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Chapter Fourteen

A small figure with curly brown hair and pear-colored eyes immerged from the darkness along with a tall, elderly man with sharp eyes. The girl was giggling.

"The vampire who despised taking life, did the deed, and a mortal who was clearly inferior to the vampire overpowered it. Very unexpected." She said with her soft voice, looking around at everyone. She rested her eyes on Kenshin. "But you're not a vampire anymore, are you? Haven't been a mortal for nearly five minutes and already you've aided a mortal in committing the greatest mortal sin." She giggled once again, her bell-like laughter echoing in the hallway.

"What do you want?" Kaoru asked sharply, surprising herself.

Akemi turned to look at Kaoru. "That was very brave of you, mortal. Albeit rather foolish."

"How was I supposed to know that the room would suddenly change substances?" Kaoru muttered to herself. She looked at Megumi, who was still shaking a bit. "I can't believe…you…you were so cool!" Kaoru blurted, unable to think of the right thing to say for what her friend had done.

Megumi gave her a weak smile. "Yeah. I guess him taking my blood ended up being his undoing."

Akemi sighed. "Another mortal is involved…goodness, you people…"

"We allowed one mortal to know our secret. But two is not acceptable." Masaru said sternly.

"Ah, you mustn't forget Kenshin. He is now a mortal who knows our existence." Akemi added.

"Hardly fair – I am…was one." Kenshin murmured, still in shock. He brought his fingers up to his neck where his pulse was, still not quite ready to fully believe that he had a pulse.

"They either must be changed or killed." Masaru stated.

Kaoru stuttered. "Kenshin was just changed back! There is no way in hell I'm letting you change him. I cut my wrist for it!" She rolled down her sleeve to reveal the blood-crusted wound.

"I'll die if I have any blood taken from me, simple as that." Megumi stated calmly.

Akemi eyed her. "You do have some vampire characteristics. The way you threw that dagger was marvelous – clearly not possible for a normal human."

They heard rushed footsteps from the end of the corridor. Kaoru had barely any time to panic when Seijuro said, "It's Kashiwazaki."

Kaoru looked down at the remains of Enishi's body and grimaced. "Can we relocate this meeting?" She asked.

Akemi sighed. "I do wish we came a bit earlier – his blood would've been tolerable."

Kaoru nearly threw up. "Would you mind not talking about that? It's already bad enough that the smell is absolutely sickening."

Akemi smiled. "You're such a funny mortal."

"What the devil…" Headmaster Kashiwazaki started before trailing off at the sight of Enishi's body. He too had a look of horror and disgust. "Maybe…" He sighed. "Everyone move to the kitchens. We'll get some privacy there…and there'll be enough room for everyone." He stated. He looked to Seijuro and Aoshi. "Could you…remove the body?" He asked awkwardly.

Disgust flashed across Aoshi's face for a brief moment before nodding. With that said, Akemi, Masaru, Megumi, Misao, Kaoru, Kenshin, and Kashiwazaki walked out of the basement and toward the kitchens which was on the first floor.

When everyone grabbed stools of different sizes around in a circle, there was a loud growl that made everyone freeze and turn their eyes toward Kenshin.

His eyes widened as he looked down at his stomach. "I'm…hungry…" He stated in a daze. Kaoru couldn't help but snort. He looked at her and gave her a small glare. "You try not having hunger pains for nearly two-hundred years and then suddenly having them again." But he said it with a smile.

"Alright, let's get this over with quickly." Masaru said with a bored expression.

"We have to wait for Aoshi and Hiko." Misao said defiantly.

"I still find it unbelievable that there's been this whole conspiracy here…" Megumi muttered.

"It'll all be over after tonight, thank goodness, because this school has been such an annoyance." Akemi added. She switched her sharp gaze to Kenshin, who was sitting quietly, looking down at his hands on his lap. "You've been quiet, Himura. You're mortal now - what do you have to say about it?"

