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Chapter 5 - Someone Save Us

Song: Heaven Help Us by My Chemical Romance. (B-side to the single, Welcome to the Black Parade)

Grams walked slowly back into the manor slowly, and stood in the living room doorway until her granddaughter and Andy turned to look at her.

"Grams..." Paige murmured, without any idea what else to say.

"I...It wasn't her." Grams whispered. "It wasn't Phoebe."

The gasps and cries of relief were drowned out by Piper's loud, screaming sobs.

Hear the sound

The angels come screaming

Down your voice

I hear you've been bleeding

"Piper, it's OK. It's not her. She's still out there somewhere. We were right." Paige said, moving towards her. "It's OK."

"I know. I know." Piper nodded shakily. "Who - who was it?"

"I don't know. Never seen her before, ever. Does it matter?" Grams asked weirily, stepping forward into the room.

"Not to us, but she matters to someone." Paige snapped, her eyes blazing. "She's someone else's sister, daughter, granddaughter!"

"I know, I know, it's OK." Grams crossed to her, pulled her up. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry Paige."

Paige just shook her head, hugged her grandmother tightly. She hadn't realised how scared she'd been. "It could have been her. It could have been her." She mumbled. She'd tried not to feel, but in the end she couldn't. Somethings you never can stop.

"I - need to walk. Somewhere." Piper muttered, and bolted for the door.

"Piper!" Prue called, a note of fear in her voice. The last time a sister had walked out of that door...

"I'll be back." She promised, and wrenched open the door, rushing from the house and down the path.

Make your choice

They say you've been pleading

Someone save us

Piper was only a block away before she couldn't stop it anymore. She bent over, braced her hands on her knees and threw up in the street, violently.

She managed to stay on her feet this time, by sheer force of will, refusing to collapse into her own vomit. But she stayed leaned over, not sure she'd be able to support herself in another position.

She's not dead. She's not dead. She's not dead.

Shaking, Piper finally stood up. She couldn't sit in the house with them, feel their relief and underlying fear. And her own nausea had been threatening to take over. Leaving seemed the only choice.

Maybe she is dead, Piper thought suddenly. Just because the body laid in the city morgue wasn't her sister, it didn't mean she wasn't dead.

Because sickness was threatening again at the thought, Piper began to walk. Just walk, walk and hope for a miracle.

Heaven help us now

Come crashing down

We'll hear the sound

As you're falling down

She walked a familiar path, ended up at the park. She liked to come her. Their mum used to take them here. When they were a normal family. A complete one.

She remembered, back when their dad had left, when Piper had stated that they were orphanes now, alone in the world, she remembered the four sisters falling into a tangled hug, and Prue telling them they weren't alone. They always had each other, and they could survive anything together. Childhood innocence, the ready faith that came with it, had made the four of them believe those words, cling to them for comfort.

But they weren't all together now, were they? She, Piper, had ran from the family, and Phoebe...

Piper sat on a swing, not caring that it was starting to rain around her, not caring that she wasn't wearing a jacket and the cold was stinging her bare arms. She didn't care about anything, just Phoebe.

I'm at this old hotel

But can't tell if I've been breathing or sleeping or screaming or waiting

For the man to call or maybe

All of the above

Cause mostly I've been sprawled on these cathedral steps

While spitting out the blood and screaming

Someone save us!

That's when she saw it. Or rather, saw her. Stumbling away from the bushes and trees at the far end of the park. A figure, a girl.

"Phoebe?" Piper didn't move for a moment, not sure if she was seeing things. But it was her, it was. Bruised and bloody, stumbling and staggering, Phoebe was trying to run.

"Phoebe!" Piper screamed, and ran towards her, faster than she'd ever run, ever known she could. Phoebe didn't see her until she was two feet away, hadn't heard anything but her own heart pounding and her ragged breath struggling.

"Piper." She croaked, and when Piper threw her arms around her, Phoebe felt her legs gave way and just let herself be held up, held close.

"What happened to you?" Piper sobbed.

"Rob. What if he comes back? He'll come back, he'll come back, I have to get away from here." Phoebe was crying now, and her voice kept catching, but Piper heard the fear, the plea.

"Come on, come on, home." But as Piper tried to lead her, Phoebe could barely stand. She would have sank to the floor if Piper' grip wasn't so tight.

"Have to run. Have to run. Can't. I can't." She was mumbling, confused, scared. And Piper was suddenly scared too. Someone had done this. Someone could come back.

"Come on Phoebe, come on baby." Piper said desperately. "You can do this, please." She half-dragged, half-lead, but she somehow managed to get her out of the park.

Heaven help us now

Come crashing down

We'll hear the sound

As you're falling down

"Not far, it's not far." Piper murmured. "Keep going."

