Summary: Before sharing the same fate as her parents, Kaoru was saved by a mysterious vampire who left her nothing but a garnet amulet for protection. Eleven years later, the same vampire rescues her once more and she is thrown into his dark world of immortality...

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Chapter One

Darkness. It was a suffocating atmosphere filled with a fog that veiled the dirt path ahead. Only a thin crescent of the moon illuminated the night, no stars studded the sky to aid.

The only living soul was a young girl with ebony hair and cobalt eyes. She was running down the road, making the silent woods echo with the crunching of the dirt under her black dress shoes. Brushing her bangs out of her face, she brought her powder blue jacket closer to her body as she continued to run away from the cold, lifeless eyes of her parents.

"Run…run away, Kaoru!"

The last words whispered by her mother before it took her. It took her parents. She didn't know what it looked like, for the darkness shrouded the murderous creature. All she knew was that she was to keep running…

The sound of crunching from beneath her feet stopped when she came in the middle of a crossroad. She froze, unsure of which direction to go. Little girls weren't meant to make such decisions.

"Hey…little girl…" A menacing voice said from directly behind her. She slowly craned her head to look at the source of the voice. He had short, mousy brown hair and a worn face. His eyes were burning red and he had a crazed grin, revealing two glinting fangs. "Would you mind if I took some of your blood?"

He grabbed her from behind and turned her so she could only see his blood-lust eyes. His breath stank of blood. She was frozen with fear as she felt his face dig into the crook of her neck. Even though she was young, she knew she felt invaded.

"N-no…" She managed she squeak as she felt the hard fangs graze her neck.

In one horrifying moment, she thought this ghastly monster would be the one to end her life, like he did to her parents. She had the painful desire of having her parents with her and always protecting her.

However, a spark of red caught the corner of her eye and she was suddenly dropped from the ground. She felt the hot liquid splash onto her face and jacket – blood. The sickening stench made her want to vomit.

She looked away from her blood-stained hands to see her attacker in a bloodied heap on the dirt road. Her gaze shifted upwards to find a man of rather short stature with long red hair – the same shade she saw earlier in the corner of her eye. He was holding a sword that was dripping with fresh blood. At closer inspection, she saw ivory fangs protruding from his mouth as he glared at the unmoving creature he'd killed. She unconsciously began to shake in fright as she watched his quick, but graceful movements toward her.

"Are you alright?" He asked in a surprisingly gentle voice, getting on a bended knee. She was unable to move, scared of what she had just witnessed the man before her do. The red-haired man sighed, took a white handkerchief out of his pocket, and began to wipe the blood off of her pale face. "It's okay…you are safe…" He murmured as he pocketed the blood-stained handkerchief. Before putting a white-glove-covered hand on her head lightly, he looked past her the crossroad. "You must get to the nearest town quickly – take the left fork and do not stop running until you have reached the church. You do know what a church is, right?"

He pulled her up to her feet smoothly as he looked at her with intent violet eyes that were flickered with the amber hue that she first saw him have. She merely nodded, understanding his instructions. He dug a hand into his black jacket pocket for a few moments before taking out a large, red amulet on a silver chain. It was a little smaller than the palm of her hand, she noted as he placed the amulet around her neck.

"This will protect you from evils of the night and will give you guidance." He explained before putting his hand on her head once more. "I wish you good luck in your new life – and I pray you not to mention me to another soul." In the amount of time she had blinked, he'd disappeared into the shadows of the night.

Gripping the amulet tightly in her grasp, she ran in the direction in which he had instructed her and did not stop until she reached the small church at the break of daylight.

Eleven Years Later

"What are you doing? You already missed half of breakfast!"

Kaoru sighed once more as she slowly brushed through her long black hair in front of the mirror. She turned around to look at her roommate Megumi with dazed eyes.

"God, you're so out of it." Megumi stated, taking a strand of dark hair behind her ear before a thought coming to her mind. "Oh…wait…is it…that day?" She asked warily. Kaoru nodded and yawned, putting her brush down lightly before standing up. "Did Riko and Hiraku call at five in the morning?"

Kaoru gave a small smile. "Yeah, they did. They wanted to make sure I did my protection spell before classes." She fingered the garnet amulet around her neck without thought.

Megumi scoffed, "And what did you have to do for this spell?"