Kenshin looked up, his eyes no longer holding an unnatural light to them, yet they were holding its own shine. "I've been trying to sink everything in. I feel like I'm in a dream." He answered.

"Well, we could pinch you, but there's the risk of plucking your arm off." Akemi answered, a small smile playing on her heart-shaped lips.

"No thanks." Kenshin said, chuckling. He looked at the palm of his hand in the light, seeing it was no longer ivory white, but slightly pink. "I have color."

"Oh, Kaoru! Kiss him so we can see him blush! I've always wanted to see his face when he's embarrassed!" Misao exclaimed, jumping to her feet in excitement. Kaoru herself turned pink at the thought, as did Kenshin. "Aw! You're so cute!" Misao gushed near Kenshin's face. She suddenly stopped before turning to the doorway where Hiko and Aoshi were standing. "Aoshi, you know you're the only one for me." She said immediately.

Kaoru burst out laughing and Kenshin smiled a little, not quite looking at Aoshi.

"Stop this nonsense, I want to leave soon, if you don't mind." Masaru said sharply, effectively silencing everyone. Aoshi and Seijuro found two seats and found a spot on the circle. "Thank you. Now we can begin discussing what's going to happen."

"Himura becoming a mortal isn't exactly the best situation. Since, frankly, you should be dead." Akemi said, shifting a bit in her seat. "These stools are highly uncomfortable."

"So…I need paperwork, essentially?" Kenshin asked.

"Yes, everything. Fake birth certificate, hospital files, school records…it's very messy."

"I take it that you're going to do this for me?" Kenshin voiced slowly with wide eyes.

"Of course. Imagine what the world will think if a boy with absolutely no identity has been roaming around the earth for so many years? I think I will save us all the trouble and get everything done." Akemi pondered for a long moment. "There's also the problem of that whole…being a mortal without any sort of immune system. After all, there are problems today that weren't prominent two-hundred years ago."

"Well isn't Dr. Genzai still around?" Misao asked.

"Yes, but he's in Italy right now, and he doesn't like to be forced anywhere." Akemi said with a small scoff, as if he was such an inconvenience to her.

"Do you think he'd come if I offered him some payment?" Kenshin said.

"Depends – what kind of payment? Money won't work on him."

Kenshin removed his bloody right hand glove and took off the gold ring that was on his pinky finger. Imbedded was a small stone that seemed to change color depending on the light. It was the Alexandrite ring that Seijuro had given him when when he first became a vampire.

Akemi gasped sharply. "Where did you get that?"

Kenshin shrugged, not willing to give up Seijuro and let him be subjected to unwanted questions. "Found it." He responded vaguely. "I'm in no position to contact him directly – could you do this for me as well?" He asked Akemi kindly.

"Even as a mortal you're still charming," she muttered, "fine. You owe me, Mr. Himura."

"Well, I'm not sure what I can do, but I'll do my best." Kenshin said.

She turned to Masaru. "Go back to the house and try and contact Dr. Genzai. Tell him that it's a very odd case that he has never seen before and there's a rare payment."

Masaru nodded, got up from the circle and left the kitchen faster than Kaoru could see.

Akemi turned her attention to Megumi, who was watching the discussion before her with a mixture of awe and fright. "You're an odd case as well. Who'd of thought there would be a half-vampire in existence? I'm curious to see your lifespan." Akemi said thoughtfully.

"What do I have to do?" Megumi asked somewhat nervously.

Akemi gave a small sigh. "There's nothing we can really do. I suppose we'll need to keep an eye on you, make sure you don't turn into a bloodlust creature and start killing every living being around you." She swung her small legs back and forth like a child, looking up at the ceiling. "Perhaps we can find a demon who is looking to settle down. That would be a fine option."

"A demon…like Nyoko?"

