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Clip my Wings

Eight Months Later...

"Hinata," Hanabi complained as she trudged into the kitchen. "Would you please stop cooking? You're fat enough, aren't you?" Hinata sent a glare over to her little sister, turning and revealing a plump little belly.

"This food is not for me, sister, it's for Neji." Hanabi rolled her eyes, sitting down at the wooden table and turning her chair in Hinata's direction.

"He's been gone for a week, how do you know he's coming back today?"

Hinata turned again, grabbing a cloth from the sink and picking up a random dish, not entirely sure whether it was clean or not, and frankly not caring.

"That's what he told me."

"Well, it was an A rank mission. How do you know he's not dead?" Hanabi' eyes widened as she heard the plate clank loudly into the sink. It was a good thing her sister was standing over it or that plate wouldn't have standed a chance against the hard wood floors.

"D-don't even say that, Hanabi," Hinata replied, her voice quivering. She picked up the plate again nervously. What would she do? She'd thought about this before but she honestly couldn't think of how she'd possibly survive. It was good and bad, she supposed that she relied on him so much. "No," she said more to herself. "That wouldn't happ-"

"Hinata," her words was cut short by his voice. The words were so full of love and longing. She turned to see Neji take two large strides into the room before he pulled her to him by the waist and crushed his lips down on hers. She almost felt stupid for being so relieved that he wasn't dead. She melted into it within seconds, not even able to kiss him back, but he was fine with that. These kisses were incredible, Hinata thought, though horrible. Knowing he was so close to her, and yet he couldn't be. Hinata didn't want to bring up the issue before her father and demand that he reconsider his condition. That would make her seem...out of control. He had to know that she could live without being with Neji that way. But it was completely untrue.

She groaned as he pulled away from her and Hanabi gagged playfully, standing up and leaving the room.

"So," he smiled, pressing his forehead down onto hers. "Busy day?" he almost laughed, seeing as Hinata barely did anything these days. Hinata squinted her eyes at him evilly, though she held a smile as well.

"No. I made you lunch."

"Oh," his smile widened, as he tightened his grip around her waist. "Great. I can't wait to see what you burned this time." She laughed with a shocked smile and tried to push him away but he held her firmly, only allowing her to take her face away from his. He smiled. "I'm kidding," he admitted, leaning down to kiss her lips again, just once.

"Sure," she replied, turning this time in his grip and forcing him to let go. He only grimaced subconciously for a moment.

"So what did you make?" he asked casually. She turned back to him with a bowl in one hand and a plate in the other.

"Rice...and fish," she said. "Eat it." He smiled crookedly and took the dishes from her, turning around and placing them on the table before turning back to her.

"No." She made a face before he replied, "I want to go out." He hooked his arms around her again. "I don't mean to spoil your food, and I know you worked very hard on it," he said, suddenly smiling. "But I want to take you out. Do you mind?" he raised his eyebrows, watching as she contemplated his words before sighing in defeat. She felt his hands roam from her waist and to the front of her belly.

"I guess I could give the food to Hanabi."

"Mm," Neji murmered, shaking his head with a disapproving expression before releasing her and turning for the door.

"What?" she said, appalled as she went to follow him. He slid the door open and stepped aside for her to go through first.

"I wouldn't give it to Hanabi,' he said, suddenly smirking. "- she could choke." Hinata gave him a pursed, squinted look before pushing him out the door.

The strange looks had died down dramatically, though the first few weeks had been awful. Those ugly, disapproving stares had almost given the poor girl a mental breakdown. She watched as a few young children played off to the side of the dirt road, which was surrounded by the villages apartments and small shops. Her gaze then drifted to her hand, curled around another, so warm through her fingers.

He was much less reluctant with her lately, she'd noticed. His hand had only started to find hers in public mere months earlier, and she was finding him showing her more compassion outside of the estate. She sometimes found his hands roam around her, and gently rub against her sore womb while out with friends or as they sat in the park. It was reassuring, that this would last.

"So," he began, watching as she stared at their intertwined fingers. "Any suggestions?" She looked up.

"I thought you did." He smiled.

"I do. I was just seeing what competition you'd give me before I turned anything you said down."

She couldn't help but crack a light smile as his turned to a smirk. Neji had talked to her after that first incident with their friends six months earlier, saying that he was pleased by the fact that she was nervous in front of them. How he didn't remember a time where she was that nervous around him, though knowing that she had been, probably even more so than her friends. He was happy that he was the only person who made her feel confident and safe, though she was becoming very independant throughout the past months. He was proud of her.

"I've decided on the finest dining in the village," he said, not able to suppress that smirk.


He nodded.

"The infamous Ichi Raku's. What do you think?"

