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A Plea For Peace

I stared absently at the bowl in front of me. I was stirring, but not really thinking about it. I had been stirring for about an hour now, just thinking and trying to comprehend. I looked out the kitchen window and sighed a little as she came wandering towards the house. She looked odd, tentative. At least she hadn't graduated yet… but what would happen when she did? Jake wasn't talking to her at the moment in the first place, what would happen when she actually became one of them? I shivered involuntarily. Edward wouldn't be far from the border of La Push, of that much I was certain. She was closer now… I had no idea how she had been able to get past the protectors… but she always seemed to manage. I placed the bowl of now useless batter on the bench and wiped my hands absently on the apron hanging from my neck. I didn't see the point of doing it up these days. I filled my face with the mask of a warm smile and walked to the back door, feeling as though it never reached my eyes. It seemed to always fool her though.


It sounded empty to my ears, but it made her smile warmly. I gestured for her to come in; it felt almost like the old days when Victoria had been hunting her. But… something was different.

"Hey Emily…"

She embraced me warmly and I returned it half-heartedly. I wasn't sure why… and I felt almost as though I was betraying Sam… but I really wanted to meet this Edward. Bella had changed so rapidly since he had returned to her life.

"What are you cooking?"

I followed her gesture to the bowl on the bench and smiled a little sheepishly.

"What was I cooking you mean. I made the batter a little flat… lost track of time you know…"

She nodded, comprehension not really reaching her eyes. I shrugged a little and smiled the way I knew I usually smiled. Bright and bubbly Emily… that was me.

"So, what brings you out to La Push?"

I asked, handing her a plate of food. My tone seemed casual but I thought she heard the defensive undertone.

"Well… I was hoping I could talk to Jake… again."

She glanced at me unhappily, her eyes carefully avoiding the mangled side of my face. She was always like that, very diplomatic. Since Edward had returned, her relationship with Jake had become particularly icy… that was the only way it could be described.

"You may be in luck today… if he isn't paying attention… he should be back any moment."

I turned my back on her to hide my frown as I washed the potatoes. The thing was, Jake rarely wasn't paying attention. He would always give the house a wide berth whenever he could smell her even within a mile radius. I could here her unhappy and awkward movements behind me but chose to ignore it on the most part.

"I don't see why I can't be best friends with a werewolf and the girlfriend of a vampire. I don't see why good vampires and good werewolves can't just get along to fight the bad vampires and the bad werewolves…"

I stopped my fussing and looked at the top of the window in defeat. Here came another debate no doubt. These conversations always ended badly… usually with the entrance of Sam telling her to get out. I ran my fingers through my hair as I turned to face her with some degree of sympathy.

"Bella, you know how this conversation will end…"

"But… why won't they listen to me? Why won't they listen to you? You agree with me right?"

It was an almost earnest plea for someone to side with her. Clearly Edward wasn't on her side either in this case.

"Bella… when will this stop?"

"But… I at least need to explain myself to Jake. Tell him why…"

"He knows why"

I said more shortly than intended. I stole a quick apologetic glance at her ashen face. That was probably the last thing that she wanted to hear. She glared down at the untouched food in front of her. I sighed inwardly. She was a sweet girl but ever since she'd gone back to… them… all our conversations seemed to go no-where. The cold silence seemed to draw out… it was nothing that hadn't happened before unfortunately. Finally I couldn't stand it anymore and I left her sitting there at the table.

"Try to eat something… you look terrible."

I swept out of the back door with a load of washing under one arm, knowing that she would follow to pursue the argument further. This had become routine… and it almost saddened me. Almost. She had made her choice of sides clear. I could see she was forever burdened with the decision and tortured with the idea of choosing between the two people she had ever cared the most for… but she had still chosen. She was planning to become one of the creatures who were the greatest enemies of Jake… of Sam. What was I to do? She really couldn't be coming here anymore and besides… because of her decision the Cullens and the Quileutes would go to war… the treaty would be breached. I hung onto the line above my head as I thought, staring unseeingly at the ground.