Akemi suddenly looked very sad, as if all the years of her immortal life had caught up with her in one instant. "There will be no demon like Nyoko…" She looked down at the floor for a moment before looking back up at Kenshin, her pear eyes bloodshot. "You are quite lucky to have been saved from this immortal curse. There comes a point where every life you meet is all the same and insignificant. Yet there are some that manage to break through that…"

"You knew Nyoko?" Kaoru asked, feeling sad as well, yet surprised at the same time.

"Oh, I've met her a few times. She was always a restless one, almost as if she was looking for something. I suppose she found it – staying with Kenshin until the very end. But yes, she was remarkable."

There was a tense, sad-filled silence after that, which was broken by another rather loud growl from Kenshin. He turned bright red. "Sorry." He whispered.

"What are we waiting for? Let's find him something to eat!" Misao exclaimed enthusiastically, jumping off from the stool and rushing to the cabinets. After a few seconds of shuffling through all the cabinets and drawers, she came over to Kenshin with two things: a box of Ritz crackers and a box of cookies.

Everyone (except Akemi) gave Misao gave looks that clearly read, "are you serious?"

She sighed. "They're the only things I could find that didn't require cooking."

"This guy hadn't had anything to eat in two-hundred years and the first meal he's going to have is Ritz crackers and cookies? Wow, not special at all…" Kaoru said while rolling her eyes.

"Which should I eat first?" Kenshin asked.

"Have a cookie." Kaoru suggested with a sigh.

Kenshin opened this box with slightly shaky hands and took out a cookie. For a moment he stared at it before taking a very small bite. Everyone waited in anticipation, excited to know his thoughts.

"Wait, I couldn't taste it." He said, taking a larger bite. Everyone sighed loudly, and put their heads in their hands in exasperation.

He stopped chewing for a moment, his eyes widening before he hid them with his long bangs. Kaoru put a hand on his shoulder. "Is it good? You're not allergic to chocolate or anything, are you?" She started worriedly.

"It's…good…that's all." He said softly.

She grinned as she whispered his in ear, "Wait until you try freshly baked cookies where the chocolate is warm and melted…"

A new shade of pink blossomed on his face that had nothing to do with being embarrassed. He tried to say something, but the words seemed to be lodged in his throat. Kaoru grinned and pulled away. "Hah!" She said triumphantly.

"What do you mean?" He asked, his face turning back to normal.

"I managed to make you choke up."

Misao, Akemi, Seijuro, and Kashiwazaki snickered while Kenshin turned completely red before hiding his face behind his bangs. "Please not here. Can we move on? Like what's going to happen right now?" He muttered.

Akemi stopped laughing, but still had a smile on her face. "Well, you should eat. Right? That's what mortals do best. Then sleep…that's another thing. And hopefully by tomorrow Dr. Genzai will be here. So no school until he has cleared you."

"Should I just stay in the infirmary?" Kenshin said.

Kashiwazaki nodded. "Yes. I can make up something to satisfy Ms. Miyagi."

"You want to know something odd." Akemi said suddenly, getting up from her stool gracefully stand in front of Kenshin and Kaoru. "Your heartbeats are coinciding with each other perfectly."

Kaoru was looking at Akemi curiously when Kenshin gently took her wrist in his hand felt her pulse. With his other hand he felt the pulse point on his neck. After a few moments his eyes widened into saucers, "Wow."

She copied what Kenshin did, and nearly jumped when she felt both pulses occur at the same time. "This isn't normal…"

"Another thing to tell Dr. Genzai. You two mortals will be the first to be examined by him – be honored. Thousands of vampires try and see him and never do." Akemi said seriously before graciously getting to her feet. "Well, I believe that's all! I'll be sending a messenger to Hiko Seijuro and he'll get Kenshin, Megumi Takani, and Kaoru Kamiya to the house." She paused. "You'll also be the first mortals to come in and out of the House of Mezaris alive."

"That's nice." Kaoru grimaced.

Akemi smiled at Kaoru pleasantly, as if they were just acquaintances. "Well, I will be seeing you tomorrow then. Adieu!" She waved to everyone before skipping out of the room innocently.

