Edward and I were joined at the hips practically since I got back from Derek. I shuddered just thinking his name and all the trouble he caused Edward and I. But now I didn't have to worry about that. At first when I got back I was terrified in thinking that I had not erased Derek's memory well enough and maybe he would go to the Volturi and tell them all what had happened. Alice assured me that she didn't see any vision of that happening. In fact she didn't see bad visions at all anymore. I was like when I had first been turned. Everything was perfect. Eerily perfect but still, I was content and happy. But some days I just couldn't help but think that things were to perfect and sometime soon it would backfire on me. I pushed those thoughts aside for now because I was comfortably resting in the arms of my god like angel. We were all gathered in the living room watching an action movie. I, of course, was nestled in Edwards arms on the couch. He had his arm around my waist and it was complete bliss.

"No way." shouted Emmet "That could never happen!"

"Of course not Emmet, this is a movie." said Alice

" But still it should be realistic." said Emmet enthusiastically.

He always got worked up over these movies. Sigh. Edward heard me and looked down at me.

"Bella would you like to go to the meadow. Its pretty cloudy out still." He asked me.

"I would love that." We sped out of the house hand in hand. I could still hear Alice and Emmet bickering from outside. I laughed and Edward looked at me with an amused expression.

"You find their fights funny?" he asked me while we were slowly walking towards the woods.

"Yes they do it so often. And its big, huge Emmet against tiny, ballerina Alice."

"I can see your point but you haven't seen Alice mad. Trust me its scary, even Emmet gets scared."

I looked up and realized we were still walking slowly and had a ways to go.

"Race you there" I shouted over my shoulder while I sped off towards the meadow. Thankful that I wasn't human anymore and I couldn't trip on air.

Edward caught up to me in no time and scooped me up in his arms. I thrashed around playfully until he set me down.

"Hey I said race you there. That means no picking me up. You cheated. Hmph." I said pretending to be mad at him. Although I was sure that he saw through my charade.

"You are extremely cute when you are mad." He said with a cheesy grin plastered on his face. His eyes dazzling me.

"Oh no you don't. Your not dazzling me out of this one." Of course I knew better, he could still dazzle me out of just about anything.

He walked up to me and took my face in his hands. He got his face right up to my face and breathed out. His intoxicating breath blew right in my face. Yep. He is certainly going to dazzle me out of my fake madness. He put his lips up towards my ear and whispered. "Are you still mad at me my love?"

I shook my head yes. He took his hand and started to caress my face. He then planted kisses all over my face except my lips. This was torture. I couldn't take it anymore.

"OK I'M NOT MAD NOW STOP THAT AND KISS ME." I yelled while I lunged at him and kissed him passionately on the lips. He smiled under my lips and kissed me back. After a long time of making out we just laid on the grass his arm around my waist, and my head on his shoulders.

Who needs heaven when you have this.