"I had to go outside with a stone of Saturn correspondence – I used tourmaline – and center myself in a circle of salt on the ground."

"It's so much easier being a Christian." Megumi sighed, fingering her small, golden cross around her neck.

Kaoru shrugged. "I suppose so. How much of breakfast did I miss?"

"All of it. I just came back to get my Physics textbook – I saved you two pieces of toast." Megumi answered, handing Kaoru two pieces of toast in a white napkin.

"Thanks." Kaoru said, taking a bite and grabbing her messenger bag. "We didn't have any homework in English right?"

"Just the ten note cards on our research paper."


"And we needed to read another act of Othello."

"Damn it! I forgot about that." Kaoru cursed as they turned down the corridor into the English wing. "Recap what happened." Kaoru finished her first slice of toast and moved on to her second one as she looked at Megumi expectantly.

"Wow, usually I'm the one who forgets to do the reading." Megumi muttered before going in depth into the play. They quickened their strides and entered the large classroom. They climbed the stairs to the top row of wooden desks and took their usual seats. "Yamakazi is going to know you didn't do the reading – those quizzes are brutal."

"You don't think I know that?" Kaoru said worriedly, holding her amulet tightly as everyone else started pooling into the classroom.

"Ugh, shit." Megumi murmured, hiding her head in her arms. Kaoru looked at her confusedly before hearing a very loud voice.

"Megumi! My lovely maiden, where art thou?"

"Not now, Sano. It's too early." Kaoru said in a warning tone. Sano ignored her forewarning and plopped himself next to Megumi. She lifted her head and was about to say something to Sano, but the door entering the classroom opened to reveal an elderly woman of tall stature and sharp eyes.

"Good morning, class." The old woman named Professor Yamakazi greeted as she entered the classroom with her text and signature binder in arm. The class grumbled a "good morning", but not in unison which irked the professor. "I said good morning class." She reiterated.

This time, the class chanted back, "Good morning."

Yamakazi placed her binder onto her personal desk and took out a small stack of papers. "Everyone clear your desks except for something with which to write." She started as she gave the pile to the edge person at the bottom row. She took six sheets to pass down her row and gave rest of the sheets to the second row above her. The cycle continued through the top row where Kaoru was fiddling with her amulet. She stopped playing with her necklace as soon as Yamakazi's sharp eyes focused on the top row, making sure everyone got a quiz.

Kaoru looked down at the quiz and took a deep breath before signing her name and beginning. Due to Megumi's in depth explanations, she was able to answer most of the questions except one about a miscellaneous quote that she was sure was by a servant of sorts. Professor Yamakazi loved adding random quotes onto her quizzes and tests to make sure that her students were paying attention to the text while reading.

"You have one minute." Yamakazi warned as she took out her notes for the day and put on her reading glasses that hung on a golden chain around her neck. Kaoru sighed and fingered the silver chain around her neck. She closed her eyes and pictured that cold fall night where she met her red-headed savior. Did she imagine it or did he really have…?

"Kaoru! She said to hand them in." Megumi said, poking Kaoru and breaking her out of her reverie. Kaoru blinked before automatically handing in her quiz. She sighed once more and took out her notebook from her bag. Everyone soon followed her suit and waited patiently and silently for their professor to get organized.

"Now, what was the answer to question one?" She asked with a blank quiz in her hand as she stared at the class expectantly.

Kaoru's attention began to drift and she soon found herself staring out the window, reveling in the brown and red hues of the trees. He had red hair, she thought idly as her hand went to where her red stone was resting slightly above her breast bone. Gripping it in her hand, she felt the warm protection flow through her palm throughout the veins of her body, slowly filling her with a comforting feeling.

However, her peaceful thoughts were interrupted by a strict and loud voice.

"Miss Kamiya! How many times must you be told that you cannot wear such jewelry during school hours?" She snapped, immediately grabbing Kaoru's attention. She stopped mid-fiddle and felt her face grow hot. Her professor held out her wrinkled hand with an expected expression. "Hand it over." She stated. Kaoru clasped the amulet tightly, feeling its soothing warmth through her palm. "Now." Professor Yamakazi demanded. Slowly reaching behind her neck, she unclasped it and took it off. She clasped the chain again before getting up gradually and walking down the stairs to where her professor was standing. Dropping the necklace slowly, she felt as if part of her was completely missing. Her blood, which was once coursing with protection, ran cold without the reassuring weight of her amulet.