As soon as she left, Kaoru muttered, "and she's the same girl that wanted to drink the blood from a corpse."

Kaoru and Megumi slept in the first two periods, given that both were physically and mentally exhausted from the events of earlier in the morning. When they came into English class, they let out a breath, relieved that Enishi would never be in their classrooms again, sending ominous smirks in their direction.

Between every class, Kaoru went to the infirmary wing to check on Kenshin, who slept almost the entire day. She found it quite remarkable to see him with his eyes closed – he looked so at peace. He was awake at around dinner, when she visited him with the assignments that he missed.

"I suppose it won't take me five minutes to write an essay anymore…" He said with a sigh as he looked over a newly assigned English essay.

Kaoru smirked. "No. But it'll probably take you a shorter amount of time anyway given the number of times you've probably read this book."

"That's true. I've also spoken to a lot of professors about it…so it'll only take me about thirty minutes."

"Damn you."

"I've already been damned, thank you."

She felt guilty. "Oh…right. Then maybe I should think of another direct insult."

"How about a simple 'screw you'? It's a lot less…explicit. Girls shouldn't be swearing – it's not a pretty thing to do. Men should just be the only ones to taint themselves in cursing."

She sighed. "You're so traditional."

"Hey, I'm over one-hundred and fifty-years-old, bear with me."

"Don't remind me – you're seventeen. It makes it sound weird that a seventeen-year-old girl is in love with a one-hundred and seventy-year-old man." She muttered.

He froze for a moment before twitching in disgust. "It does…even though it is the truth."

"Only your mind is one-hundred and seventy-year-old. Your body certainly isn't."

He smiled and ran a warm finger down her cheek. "No, it certainly doesn't feel that old."

She leaned in closer. "I like this warm body of yours."

She watched him swallow loudly in amusement. He surprised her when he suddenly pulled her on top of him, gripping her waist tightly. She gasped a little at the close proximity of their faces, their noses just an inch apart.

"I do too." He said quietly before leaning in a little and kissing her.

She was overwhelmed with the difference between how it felt kissing him before when he was a vampire and in this moment. The heat from his hands seeped through her shirt, making her muscles languid.

But before she could completely lose herself in him, she heard the curtains fly open. Kaoru immediately pulled away and looked at the intruder, who she was thankful to have been Megumi more than anyone else, like Ms. Miyagi.

"Oh…I'm sorry…" Megumi said embarrassedly, turning red. She was holding a cinnamon colored fox arms as if it was a house cat. The fox's eyes were very feline-like with black slits for pupils.

Kaoru watched Kenshin as he seemed to be in a staring contest with the fox. After a few moments, he cleared his throat. "Right. This is Chikao…he's here to take us to the House of Mezaris…and he's to be Megumi's guardian."

"I thought you said that demons normally take the shape of a domestic animal."

Some of us prefer not to stick with trends. Besides, mortals will leave you alone if you're a dangerous animal.

The voice was deep and soothing, yet at the same time she could sense something very powerful and dangerous. Although he seemed rather unfriendly, she was glad that some demon agreed to watch over Megumi.

"Thanks, we'll go then." Kaoru said, standing up and holding out a hand to Kenshin. He grabbed it and lifted himself off the bed.

Megumi dropped Chikao on the ground, letting him lead the way outside of the school, where a beautiful, red Ferrari 430 Scuderia was waiting.

Kenshin's jaw nearly dropped to the floor.

A gift from the House of Mezaris for taking care of Yukishiro. Not to mention as a gift to keep your mouth shut about us.

A large grin blossomed on Kenshin's face. "Yes!" He said like a little boy.

"Hey, wait a second, I'm the one who actually weakens Enishi and I put my life on the line to keep him under control. Does that mean I get a jet plane or something?" Megumi said, a pout on her face. Chikao must have said something to make her frown. "I feel like I got the short end of the stick on this situation." After a moment, Megumi started to grin brightly. "Really? Hah! Yes! I do get something."