"Hurt me. Tired. Drink." Phoebe mumbled. Everything was a little blurry, and she couldn't think straight. Was this Piper? Really? Or was she dreaming? Was she going to wake and see his eyes again, find herself back on that dirty, bloodstained floor. Her blood. Lots of blood, hot, gushing, didn't feel the pain anymore. Gushing. Where? Why? It was important, but Phoebe couldn't make the thought form, and so she let it go.

Then she saw the manor, the big red and white blur that she knew was home. And she heard Piper yelling, thought she saw the front door open and people rushing towards her. Then she heard Andy's voice, louder than the desperate blurs of her sisters.

"She's bleeding. Where's she bleeding from?" Andy's voice was desperate though, and she struggled to focus. Bleeding? Her face again? Her nose had bleed a lot, hadn't it? Gushing. Then she remembered, wondered vaguely how she could have forgot. "I'm going to kill you now, Phoebe. See this? It's knife, darling. Focus on it now. I know you're tired, but surly you want to see this." Laughing. He was laughing, and she was too weak the even roll away from the knife as he forced it into her stomach. It didn't hurt, but she remembered the sound it made, the hot feel of her blood pouring from it, and his laughter. "Now, I think I'll leave you hear let you bleed to death alone, see. You deserve that, to be alone. Bye bye, sweetheart." And he walked slowly out. She'd sat their blankly for a while before she realised he was gone, and had crawled to the door, somehow pulled herself to her feet.

"Stabbed." She managed. "Stabbed."

Then she heard someone yelling for an ambulance, felt someone yanking up her top and heard the gasps. Someone was pressing a towel on the wound, and suddenly her own word made sense to her. Stabbed. She'd been stabbed.

And she felt herself sink to the floor before the world went black.

And will you pray for me?

Or make a saint of me?

And will you lay for me?

Or make a saint of...

"A name. She didn't say a name?" Prue said desperately. She was gripping Piper's hands, in the waiting room of the hospital. Piper closed her eyes, saw the image of her sister laid on the floor, bruised and bleeding, unconscious, and opened them again.

"I don't know. She was confused, and mumbling. Tired. I couldn't really make it out."

"Think, Piper. Think. Anything. We need to get the person who did this." Andy's dad said softly.

"What if he comes back for her?" Andy said, and that jolted Piper.

"I...God. I can't think straight."

"Talk us through it." Prue said. "Exactly what happened, right from you leaving the house."

"From leaving the house?"

"Every second." Prue nodded.

"Ah, OK. I, ah, threw up. A block away. In the street. Felt like I might do it again, so started walking. Didn't want to think about Phoebe, about anything. Was at the park. Didn't decide to go there, just ended up there. Starting to rain, lightly. Softly. Barely felt it. The kind that you don't pay attention to, the kind that soaks you, and you didn't think it would."

"OK, then what?" Andy prompted gently.

"Ah, sat on the swing. Thinking about Phoebe again. Guilty, cos if I hadn't shouted at her, she wouldn't have left the house, and - and -"

"Piper." Paige said softly, and Piper nodded.

"Saw her. Didn't really click at first, just stared at her for a second. Maybe two. But it was her, I knew it was her. I was running. She was all bruised, and I could see dry blood, on her face, her hands. Maybe I saw what had soaked through her top, but I wasn't thinking about it. I just...She was staggering, like she couldn't walk properly. Trying to run, but...she didn't have the strength left." Her voice broke, and she took a second to breath before she started talking again, brushed away the single tear that leaked from her eye. She wouldn't cry. She needed to concentrate.

Cause I'll give you all the nails you need

Cover me in gasoline

Wipe away those tears of blood again

And the punch line to the joke is asking

Someone save us

"She didn't see me until I was right there, just a few steps away. Looked confused, scared. So scared. She said my name. Fell into me. I held her, held her up, hugged her. Didn't want to ever let go...I asked her what happened. She - she said...Oh, god. She said 'Rob. What if he comes back? He'll come back, he'll come back, I have to get away from here.' She was crying, shaking, sounded so scared. She couldn't stand anymore, so I was holding her up, dragging her. She said she had to run, but she could. Can't."

"Rob. Who's Rob?" Prue asked.

"I don't know. Maybe that's why I didn't remember. Rob."

"Rob?" Paige repeated. "Rob was that boy, the boy she used to hang around with. A few years ago. I never liked him, he scared me, but Phoebe said he was her best friend. Then a few years ago they weren't mates anymore."

"I remember." Piper whispered. "Oh, god, I remember. He was the creepy one, used to give us weird looks. She just kinda drifted away from him, didn't she?"

"That little boy?" Grams whispered. "She used to have him over for tea..."