"You may pick it up after school hours." The professor said. Kaoru bit her lip and turned to walk back up to her seat.

Of all the days to have possibility had her amulet confiscated, it had to be the day when she was most vulnerable. She was spiritually unstable, being that she was thinking of the past constantly, making her unaware of what was occurring in the present. Mentally cursing herself, she wished she lit a gold candle this morning to bring her luck throughout the day.

Kaoru forced herself to look at her teacher and focus on the lesson, even though it was very difficult and she continuously found herself staring at the pencil marks on her desk where her amulet rested on her professor's desk.

At the end of class, Kaoru immediately got up from her chair and swung her bag onto her shoulder. She walked over to Megumi's desk and waited impatiently for her to hurry up.

"God, Kaoru! Can you just cool it for one minute?" Megumi snapped as she zippered her bag. "See? It didn't take that long did it?"

Kaoru didn't say anything as she walked past her. "I need to go back to our room to get the tourmaline I used this morning."

Megumi groaned. "Why? It'll take even longer to get to physics."

"Because I have no protection whatsoever thanks to the bitch of all professors." Kaoru replied viciously, surprising herself with her maliciousness.

"Well, you weren't paying attention, and quite obviously too. The least you could've done was pretend to be paying attention."

"But still – she has no clue what that amulet means to me." Kaoru continued, pretending she didn't hear Megumi's comment. "I mean, who knows what could happen now?" She muttered to herself, frightened of what unknown dangers await now that she was exposed.

Megumi sneered. "In case you forgot, we're not living in Hogwarts – there's no such thing as magical creatures."

Kaoru craned her neck to look back at her friend. "I don't scoff at your religion; please don't scoff at my beliefs."

"But you don't really believe in it – you just do it to please your parents!"

"Foster parents. Besides, even though I'm not as passionate about it as they are, I still get benefits from it. I really don't want to talk about this again." With that, she increased the speed in her strides and headed toward the dormitories.

After putting the tourmaline in her blazer pocket, she felt a little better but still fingered where her necklace used to rest on her chest. She never felt so exposed in her life. The rest of the day was sluggish for Kaoru, especially since Megumi and she weren't on speaking terms. Although it wasn't much of an argument, Kaoru couldn't bring herself to talk to Megumi, who knew that her foster parents based their whole life on the occult.

Kaoru clutched the tourmaline during the last few minutes of class, eagerly waiting to get her amulet back in her possession. At the corner of her eye, she saw Megumi stare at her before shaking her head in distaste. Kaoru felt her upper lip twitch in annoyance but didn't dare look back at her friend.

When the bell rang, Kaoru immediately sprang up from her desk and speed-walked out of the classroom. Readjusting her bag properly onto her shoulder, she quickened her pace as she weaved through the wave of students who were lazily walking through, exhausted after a long day of classes. She ran up the staircase, immediately out of breath when she reached the top.

Kaoru breathed out in triumph when she reached the door to Professor Yamakazi's office. She smartly knocked on the door and waited patiently. After a minute of silence, she knocked again, a bit louder. However, after another minute of waiting, Kaoru got frustrated.

"Uh, excuse me? Professor Yamakazi?" Kaoru said, slowly opening the door.

The sight before her made her stop breathing.

Blood was splattered on the once impeccably clean office, staining the oak wood a horribly familiar sanguine color. The pungent spell of blood reached Kaoru's nose and made her immediately tense and made her throat go dry. Her messenger bag slid off her shoulder and landed with a loud thump, shattering the thick silence.

Her eyes slowly moved to the source of all the blood – Professor Yamakazi. She was sprawled on the floor, pale, and with a look of terror frozen on her wrinkled face. A dark figure was hunched over her, making jagged panting noises. The figure snapped his head up to reveal and ghostly pale face with gleaming red eyes and a pair of blood-stained fangs.

A flash of that bitter cold night eleven years ago entered her mind and suddenly, she reverted back to the mindset of her frightened five-year-old self.