"What do you get?" Kaoru asked.

"I get all of Enishi's money, which apparently, is quite a lot." Megumi smirked. "No problem for paying for medical school!"

Kenshin walked over to the car and was grinning from ear to ear when he got inside and was looking around the interior. "Wait until Aoshi sees this! Now I can park next to him without feeling inferior! Not that a Porche is completely inferior..."

The House of Mezaris was a long way into the woods, which Kenshin found most exciting trying to drive on a very crude and windy path through. It was a huge mansion, covered with dead vines and surrounded by seasons of leaves on the ground.

The driveway was a gravel path that was a U shape. Kenshin parked in front of the mansion, in front of a set of large, oak doors with rusted metal handles.

Kenshin turned off the ignition and let out a breath. "If I hadn't directed you eleven years ago, you could've ended up right here." He said to Kaoru.

She shuddered. "Thank God you were there." She said before getting out of the car.

"Did you notice them?" He asked, getting out of the car as well.

"Notice who?"

"The vampires and demons. They were watching us. Hundreds walk around the area, making sure no lost traveler will end up here." He explained as Chikao leaped up the front steps.

You still have good eyes, Kenshin Himura. Chikao's voice echoed in everyone's mind.

Kenshin shrugged. "Not so much anymore, I just know they're out there." Megumi shuddered next to Kaoru, who put a comforting arm around her shoulders.

We're always out there. You just have to keep an eye out for us.

Kenshin opened the door just as Kaoru felt her stomach tighten with nerves. The first thing she noticed was a grand staircase directly across the grand room. There were cherrfy-wood pillars inside detailed with intricate carvings at the bases. Crimson curtains hunt over the large windows. A fire was crackling under the fireplace where blood red chairs were places.

There were vampires in room, looking very human-like, which surprised her. She thought they would look more menacing given that not all vampires were accepting of humans. They wore leather, expensive suits, and even some clothing made from the Victorian-era.

They ooze style, Kaoru thought to herself in awe.

They were all talking quietly, watching the three mortals and the demon with sharp eyes. They looked decadent and dangerous.

"Hello! I take it you like your gift, Mr. Himura?" Akemi said from the top of the staircase with a light smile on her face. Everyone craned their necks to see Akemi skip down the staircase.

Kenshin nodded eagerly. "Yes, very much, thank you."

"And I'll take it that you'll keep your past to yourself, then?"

He suddenly became serious as he nodded. "Yes. I will."

"Good!" She said cheerfully. She turned to Megumi. "Enishi's money will be directly wired to your account. No need to give me any information, we vampires are very talented at finding out these things." Kaoru looked to the group by the fireplace, who smirked with confidence at Akemi's comment. "Chikao has willingly agreed to watch over you, Megumi Takani. Although I disapprove of his form," she scoffed for a moment, like a child who wasn't given the right toy, "he will be of great help. Besides, I think his form is just perfect for you." She giggled.

Megumi flushed with embarrassment and a bit of anger. All the vampires switched their gaze to Megumi's red face, their eyes flashing. Chikao growled at them threateningly.

Anyone who so much as thinks of hurting her, he or she will join Enishi Yukishiro in the ground.

All the vampires looked down. Some of them stood up and walked out of the room.

"Kenshin Himura! Is that you?" Kenshin bit back a groan as a feminine looking man approached him with a bright smile, his fangs flashing. "I haven't seen you…oh noyou're the one who was changed back." He pouted.

"Yes, Kamatari. I'm sorry, I guess we won't be sharing a drink together."

"Nonsense. You can drink whatever mortals drink and I'll just have blood."

"You know the law, Honjou Kamatari. Once he leaves this mansion he is no longer one of us. You two shall not meet again." Akemi said sharply.

He pouted. "Fine. I'll just have to find you randomly one of these days."

Kaoru saw the amused smile on Kenshin's face. "We'll see."