"Perfect," she replied, walking with him as he lead her through the shop curtains, only to raise her brows at the unexpected company.

"Hey!" they were greeted by their friends. She turned to Neji, who looked completely unsurprised. Had he called them here? Yes, he was becoming much better at publically displaying what they had between them. It was easier for him as time went on, and when she'd asked him about it, his seemingly feeble reason was that he was falling more and more in love with her each day - that it was becoming increasingly harder not to show her off.

She'd smiled at the corny reply and he'd smirked, crushing his lips to hers like he'd done that very morning.

They sat down at the counter. The night had gone relatively well, and Neji insisted on paying for Hinata's meal. They sat seperately, though Hinata sat near Shino and Kiba on a curve of the counter, and Neji sat with Lee and Shikamaru on the curve on the other side. They sat across from eachother. As they spoke with their friends, they both found themselves distracted.

It had been so long since they'd been together intimately, never going so far as to strip themselves of their clothing. It was almost unbearable to think that they were far from halfway through this 'condition' that Hiashi held. He kept glancing over, not able to pay attention to anything anyone said. He found her peeking as well. It was finally her who suggested they take their leave, Neji and Hinata both, as Hiashi would be waiting up - completely untrue.

They'd joined together at the front of the shop and Neji slung a warm arm around her shoulder and held her close as they walked on to the estate.

He knew that wasn't a good idea, pushing her rather roughly against the hard wall of his chambres. He had to be careful with her, but she clearly wasn't thinking the same. Her back was pressed up against the wall, his body crushing hers as well as it could against her rounded tummy. Her hands trailed from his cheeks and to his neck, the skin there damp with sweat.

He could feel the fabric over his shoulders slipping as her hands pushed them aside and onto the floor, leaving his upper half bare. Her hands roamed over his chest.

He almost wanted to yell at her. What the hell did she think she was doing? Did she have any idea what this was doing to him? Did she expect he could control himself like this? He sighed at himself, seeing as he was at fault probably more than she was. They both wanted this, it'd been too long.

He unzipped her sweater, and made quick work of the net shirt underneath. She did the rest for him, unwraveling the bandages over her breasts and dropping them to the ground as well. His hands engulfed her and she let out a longing moan. His simple touch to her bare body was enough after so long. He found her lips again, and the buckle of his pants was being plucked. He wanted to stop her. Well...maybe he didn't want to, but he had to. But he just couldn't!

It was impossible to protest as she let all of his bottom garments fall, and felt her warm hands over his member. A rumble rose in his throat. She was too beautiful, especially now that she carried his baby.

They slid down the wall, their mouths connected still like wax - molded together. His knees made contact with the floor, his hands immediately roaming to her capris and subconciously and without much effort sliding them over her knees and off her legs. A lump caught in his throat. Everything in his mind was shouting at him to stop, though his hands kept a steady pace as they roamed over her bare body, pushing her softly down to the side and mounting her. He had no control.

She moaned through her lips when the contact of his soft lips conquered the side of her ribs, the feathery light touch hitting nerves she hadn't even known to exist. Something welled up inside of her, and she wanted him so badly. Right now. But this wouldn't happen tonight - it couldn't.

Her nerves couldn't resist as she parted her lips, giving out a loud sensual groan as his mouth engulfed her nipple. She gripped his hair with both fists as he kissed along the valley of her breasts, his toungue sliding across her skin. The wet, warm trail left her shivering, her spine buckling as she arched her back. She felt dirty and wet, not being able to help bucking her hips into his chest. At that moment she would have preffered his groin being there. He groaned at her eager hips, pushing his palms against them and holding her waist to the ground, trying to suggest patience. She struggled slightly against him, making light whimpering noises.

He pushed up only for a moment to silence the noise with his lips, tracing the outline of her bottom lip with his toungue. He remembered the baby, his hands roaming to her belly front. This was wrong, he needed to stop himself. But his actions were eager as he positioned himself over her. He watched in relief as her eyelids flew open in panic. His member just barely pressed against her forbidden skin.

"No! Stop!" she cried, her eyes tightening closed again. She cringed at her own words. "Stop it...please, stop," she breathed out. She felt as his grip eased, and she sighed. It felt so good that this was almost torture to stop. She wanted this, and he did more than her, but her request was too precious to him. He would do what she asked. She could feel his hands shaking as they hovered over her hips, almost as if he were ready to plunge into her as soon as she gave the 'go'.

He shook his head, clearing his mind of the thoughts. Almost afraid he would act on his own accord, he pushed away from her to lay by her side, both their breathing ragged and gasped. He turned his head, kissing her lightly on the cheek. They would just have to wait...not a problem. They only had about five years to go...

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