Her breathing became shallow as the red-eyed vampire glided over to her and trapped her in his iron-like grasp. "Mmm…young…fresh…" The vampire growled under his breath, running his nose up and down her neck. Kaoru's hands began to shake and her chest began heaving as she tried to fill air into her lungs. She screwed her eyes shut, hoping it was all just a horrible nightmare. But the vampire's cold, hard hands were too real as they bruised her forearms and the tang of blood that oozed off him couldn't be replicated in a mere dream.

However, it soon all disappeared – the direct smell of blood and the hard grips on her arm. She opened her eyes in shock to find the red-eyed vampire up against the opposite wall, hissing at someone. Kaoru turned her head to see where he was looking and was even more stunned to see a familiar, short red-headed figure who was in a fighting stance, white-gloved hands holding a gleaming silver sword.

The red-eyed vampire chuckled darkly, unsheathing a sword from behind his back. The redhead stole a quick glance at Kaoru, his violet eyes searching her shrewdly. In that one moment of inattention, the crazed vampire charged at the redhead, who barely managed to block the blow.

"Where is the amulet?" The redhead asked with a slight urgency in his tone as he blocked a side attack and jumped to avoid another.

It took a second for Kaoru to realize that he was speaking to her. "M-my professor took it." She managed to stutter as she slowly walked away from the dueling pair.

The red-eyed vampire managed to cut the redhead's arm, but did not do enough damage to hinder his quick movement. After dodging the vampire's sword, the redhead took his left hand to the end of his sword and brought it under the vampire's chin, completely severing the head.

There was a stifling silence after the thump of the vampire's body crumpling to the ground. The overpowering smell of blood came for another assault on Kaoru's nose, making her feel sick to her stomach once more. After the redhead flicked the metallic blood off his sword, he sheathed it and walked toward Professor Yamakazi's body. As he crouched down to her dead form, Kaoru gave into her body's desire and threw up the contents of her stomach. She choked back a sob before dropping to her knees on the hard wooden floor. From the corner of her eye, she saw the redhead's black boots before a gloved hand speckled with blood came into her view.

"I'm truly sorry you had to witness that." He said softly as she took his still arm with her shaky hand. He helped her get to her feet with ease and gave an apologetic smile. She was unable to speak as he revealed her amulet from his other enclosed hand. "I suppose you want this back, hm?" he said lightly, trying to cheer her up a little. Instead, a few tears leaked from her eyes and ran down her sickly pale cheeks.

A look of pure guilt adjourned his face before his gaze was quickly diverted toward the door. "I have to leave. I'll see you later this evening." He said so quickly that she almost missed it.

When the redhead had disappeared, her gaze fell toward the two dead bodies covered with blood, making her feel extremely woozy. The room soon started tilting and spinning as the blood consumed her lungs and she soon afterwards passed out.

Kaoru soon started to wake in response to the loud noises being made around her. Still exceedingly groggy, she couldn't make sense of the words and tried to fall back asleep. However, the events that took place earlier began to fill her mind. Her eyes snapped open and she found herself looking into a bright white light. She immediately knew she was in the infirmary wing, having been there once before when she had a stomach bug.

"She's awake!" She caught someone exclaiming before hearing the sound of a door slamming open, incidentally causing her ears to ring. Unintentionally groaning out loud, she turned her head to find the source of the piercing ruckus.

"Get out! She needs to rest!" Kaoru heard the nurse whisper in a threatening tone. Trust the nurse to get rid of unwanted visitors; she was a master of it.

"But this is about a serious murder!" She heard an unfamiliar, masculine voice retort.

"This student has seen a massacre! She needs time to rest!" The nurse hissed. Kaoru's eyes widened, her hand flying to her chest and was worried to find that her amulet wasn't around her neck.

"Where is it?" She whispered out loud. The nurse and the unknown man looked down at Kaoru in shock.

"Where is what, dear?" The nurse asked soothingly.

"My necklace…"

"It's right here on the table next to you. Go back to sleep, you've been through quite a –"

Kaoru shot up and grabbed her amulet from the table and swiftly put it around her neck. She sighed as the comforting warmth began to seep through her veins.

"Well, since she's awake…" the man said, getting his notepad and pen ready. Kaoru eyed him apprehensively, although he had a pleasant face, the determination in his eyes was terrible. "Good evening, I'm detective Akira Kiyosato." He said, scribbling something on the top of his notepad before gazing into her blue eyes. "Would you mind –?"

