Sunila signed on AOL, instantly checking to see if Trubluebaby was on. Three month's earlier Sunila was going through a lot of personal problem's. Thinking she could escape them, she had escaped to the internet world. There she had felt as though she was in a whole new world. One where everything was perfect, and when it wasn't. Well, that was easily fixed. Simply blocking the person. This was how she had met Tiffany. (Trubluebaby) Tiffany had become her savior in a way. Sure she was hundred's of miles' from Sunila, but being able to talk to her new friend online had helped a lot. Seeing Tiffany online brought a smile to her eyes, as it always did.

DaRocksWoman: Tiff!! Im so happy to see you on. I really need your help tonight:o( I don't know what to do...

TruBlueBaby: Sunila calm down, please. Tell me what's wrong.

DaRocksWoman: Sighz What am I going to do.

TruBlueBaby: He hit you again didn't he?!?!?!

A few moment's went by Sunila didn't reply.

Trubluebaby: That's it Sun your comming down here to live with me. You can't stay there with him. Not like this. Please!

DaRocksWoman: Tiff, he didn't mean it this time though. I know he didn't. I just, well, I used the last of the ice cubes and forgot to refill it. My simple mistake. I deserved what I got.

Trubluebaby: Sunila please! Please listen to me.

DaRocksWoman: Can we PUH-Lease talk about something else?

Trubluebaby: If you want...shall we go into a AOL chat?

Suddenly Sunila get's an im from one of the woman who work's with her in the AFloat Casino.

OceanEyezGoddess: Girllllll! You've just got to come into this chat!! There's this guy who's claiming to be Chris Benoit! To haliaris!!!!

DaRocksWoman: Serious?

OceanEyezGoddess:Most deffinate!

DaRocksWoman: I'll be right there. I'm gonna bring a friend.

Back to the Im with Tiffany

DaRocksWoman: I've found the perfect chat! A friend of mine is in a chat where there's a guy who claim's he's Chris Benoit!.

TruBlueBaby: LoL I hafta see this!

Sunlia get's the link, as she and Tiffany enter she instantly see's Chris's ScreenName. BlondeCanadian. Tiffany seemed to notice it as well.

In The Chat Members of this Chat are BlondeCanadian, DarkenAngelEyes, TrueBlueBaby , OceanEyezGoddess

TrueBlueBaby: I thought Chris Benoit had brown hair?
BlondeCanadian:I did!
BlondeCanadian:I mean do!
DarkenAngelEyes:Your just another FRUAD!
OceanEyezGoddess:Your probably just a kid.
BlondeCanadian:You people are so IGNORANT! I'm leaveing.

BlondeCanadian has left the chat.

OceanEyezGoddess: LoL! What an idiot!
DaRocksWoman:I didn't get to talk to him:o(
TruBlueEyes:His Screen Name was BlondeCanadian im him.
DaRocksWoman: Maybe I just will..

On a Seperate Im

BlondeCanadian: Don't you people EVER give up?
DaRocksWoman:I'm sorry. I didn't want to fight with you. Just wanted to talk.
BlondeCanadian: You do? Hmmm.
DaRocksWoman: Yes, I do. :o)
DaRocksWoman: So?
BlondeCanadian:So...You come here often? lol

DaRocksWoman: Lol. Just about. This place is pretty special to me.
BlondeCanadian: Really? How so?

Back in the chat

DaRocksWoman:He awnsered!!!!! Yayyy!
DarkenAngelEyes:What's he saying? That he's really Benoit? Lmao

DaRocksWoman:Yes he's talking. And no, we're not talking about wrestling.

Sunila exit's the chat. Both her friend Tiffany and her co-worker attempt to talk to her. Yet the only answer they'd get in return is..."I can't talk right now. Busy."