she looked around her was the only person left. "I'll see you around."

"Wait," She said taking his hand, "Stay, talk to me." He laughed and sat down. He was drunk too. "Scottie, Scottie, Scottie, how are you?"

"Well Abby Gaffney," He said, "I am just fine thank you. I'm also un heartbroken if you must know."

"Are you?" She said, "That was quick. I don't think that my sister will be happy that you've moved on so quickly, she's taking her time you know." He looked at her. "She won't even date Portman."

"Portman," He nodded, "I hate that guy."

"Someone's not as over it as he claims to be," She sat up on her knees.

"Oh I'm over it," He said, "I just hate him."

"You're over it?" She smiled. He nodded. "Prove it." He sat up and kissed her. "That's not quite what I meant," She whispered, still only centimeters from his face.

"Don't tell me you didn't like it Gaffney," He said, "I know you did." She swallowed and kissed him this time. He slid his hand up her shirt and then slipped it off.

"Scot," She said softly, "We can't, Julie," He kissed her.

"No," He said, "I've always wanted you Abby," He kissed her again, "Since we were fifteen."

"But the last girl you," She kissed him, "Was my sister."

"She's not the last girl I slept with," He said, "I told you, I'm over it."

"You're such a slut," She giggled.

"Two sluts," He smiled and sucked on her neck, "This ought to be fun."

In the morning Abby woke up in her fairly rumbled bed, blinked twice and then remembered the night before. Maybe she had dreamt it. Yeah, that was it, it was a dream. It had to be, she sat up and looked next to her. Nope not a dream.

"Oh shit," She said. "Oh shit, oh shit."

"Mm," Scot groaned and sat up and then looked at her, "Abby?" He said groggily. "Did we?"

"Mm hm," She nodded quickly.

"Oh shit," He said.

"Yuh huh," She said.

"What are we going to tell Julie?" He said, "She'll kill us, Abby. I've seen her on the warpath, it's not pretty."

"We can't tellher!" Abby said, "This was a mistake, a stupid, drunken, horrible, mistake."

"Horrible?" He said. She looked at him.

"Fine not horrible," She said. "But, this isn't good, Scot." He kissed her.

"It feels good," He said, she moaned lightly as he rubbed her lower back.

"Yeah, it does," She said, "But we can't." He sighed. "This isn't like your weird way of getting back at her is it?"

"What?" He said.

"I mean, for Capeside," She whispered, "Because this will kill her."

"Julie will be fine," He said, "It had nothing to do with her." Her kissed behind her neck. "I want you."

"Scot, stop it," She sighed. He did, "She's my sister, and she lost her virginity to you." He looked down. "This can't happen again. We should probably avoid each other."

"I guess so," He said, "Abby, I really think,"

"Scot don't," She said, "Just go OK?" She kissed him. "I had a really good time."

"Yeah," He smiled, "Me too."

Two weeks later, Abby sat watching TV. She was bored out of her mind. Her phone rang. She picked it up.

"Hi Julie," She said.

"He hates me," Julie said with a whimper.

"He doesn't hate you," Abby said robotically.

"He asked me out again," Julie sighed, "And I don't even know why I keep saying no."

"Julie," Abby said with a swallow, "I have to tell you something."

"I mean, I love him right?" Julie continued, ignoring what her sister had just said. Abby sighed. There was no getting through to Julie when she was like this. "I love him, so it should be a no brainer, but I just can't commit. Dawson says it's because I'm expecting too much Do you think I'm overreaching?"

"Julie, I don't know," Abby sighed, "I've got a lot of work to do, so I'll call you later OK?"

"Wow, what's got your panties in a bunch?" Julie laughed.

"Nothing," She said, "Just talk to Connie OK?"

"OK," Julie said, "I'll call you later."

"Fine, bye," Abby said and hung up. Yes, she was fifteen and by virtue of that she was selfish, but she could stop thinking about herself for about five seconds. She leaned back, and then there was a knock on the door. At least she was being kept occupied. She opened it, and of course he was standing there, "Scot, what are you doing here?"

"I needed to talk to you," He said, "Sober and dressed, if you don't mind."

"Fine, come in," She said, he wandered in. "I just got off the phone with Julie."

"Can't we just leave Julie out of it?" He sighed. "I really like you Abby, I haven't been able to stop thinking about you."

"I really like you too," She said, "But we can't just leave Julie out of it. She's my sister, and she loved you. And when we got home after you two broke up, she was devastated."

"I understand that," He said, "We can have something here."

"I can't tell her yet," Abby shook her head, "She's so screwed up right now, between Portman and Dawson,"

"Dawson?" Scot said, "Since when is Dawson in the picture?"

"He's not, really," Abby sighed, "But she talks to him a lot, and she's confused as always." He nodded. "Anyway, no more sex."

"Oh come on!" He rolled his eyes.

"No, not until I know she's OK with it," Abby said, "She's my family, do you get that?" He nodded. "Those are my terms."

"Fine," He whispered and kissed her. "But you'll tell her?"

"Absolutely," Abby said.

"And soon?" He asked.

"Yes," She kissed him, "Wanna watch TV? Buffy's on."

"Oh yeah," He nodded and sat down, "I love feisty little blondes kicking ass." She whacked him in the chest, "Like that right there." She laughed.

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