Universes Mistakes Series: Teaser!

A/N: Hey BFs! How are ma loyal readers today? My Betta, Boomerang Fish, kept asking about a serious Icemark story. Well, here's a teaser!


Ok, so everyone makes mistakes. But Gods? They're supposed to be perfect. Since they are... well, GODS. But everyone does make mistakes. Nobody's perfect, so you can't blame the Gods. Well, maybe you can, a little. After all, ask Greek Myths why there was an ice age. It says a God let his son drive his sun chariot, which was a HUGE mistake.

Anyway, the Gods of the Icemark were usually pretty good. But like I said, everyone DOES mess up eventually. But they had a pretty bad mistake. I mean, how hard is it to put the right person in the right place? You go, oh, he goes there, and she goes here, and George Bush- well, let's leave HIM out of that. But they messed up BAD. I mean, how hard is it to put a Princess and a Warlock in their rightful homes? Or a brother and a sister? Or even two arch enemies fighting for the throne of the country. Jeez, how are they going to live with themselves now? Or even begin to FIX them.

This is the story of a few, misplaced people.

A/N: Haha! Teased yah, right? Anyway, the first story is about Thirrin and Oskan having their places switched, Sharley and Medea having their places switched, and finally!- Bellorum and Thirrin. Ooh, the excitement! Oh, the heads asoloding! Oh dear, the- story corrections? Find out soon!