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Clip my Wings

Maybe he was losing his mind or it was just too damn cold to think straight.

Why the hell was he out here? Usually on these white, Winter days, he found himself inside, training along side his uncle; it had become a daily routine for him. Even if it wasn't scheduled, if Neji felt like training, he might just show up at the Hyuuga's doorstep and he'd be more than glad to spar with the young prodigy.

This, unfortunately, was one of the only things he could rely on anymore. His world had turned topsy-turvy ever since he met the other Genin of Konoha. Meeting Naruto was quite an experience all in its self. Though, being around people that were his family, no matter how distant they had been in the past, it still gave him a sense of tranquility.

Yet still, there was something that felt empty every single time he stepped into the Hyuuga manor, as if he were to throw up, but the gag never came. Was it simply that now, he had no reason to despise its inhabitants? Though, he supposed it would've made sense seeing as his hatred for the main family had been a fuel for him in the past, striving him to become more powerful. But now he had no motive to keep him going. It truly was a part of his life. Even though it wasn't a cherished part, is it still difficult to relieve the beliefs from ones past, even if it's what angered him most? Or maybe the empty feeling was that of Hanabi's cold gestures towards him. He always smirked at this. Did she believe he posed a threat of any kind? He supposed she wasn't used to having a stronger Hyuuga around other than her Father.

She wanted to be the heiress, it was clear to see. But Neji couldn't stop her even if he wanted to. Accepted or not by Hiashi, he still was not his son. And it wasn't like Hinata posed any competition. She didn't even want the title, let alone did she have the courage to take on the responsibilities that came along with it.

Neji knew what a maniacal little spawn Hanabi was the moment he laid eyes on her threatening smirk towards him. He had simply let a 'hn' escape his lips, proud of the scowl that immediately replaced the petite girls devilish smile. It was quite easy to mess with her. He got a kick out of it every time he came over.

He knew Hanabi would convince her sister to hand her the duty, and it was quite possible. Being a head of authority to the clan after Hiashi passed it down to her, Hinata was aloud to either continue to lead it, or pass the clan over to any main family member she felt fit. Hanabi knew her elder sister much too wisely, knowing full well that Hinata would give no hesitance in escaping the fate given to her by birth, gladly handing it over to her junior.

Neji let a sigh escape his chapped lips as he saw his own breath lingering before him.

'A confusing family indeed,' he allowed his mind to confirm curtly. He hugged his body tighter as he let his eyes scan the white ground beneath him. Kicking the snow as he trailed along the forest path, he thought back to when he was a boy, and the truth of his Fathers death. 'Damn Hinata,' he cursed.

He wasn't necessarily angered by her, he was more angry with himself. The way he treated her in the Chuunin exams was unforgivable, especially after what he'd promised his Father when he was a small boy; that he would protect her with his life. Trying to kill her was definately a step backwards..though it wasn't as if he cared much about her anyway. She could live her life however she wanted; his only duty was to keep her from dying. That would be easy enough, ne?

He sighed once again, troubled by his own racing mind. He'd been proven wrong in the past year. He, Neji Hyuuga, had been proven wrong, and on so many occasions at that.

He felt like a fool when he found out the truth of his Father. He'd been living his whole life thinking that one thing was right, that his Father's death was caused by Hiashi, his uncle, and that he would not follow the orders of his deceased Father and protect Hinata. Though, now knowing that he was wrong, it seemed only fit to carry out his promise. But he felt silly doing so, it made him cringe. Being cold-hearted to her one moment, and her gaurdian the next, made him look stupid. And people would know soon enough about the truth of his Father, and fill in the pieces as to why he suddenly cared for his cousin. People would think of him as a pet to the main branch. He had a reputation to uphold, after all.

Neji Hyuuga lived for no one. Sure, he was born into a lesser branch and even though this was true, and his duties were indeed to serve, he defied his orders..that's what made him strong. But now that he was finally obeying, what did that say about his strength?

He clenched his fists at his sides, his eyes narrowed in confusion and anger. His teeth were clenched together so hard, he couldn't have cared less if they began to break. And suddenly, he let go. There was for once, nothing he could do. The snow began to fall.

Neji stopped quite abruptly at the sudden percipitation. He reached his hand out from his side, feeling the snowflakes melt on his pale skin. He drew his hand back and lifted his head to look at where it was coming from, only to get a snowflake in his eye. He scowled, mumbling something incoherent and wiping it away harshly, crossing his arms infront of his chest and continuing his pacing.

Just then, there was a soft cry of pain. Neji perked his head up to look through the trees. There was no one in sight, but a small clearing was formed deeper within the trees, away from the path. He sighed to himself, knowing the right thing he should do, yet still not wishing to assist anyone in dire need or pain.

He slowly left the path and walked through the trees, coming into the small clearing. And there, bruised and bloody, lay an injured young woman. His eyes grew in size, yet as soon as they did, returned to their usual stoic form.

"Hinata.." he confirmed as he crouched down beside her barely concious form. He lifted her head. "What happened?"

When she didn't reply immediately, he became annoyed. He simply sighed and took her into his arms, knowing she'd surely freeze to death if she fell asleep. He leapt through the trees, knowing exactly where he'd take her. He sighed inwardly, contemplating her condition; bothered that he might need to bandage her wounds. If he chose to do otherwise, her Father would ask why he didn't treat her.

Why the hell was she out there anyway. Was she training?