Masaru was suddenly next to Akemi, slightly shocking Kaoru. He bent forward and whispered something in Akemi's ear before straightening himself and walking away. "Dr. Genzai will see you now. Follow me!"

She skipped up the stairs quickly before Kenshin, Megumi, and Kaoru could even make it to the first step. Chikao rushed to join Akemi's side as they led the way through the creepy corridors of the mansion. She finally stopped in front of a door at the end of the corridor. Opening it, she revealed an open room with a crackling fireplace on the left of the room that was circled by a string of forest-green chairs similar to those that were downstairs. Across the room was a wooden table where an elderly man was reading a book. He looked up behind small glasses as he shut his book.

"Kaoru Kamiya, Megumi Takani, Kenshin Himura, this is Dr. Genzai." Akemi said before leaving the room. "Please hand in their reports when you're done, doctor!" She called down the hallway.

Dr. Genzai was a rather stocky man with a grey mustache and beard. His eyes reflected his wisdom and limitless knowledge, yet the wrinkles around his eyes showed his weariness of everything that he had seen and learn in his many lifetimes.

He silently walked up to Kaoru in a deliberately slowed pace, as if not to frighten her.

"I'm going to need that amulet off your skin." He said with a stern, somnolent voice.

She looked to Kenshin, who nodded once. Reaching behind her neck, she unclipped the necklace and placed it on top of a wooden table next to her. Dr. Genzai nodded before holding her chin in his wrinkled hand.

"Pretty mortal you've found, Mr. Himura." He said, tilting her head from side to side. She blushed slightly. "You seem to have a death wish – blushing in front of a vampire."

"Indeed she does." Kenshin muttered.

"You seem to be fine – despite the amount of blood he took from you. I'm surprised you didn't collapse – you must be strong." Kaoru didn't say anything, instead she squeezed Kenshin's hand reassuringly.

Dr. Genzai switched his focus to Megumi and Kenshin. "I need you to go into those two rooms," he said, pointing to his left and right, where there was a door on each side, "and get out of your clothes – there's a gown for each of you." Megumi went to the room on the left while Kenshin went to the room on the right. Kaoru awkwardly continued to stand in the same spot, not knowing which room to go in. "I'm going to see Mr. Himura first, and I think you should come. Akemi told me there was something interesting about him that involved you."

She nodded as she grabbed her amulet and clasped it around her neck. She followed him to the room on the right. Inside was just like a doctor's office, which surprised her. There was a bed in the left corner, and to the right there was a set of wooden cabinets, a sink, and a very modern looking machine and computer, which was the only thing that differentiated from a normal doctor's office.

She quickly became transfixed with Kenshin's bare chest, which she had never seen before, given that he always wore clothing that covered every inch of him. His torso was decorated with small scars, which were the only flaws in his otherwise flawless body. He blushed when he caught her staring, which cased her to blush as well.

"What is with mortals and blushing?" Dr. Genzai muttered to himself as he walked over to the counter underneath the cabinets. He took out a syringe with a needle, making her cringe slightly. "I'm going to take some of your blood to see if you have anything…but Akemi tells me that you weren't one for donors." He said, walking over to Kenshin (who was in a hospital gown) and wiping a spot on his arm clean with a cotton ball before sticking the needle into his arm, drawing blood.

"I was a vegetarian if you will." Kenshin said, not at all fazed by the pain nor amount of blood taken from his arm. Dr. Genzai walked over to the machine and placed a sample of Kenshin's blood inside, watched the machine start whirling, before returning his attention back to Kenshin.

"Speaking of your diet, that will need to be discussed as well. Something tells me that you're not going to be eating meat, that you'll be a true vegetarian."

Kenshin smiled. "You thought right."

Dr. Genzai sighed. "You have to make my job difficult. What's my payment, anyway?"

Kenshin took off his right glove and removed the alexandrite ring from his small finger, holding it out to the elderly vampire.