He was interrupted by an old man quickly striding through the infirmary wing with a hard glare. "Excuse me, but who allowed you onto my school property?" the old man questioned, his eyes boring into Akira's.

"Ah, you must be Nenji Kashiwazaki, the headmaster of this academy?" Akira said smoothly, standing up and holding out a hand. "Detective Akira Kiyosato." The old man continued to glower at the detective and did not shake his hand.

"You are harassing a student that has not even rested for twenty-four hours after seeing such a scene? Leave this instant!" He roared, making Akira cower slightly. Akira gave a quick nod before fleeing the infirmary wing. The headmaster sighed and shook his head before turning his attention toward Kaoru. "I'm sorry about all the noise. How are you feeling?" He inquired kindly.

"I'm okay…my head just hurts." Kaoru answered with a raspy voice. She cleared her throat and swallowed.

"I'm sure our Ms. Miyagi would be more than happy to give you some aspirin. I'm afraid I have to leave, but I'm glad you're feeling well." He said, putting a strong hand on her shoulder. His intelligent eyes rested on the amulet around her neck for a few moments before turning on his heel out of the infirmary wing. Kaoru unconsciously touched the red stone with a curious expression on her face.

"Here's one aspirin. After you take it, you must go to sleep." Ms. Miyagi said sternly, watching Kaoru who sighed in a dejected manner. More than one would've been nice, she thought to herself as she took the aspirin and glass of water from her. After finishing her glass of water, she laid back onto her bed and closed her eyes, feigning sleep until hearing the clicking of heels drifting away and the red behind her eyelids changing to black.

Kaoru opened her eyes to stare into the black abyss and sighed. She wondered whether or not her redheaded savior would come back to see her, or if she would never see him again for another eleven years. After all, she was extremely interested in knowing his name. Her head continued to pound as she began to visualize the other beds and tables in the darkness. She closed her eyes, trying to block out the pain to sleep. However, immediately after shutting her eyes, a gloved hand covered her mouth gently. By instinct, she shot upright only to be pushed back down onto the bed.

"Shh, it's only me." The voice she immediately recognized to belong to the redhead vampire. She relaxed back against the pillow and tried to find his face in the dark. He removed his hand from her mouth and backed away.

"Who are you?" Kaoru asked quietly.

"We'll talk in the restroom." He swiftly said before disappearing. She sighed as she silently got out of her bed and walked on the cold tile floor toward the bathroom. When she turned on the light, she adjusted her eyes to the brightness to find him sitting on the toilet, staring at her.

He stood up and wordlessly offered the seat. "It's okay; I'll sit on the floor." She said as she slid down the door. Remembering that she was wearing a nightdress, she crossed her legs and waited for him to speak.

He exhaled and sat back down on the toilet before saying, "I swiped a few pain-killers for you." He opened his closed hand to reveal two white pills. She gasped and grabbed them from his outstretched hand. In less than a second, he had a glass of water ready for her.

"Thank you." She murmured before swallowing them all at once. After she finished her water, she looked up at him questioning. "How did you know I have a headache?"

"The blood flow in someone's brain is very different when they have a headache." He explained, looking at her thoroughly. It wasn't in a creepy sort of way; he was merely looking at how much she changed after eleven years. Nonetheless, Kaoru blushed, feeling very uncomfortable.

"I'm sorry, I don't mean to stare. It's just incredible how the human body grows in such a short amount of time."

"To you it's a short amount." She murmured.

"Oh, but it really is in the large scheme of things." He started, getting excited. "How you double your height in a decade is truly remarkable."

"Does it really go that fast – time I mean." She inquired.

He suddenly became very detached. "After a while it does."

She decided she didn't like seeing him depressed like that, so she quickly changed the subject. "So, I've had eleven years to wonder what your name is, and I really want to know, now that you're actually here."

A small smile crept on his face. "Kenshin."

"Kenshin." She repeated, deciding that the name fit him. A flicker of unease passed his face after she said his name. But it disappeared as fast as it had come. "I suppose you know my name by now."

He smiled a bit wider. "Kaoru."

She shivered at the way he said her name, liking the way he made it sound musical. Feeling a bit more comfortable under his gaze, she took in every detail of him. The way his eyes shone with an unnatural light and his air of poise and grace entranced her. He was beyond any mortal.