He had to say that he was slightly impressed by her persistance. After being humiliated so many times and shown up by her teammates and friends, he supposed it would've gotten tiring for her and she decided to make something of herself. Of course, he would never know what being shown up felt like. He smirked at his own self confidence.

When he reached the Hyuuga manor, the young heiress had already fallen limp in his arms. He set her down in the sheets of her room. Readying himself to leave, he looked back at her as she cringed in her sleep. He couldn't help it..

Walking over to her form, he tore out a few gauze and began to unravel them, afterwards checking to see where she had been severely injured, if she were at all. She might have just had small cuts and bruises, minor training injuries. She was weak after all. The tiniest of wounds were able to phase her.

Checking her arms and legs, nothing seemed to be broken. She didn't flinch when he applied pressure to her muscles. She was fine. As he stood, he saw her wince and grasp her stomach. Still unconcious, she moaned in pain. He sighed inwardly.

Getting down on his knees next to her, he began to lift her shirt. He blushed as he realized he'd lifted it too far and a small portion of her breast was exposed. He swiftly pulled her shirt back down and turned away, making sure the crimson on his face had faded before he continued to inspect her.

He narrowed his eyes as he focused on the girl once again. How old was he? He was a serious ninja of fourteen, he would not allow himself to be swayed by a womans chest. Most boys his age were too immature and thought it was gross, while others were dying to see. Neji found no amusement in a womans body. He was much too mature to think it was gross and he wasn't idiotic enough to be entranced by them. Next to that, she was his cousin, it would be wrong to see her any other way. He had no reason to feel invasive or even shy. Still, even as he confirmed this, the heat from his face would not dissipate.

When he began to lift her shirt again, making sure to stop well before her chest, he found something quite odd. Her stomach was bruised. There was a large portion near her right hip that had turned an awkward blackish/purple colour, and near her middle as well where the bruise had turned to a blackish/yellow.

'It looks as if someone beat her. You can't inflict these damages on your own unless you were trying to hurt yourself. If she were merely training, the outcome wouldn't have been this severe.' Shaking the possibilities of another person being involved from his head, he sat her up slightly so that he could bandage around her hips and stomach.

So what if something happened between her and someone else. She was a big girl and could handle it herself. It wasn't his business so he wouldn't trouble himself with the events in her life, as she would do for him. Yet she knew he could take care of himself. But she on the other hand wasn't so great in the personal defense department. Since Neji was fully aware of this, he found it more of a one way deal when they agreed to stay out of eachothers business. Sure, they both said that they would keep their end of the bargain, but if Neji kept out of Hinata's business all the time, she'd probably be dead by now. Yet, he still tried not to pry when he didn't have to. He didn't care for his cousin's meaningless issues.

He circled the gauze from her belly's front to her back and around again. He smirked at how many times he was able to circle her petite body before the gauze ran out. It usually took two bandages to fully cover his own torso. She was so slender, it almost looked unhealthy.

Setting her back down, he took no heed to her whimpering and simply left her there.

Travelling through the halls of the Hyuuga manor, he scanned his surroundings to make sure he didn't stumble upon a little imp until..

"Whatcha' doin'?"

His eyes narrowed as he turned to find a small girl with a smirk plastered on her face.

"Don't you have something to do, Hanabi?" he questioned coolly, yet his annoyance was clearly visible. She grinned at this.

"Why were you in my sister's room?"

He sighed and walked past her, replying as he did,

"She got into some trouble...I fixed it. It's not your business."

As she was about to reply, the door was heard sliding open and shut on the other side of the manor. Neji watched Hanabi's eyes grow wide and an innocent smile appear on her face.


Neji was almost pushed over as the small girl raced past him. He followed her in a rather not-so-excited strut. He got to the door just in time to see Hanabi embrace her Father. He blinked a moment before returning her hug.

"What is it, Hanabi?" he questioned, standing up straighter from his crouched position to hug the small child.

"Look - Neji's here. I'm not sure why, but he was in Hinata's room with her. She's asleep now."

Just as she finished speaking, Hiashi looked up to find the boy giving him a small yet respectful bow.

"Sir," he simply acknowledged.

Hiashi nodded.


After a moment of silence, Hanabi grew annoyed.

"So Father, I wonder why Neji's even here, huh.."

Neji gave her a fowl look before the man replied.

"Yes, as do I. Explain yourself, Neji."

He shook his head in defiance to Hanabi's curiousity.

"It's nothing really, all I did was supply your daughter with some medical assistance. I was out for a walk when I found her nearly unconcious. I had to aid her."

The man looked down for a moment in thought before giving a faint smile and bowing repectfully in turn.

"All I can do is thank you, I suppose. Hinata's been pushing herself a little bit harder lately. I guess it's better than nothing, but she still needs progress."

Neji nodded in sure agreement.


"Well, I thank you for bringing her home. She's never been one to do well to take care of herself. She needs assistance frequently, as you know.." The elder Hyuuga took a moment to purse his lips in annoyance at his own words. He nodded then. "As a sign of my gratitude I would like to offer you shelter for the night," Hiashi presented as he removed his extra layers of winter clothing, leaving nothing but his honourable robes. "..a dangerous blizzard has already descended upon Konoha. Please, stay."

"Thank you."

The Lord left the two cousins to stand near the front door. Hanabi turned to neji with squinted eyes.

"Dirtbag," she mumbled.

"Suck up."




"Brat." Neji smirked as he watched a pout form across his little cousin's face. He watched as she began to stalk off.

"Branch house," she mumbled. Neji's eyes widened as he stared at her retreating form. Oh she'd pay...

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