I straightened abruptly and turned, the smile hurriedly plastered on my face.

"Emily… are you alright?"

She stood there, twisting her hands anxiously. In absence of something to grip I supposed. In so many ways she was like a child. Delicate as porcelain with emotions as erratic as the sea… Was that Edward's influence? Would she be a stronger person if he were human?

"Bella, I'm more worried about you. You are always coming here with hope and always leaving with the same dissatisfaction. Even if you were able to explain yourself to Jake, what would that achieve?"

I heard a stick crack as someone trod on it in the distance. I rubbed my forehead as Sam approached, one overheated arm encircling my shoulders. I stole a glance at him and my heart very nearly exploded with love, rising up my throat to inhabit my face. Yet, he was staring coldly at the nineteen-year-old in front of me, his other hand shaking subtly. I knew he did it for my sake… controlled the anger. I supposed he didn't want to force me to adopt his opinions of others. He was making an effort to not just kill her there and then.

"Hello Bella…"

He said tightly.

"We thank you for all your help with the vampire," he spat the word "earlier."

His jaw twitched infinitesimally. I raised a hand to rub his and he seemed to calm a little, but he was still annoyed, I could see that in his face. I caught movement out of the corner of my eye, a large russet wolf retreating into the trees on the side of the property. Bella followed my gaze and stiffened. This was probably the closest she had been to Jake since… well… since the re-affirmation of the treaty. I watched her turn back to us. I knew what she was going to do… and I knew just as clearly that there was no point trying to stop her. I sighed a little and jerked my head in the direction Jake had gone.

"Go, if you really think he'll be willing to listen…"

I turned back to the house and walked slowly up the steps, knowing Sam would soon follow. The sun was setting… and he would have to leave soon. Again… but not yet. He would not leave me yet…

The sky turned to purple and then to deepest blue outside the window. I lay on my side, facing away from him, staring at the small number of stars. They were unconcerned, they did not bother themselves with trivial human emotions… but to me... emotions were life. They were what drove us to continue living… or to destroy ourselves completely. I felt his hand come to lie gently on my shoulder, but I did not move.


It was the faintest whisper, laced with the pain that so tormented him. The pain I was so familiar with. I turned to look at him, his face only inches from mine. He laced his fingers in mine and searched my face, his hand rising to gently trace the lines that had long ago ruined my face.

"Em… do you blame me?"

I paused for a moment, reflecting on how to answer. All logic said that I should… yet every night the answer was a straight off 'no'… but…


Came my whispered reply. I watched as the pain inflicted itself on his face, his mouth opening to apologise once more. I raised my hand quickly to place a finger on his lips.

"But… the fact that I am so willing to forgive. So willing to forget… and am so in love with you… where the blame rests ... it no longer holds any importance. It never did."

I watched as he absorbed this, followed by a sad smile, his face gilded in the light of the newly risen moon.

"For what it's worth, I'm sorry…"

"Sssh… you gave me life where I saw nothing in my future but death. There is no need to apologise for that… and if getting a few scratches is the price I have to pay to be with you, I will suffer it gladly."

"Do you remember...?"

His voice was painfully quiet now, his eyes refusing to meet mine. I paused for a moment.


My voice was just as quiet as he lifted his head to look at me. As he searched my face for any sign of false bravery, I only returned his gaze, my eyes full of the utmost sincerity. At least, I hoped that was what he was seeing. Finally, he gave me a strange half smile and leaned forward to kiss me gently before rolling off the bed and standing, removing his shoes with some degree of reluctance.

"I will be back…"

"I know…"

He gave me one more searching and heartbreakingly hopeful glance before jumping nimbly out of the open window and away into the night, changing form as he went. I gazed after him, leaning against the window frame as the last of the sun's light was swallowed by the horizon.

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