Well I got a pretty good response on the last story (I'm assuming those who said it made you cry didn't mean it was because it was so badly written - feel free to correct me if I'm wrong) so here I am again. Using songs in the chapters like last time, this story will focus on Phoebe and Piper, with a different situation but probably the same basic message. OK, so here goes:

Words I Can't Take Back

Summary: Sequel to Words I Have To Say, but can be read independently. Sisters argue. That's how families are. You say stuff you don't mean all the time and althought you can't take words back, you can let them go. But what if the last words you said to your sister were words you wish you could take back?

Chapter 1 - Everyday Hate

Song: Was It A Dream, by 30 Seconds To Mars (Album: A Beautiful Lie)

"Phoebe!" Piper Halliwell yelled and, guiltily, her younger sister turned around.

"Ah, yeah?" Phoebe slowly slid her right hand behind her, trying to set down the tube of mascara inconspicuously.

"That's mine." Piper replied, her eyes narrowed. "I'm sick to death of you taking my stuff."

"I don't take your stuff -" Phoebe began heatedly, but Piper threw her arms into the air and cut her off. "Sweater. Jeans - that were too long for you anyway - my red top, my curlers, my damn lip balm for heavens sake. I'm sick of it!"

Your defences were on high
Your walls built deep inside
Yeah I'm a selfish bastard
But at least I'm not alone

"Well...the sweater didn't fit you anymore, I only wore the jeans for, like, an hour, the top looked better on me, you don't use your curlers and I needed the lip balm." Phoebe replied, trying to smile sweetly and not quite managing it. Instead, she looked as though she was challenging Piper.

"How would you like it if I messed with you things? I'm too busy for you and your...your stupidity, Phoebe! Prue's only been out of the hospital for two weeks, Paige is an emotional wreck, Grams is stressed and I'm the only one who seems to think about food shopping, and the pile of bills Grams keeps forgetting about and -"

"Yeah, that's right, and I'm just sat here letting it all go over my head, aren't I?" Phoebe cried. "I'm not feeling anything, I'm not worrying, nah, I'm just sat here being stupid." She looked hard a Piper, and maybe Piper should have backed down, calmed down, should have seen the emotions swirling on her sister's face. But she was streesed, and the resentment and anger that had been simmering under the surface for the last week or so was bursting out.

My intentions never change

What I wanted stays the same

And I know what I should do

It's time to set myself on fire

"Yeah, you are!" Piper cried. "You're fifteen Phoebe, buy your own damn make-up!"

Phoebe glared at her not knowing what to say. Everyone was so wrapped up in Prue, and the accident, and Paige and her new-found clinginess. Phoebe knew she shouldn't, but she was annoyed by the way none of her family seemed to notice if she was there or not. Gone were the days when the four of them could hang out together.

Was it a dream?

Was it a dream?

"You know what, get out of my room before I hit you." Piper snapped.

"Oh, I'm so scared." Phoebe sneered.

"Yeah, maybe you should be. You're just a spoiled brat! Keep out of my room, I don't want you in my stuff. Hell, I don't want you in my life!"

"Oh, really. Well, let's see what I can do about that, then!" Phoebe yelled, and threw the mascara across the room before storming to the door. "GoodBYE!" She slammed the bedroom door barely a seconds before the framed photo Piper had thrown smashed against it. The photo had been the closed thing to hand, and Piper slightly regretted smashing the glass on the family picture.

"Good RIDDANCE!" Piper yelled through the door.

Is this the only evidence that proves it

A photograph of you and I

Your reflection I've erased

Like a thousand burned out yesterdays

Phoebe stormed down the steps and towards the front door, rage burning inside her. She was muttering to herself as she opened the front door and when Grams asked where she was going, her "Like you care" was almost screamed.

She stormed down the path and into the street, slamming her feet onto the pavement, satisfied with the reward of the pain shooting up her legs.

"I hate the lot of them." She muttered to herself. "I'm never going back there, they don't care about me, they wont even notice. I'm never setting foot in that house again."

She had nowhere to go, though. And she left everything she owned at home. All she had was a ten dollar bill and the clothes she was wearing. Great.

She was at the park before she'd decided to go there, but a smile spread across her face as she realised. She did have a place to go. Somewhere no one would ever find her.

Believe me when I say goodbye forever
Is for good
Was it a dream?
Was it a dream?

K so it's short, and I cut the song short too, but it's just the start. Let me know if you think I should continue...or stop now...