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I. Little details can be the most important things you can discover.

Haruhi notices that sometimes, Tamaki's French accent comes out. Of course, when Hikaru and Kaoru notice it, they tease him about it but Haruhi smiles at his accent.

She likes it for some unknown reason.

Then Haruhi wonders why she likes it so much.

II. Some times, our actions speak louder than our voices would ever even try.


"Yes, Senpai?"

"I vehemently demand you stop calling me Senpai! I demand it as your father!"

"Well, my father always told me to call someone older 'Senpai' so yes, I should listen to my father."

When Tamaki goes running to a corner to grow mushrooms, Haruhi notes that she's beginning to tease him more and more each day but speculates why.

III. Older and wiser can be very true at times.

Her father doesn't like Tamaki, no. He hates him. But she doesn't understand why. She had always thought they'd like each other. Then when Tamaki had gotten yelled at again, Haruhi just thought maybe her and her father shared more in common than she had originally considered.

"I just don't want you go away yet, you know? I'm not ready yet! So, will you let me get ready?"

"Ready for what?"

"…Don't you know, Haruhi?"


Haruhi tries to understand why that conversation makes her father treat Tamaki nicer.

IV. They say you dream about what you thought before you fall asleep.

Once when she was dreaming, Haruhi dreamt that she was married to Tamaki. In the dream, they had seven children who looked exactly like them and all they did was cry and beg. All Tamaki did was cry and beg.

The next morning, Haruhi had frowned at the dream.

But she wonders why that in the end of the dream, she cuddled up to him and seemed so happy.

V. Your emotions can choke you but you almost die with theirs'.

Tamaki has sadness deep down inside and while everybody knows it, Haruhi is unsure if anybody gets the same feeling she gets when she thinks about it.

Once, when Host Club duties were gone, she noticed him looking out a window and just a quick flash of sadness shines through his eyes before it disappears again. It made her want to comfort him.

When she goes home and makes dinner, she is curious as to why she feels like crying when she's not doing a single thing with onions.

VI. That one person can be the scariest person to you.

Haruhi generally doesn't like to be touched but she doesn't mind it. The only ones that touch her are Hikaru, Kaoru, and Tamaki. Hikaru and Kaoru mean nothing by their touches so she doesn't mind.

Tamaki's touches feel like electricity and make her uncomfortable because he's the only one that can do that. She pushes him away each time he does.

Except that shocking feeling is starting to feel better more and more each time and Haruhi asks herself why.

VII. It's so rare that some times, you don't notice it.

It hits her one day when Kyouya tells her to stop staring at Tamaki. It outright makes her blush when she sees everybody is looking at her like they always knew. Tamaki doesn't but he's too slow anyhow.

She isn't used to it and she can tell that when Tamaki blushes when he notices her looking at him, that he isn't used to it either. That's okay because she knows nobody isn't at first and they'll get to know it.

But how come she hadn't noticed she had fallen in love with him?

Notes: I feel like there has to be more TamaHaru love.