"Vampires do exist." Kaoru breathed. She watched him keenly as one of his auburn eyebrows rose slightly and a small, almost sad smile crept up his face.

"Yes, we do exist." He answered with a hint of melancholy.

She took a deep breath and exhaled through her mouth, thinking of what else to say. "How…how did you…" She stopped, not knowing how to word her question.

"How did I know you were in danger?" He prompted. She nodded and brought her knees up to her chest. He crossed his legs and leaned back so he sat erect. "Well, there were warnings of a vampire who had lost his mind. And he had left an obvious trail, so I had followed him."

"Is that what you do? I mean, this is the second time saving me." She blurted without thinking. He smiled at her sheepish expression after making her comment.

"I suppose. It's a way of protecting humans." He answered somewhat shortly, giving a feeling that he didn't want to discuss it further. "But I must confess," he started, uncrossing his legs and resting his elbows on his knees, "it's very odd for a human to be attacked twice. Your blood isn't particularly tempting." His last comment he said in a thoughtful manner. She suddenly became very aware of the fact that she was in a very small bathroom two feet away from a vampire that could easily end her life in less than a blink of an eye.

"Blood is blood." She said weakly, bringing her legs even tighter to herself. He looked at her with an ashamed expression, pulling away back to his original position.

"Yes…" He agreed with a voice that was filled with regret and something else she couldn't quite name. "You greatly dislike blood."

"Ugh, it smells bad and tastes nasty."

"It reminds you of that October night, does it not?"

She suddenly felt a tinge of annoyance at how he read her so openly. "And what makes you say that?"

"When I saw you first gazed upon your professor's corpse, I was seeing the eyes of that frightened five-year-old from eleven years past."

"Any normal person would've reacted the same as I did." She retorted.

"No, you've seen us once before. You knew what he was before seeing his face. Nobody else would've reacted like you." He stated calmly. She avoided his bright violet eyes and fingered her amulet.

"Why did you give me this?" She asked softly, gripping the stone tightly.

"I told you that very night – to protect you. Of course, it will only protect you if you wear it." He replied, referring to earlier when she wasn't wearing it.

"That wasn't my fault! I blame you for that – I was thinking about that night in class and –"

"And you were fiddling with it. I don't believe it's my fault if you have a short attention span when you are in a class." He finished for her, with an amused expression. She didn't know what to say and instead glared at him. "Ah, teenage spirit. Very invigorating." He said with a longing in his voice, standing up.

"What stone is this? Ruby? Garnet?" She finally asked after a few tense moments.

"Garnet…or almandine as we call it."

"Does garnet have special powers or something?" She asked, unable to keep a straight face.

"You don't believe it even though you know the existence of vampires? I suspected you would believe anything after this."

"Well why don't you stop assuming how I'm going to react to things? It's really irritating."

"I'm sorry, I really don't mean it. I haven't exactly been in direct contact with a human recently."

Most of Kaoru's anger evaporated with the comment. She didn't quite understand the implications of being a vampire. "So you're old then."


She took in a breath and looked at him carefully. "How old?"

He raised an eyebrow at her. It was so natural and done with ease she knew he wasn't doing it on purpose like most people who are able to do the one eyebrow raise. "Are you sure you want to know?"

She let out her breath and nodded. "Yeah."

"One hundred and seventy years-old."

Kaoru's eyes bulged as she stared at the man before her who looked no older than herself. "Holy shit." She managed to squeak.

He chuckled a little before his violet eyes suddenly moved to the door and narrowed slightly, his face serious. "They are coming. I have to go."

"Wait!" Kaoru said a bit loudly. Kenshin put a finger to his lips, his eyes wide with worry.

"What?" He whispered.

"Am…well…are you just going to disappear again for another eleven years?" She asked, feeling very childish. Surprising her, he bit his bottom lip and shifted his eyes toward the small window on their side.

"It's not permitted for vampires to be in contact with humans." He replied softly. Kaoru didn't know why, but what he said made her heart ache. Still, she kept her composure and nodded slowly. He took her hand and kissed it very briefly before licking his lips. "Keep that amulet around your neck. Be safe." He turned toward the small window before adding, "You've grown into a beautiful woman, Kaoru," in a soft voice. Before she could say goodbye, he disappeared as soon as she had blinked.

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