"He did that to her?" Andy snarled. "I'll kill him. I'm going to kill him." He actually took a step towards the exit before Prue grabbed him.

"Andy, Andy, just wait."

"No, Prue. No. she's in one of these rooms, bruised and battered and stabbed. She's like my sister too. He's not getting away with it."

"No, he isn't." Andy's dad replied mildly. "But you're staying right here, son."

"Dad -" Andy coloured only slightly, having forgotten his dad was in the room.

"I'll sort the kid out. The right way. Do you have a full name on the boy?"

"Uh, Robert Morse." Paige said. "I'm pretty certain."

"Any idea where he lives?" Grams recited the address uncertainly.

"I used to drop her off, pick her up. Even gave him a ride home sometimes. Gosh."

"Sit down, Grams." Prue murmured, and Penny did so.

Heaven help us now

Come crashing down

We'll hear the sound

As you fall

Phoebe blinked as her sisters, Grams, and Andy filed into her room. The nurse eyed them, muttered something about rest, and too many people. She was ignored.

Phoebe ached all over. She felt as though every inch of her body was bruised. Her face, nose, was throbbing, and her abdomen was sore.

"Phoebe." Piper said softly. "Oh, Pheebs."

"Am OK." Phoebe mumbled. The light was hurting her eyes. She half closed them.

"No, you're not." Prue murmured.

"Last time, last time you were here, and I was stood there." Phoebe muttered groggily.

"Yeah. Yeah. I wish it was me instead of you, Phoebe." Because Prue sounded close to tears, Phoebe shook her head.

"If you were laid here like this I'd be sad."

"Better than in pain." Prue murmured. Phoebe just shook her head.

"Rob." She said slowly, as it all came back to her. Distress flooded her expression.

"It's OK. My dad's gone to arrest him." Andy assured her gently. "He'll be locked up. He can't hurt you anymore."

"Oh. He...he said he'd been waiting to kill me for ages cos I ditched him. Said I used him and just ditched him when he wasn't useful anymore. Said I was just a bitch who used people, that I was evil." She was crying silently, didn't even realise it.

And would you pray for me?

(You don't know a thing about my sins, how the misery begins)

Or make a saint of me?

(You don't know, so I'm burning, I'm burning)

"You're not evil Phoebe." Piper said softly. "You're not anywhere near it. I know you, I know you're not. I'm sorry for what I said Before you left."

"Wh...Oh. That stuff. Did you mean it?" Phoebe asked as she closed her eyes again.

"No, no, never. I'm so, so sorry."

"Doesn't matter then. If you didn't mean it, it's just the same old stuff, isn't it. We do it all the time. Love each other anyway."

"Yeah, we do." Paige murmured.

"See. Don't be guilty, Piper. Not your fault."

"It's not yours either." Andy said sharply, catching the tone of Phoebe's voice. "No matter what he told you, it wasn't you fault. Phoebe, listen to me. He stabbed you, beat you, broke you. You didn't deserve it, never have. Never will. Trust me."

"OK. He's not going to come here, is he?"

"We'll never let him near you again." Piper promised.

"OK. Piper. You helped me home. Dragged. Couldn't have walked there. Too weak. Tired." Everyone else knew it was from dehydration as well as exhaustion, but no one said anything.

"Yeah, I did. You'll be OK now." Piper said softly, stroking back Phoebe's hair.

"Yeah. Can I go to sleep now?"

"Sure, sure you can." Piper said, and when Phoebe instantly did so, the filed out of her room.

And will you lay for me?

(You don't know a thing about my sins, how the misery begins)

Or make a saint of me?

(You don't know, cause I'm burning, I'm burning, I'm burning, I'm burning)

"I don't think she remembers properly." Prue said. "She didn't seem all that scared, was too easily assured."

"She's tired. Probably too tired to think straight." Piper replied wearily. "And on god knows what meds. What do we do when she wakes up, if she's scared? How can we get her though that?"

"We do what we've always done." Paige murmured. "We stick together, we help each other. We always promised to do that."

"Yeah, we did." Piper nodded. "Maybe we forgot that a little bit, lately."

"It doesn't matter." Prue said. "We remember now."

"We're going to be OK, aren't we?" Paige asked. It was more a statement than a question, but there was a childish kind of hope in her voice. Hope. They'd all lost that, somewhere along the way. Maybe it was time it came back into their lives.

"We're going to be fine. Somehow, we're going to be fine." Piper nodded.

Cause I'll give you all the nails you need

Cover me in gasoline again.

And The End. Maybe they'll be a sequel, I think it's pretty open for one. The last few song bits, the stuff in brackets is being sang under the words not in brackets, btw. Not easy to write down, but it sounds awesome.