Dr. Genzai's eyes lit up with excitement. "Oh, this is much better than what I was expecting! How lovely! The cut – the color! It's incredible." He said cheerfully, taking the ring and putting it in his pocket, given that the ring was too small to fit on any of his fingers. With a little spring in his step, he walked back to the machine, where a list was shown on the screen. "Well, you don't have any sexually transmitted diseases, which is good, and to be expected since how many donors have you had in your life?"

"Two." Kenshin replied shortly, referring to Shishio, whom he killed, and Kaoru.

"You also don't have Lyme disease either…which is rather lucky given that you mostly lived on deer…" Dr. Genzai muttered, his eyes flying down the screen. "Your blood type is AB."

"I think I'm O…" Kaoru pondered out loud.

"Would like to find out for sure?" Dr. Genzai asked.


Dr. Genzai chuckled. "I'll be sending these results to Akemi and Masaru and they shall take care of legitimizing your existence. Now, I'm curious to see what 'strange phenomenon' she mentioned earlier."

"Apparently our pulses coincide with each other perfectly." Kenshin said, holding on his wrist. Kaoru did the same and allowed Dr. Genzai's cold fingers to rest on her wrist. He did the same with Kenshin's and closed his eyes. After about minute he opened his eyes, shock clearly written on his face.

"Hm, strange indeed…" He muttered to himself. He let go of both their wrists before pacing the room. "The only reason that I could possibly think of…yes…that's probably it…impossible…but it could be…"

Kaoru looked over at Kenshin, both clearly uncomfortable being in the same room with a muttering old man that could easily kill them in the blink of an eye.

He suddenly stopped and sighed. "Alright. I'm throwing my guess at you two, but you might as well take it as the truth – it can never be proven anyway." He waited until Kenshin and Kaoru both nodded. "Your lives are on the same…timer if you will. When one dies, the other will follow. I'm assuming this is because Kaoru was the last living being you took blood from and she was the person who sacrificed some of her blood for your complete transformation back to humanity. Therefore, your lives go hand-in-hand."

Somewhere in Kaoru's mind, she felt as if she knew that already, that their lives were inexplicably and eternally connected. To have it said in the open solidified it.

"I've thought that as well…" Kenshin said, looking at Kaoru thoughtfully. "I think we both have." She nodded, unable to say anything.

"Alright then. Although this will be quite a waste of fifty or sixty years, I'll have to be your doctor, in case anything is to happen." Dr. Genzai sighed at the thought. "I'll need to find some vampires here who would be willing to help…" He shook his head. "I have to see Miss Takani. I'm afraid I have to feed after seeing her." He saw Kaoru's horrified face before chuckling. "I've been on this earth for over five-hundred years, Miss Kamiya, I have quite the self-control."

He walked out of the room, leaving Kenshin and Kaoru alone. Kenshin lightly jumped off the bed and grabbed his neatly folded clothing that was on a stool under his feet.

"I never thought about the complications of you becoming mortal." She admitted as he slipped on a pair of jeans. She never thought she would see him in something so casual.

"Oh, I have, but it's better than what I thought originally." He said, taking off the gown and putting on the dark blue shirt he was wearing. "You should go and see Megumi. She'll probably want someone in the room with her – she's still not comfortable of the idea of vampires."

She nodded. "Yeah. I'll see you in a bit." She froze at the doorway. "That scar on your hand – is it gone?"

He smiled, yet shook his head. "No, it's not, but it has faded – see?" He took of his left glove, revealing the cross-shaped scar that was less severe looking. He wouldn't have to wear gloves anymore, she noted happily before exiting the room.

When she quietly entered the room on the left that Megumi was in, Dr. Genzai was writing something down on a clipboard, his eyebrows furrowed together in thought.

"Hi, Megumi."

Megumi gave a relieved smile. "Hi."

"Your body temperature has dropped." Dr. Genzai stated.

Megumi froze. "By how much?" She whispered.

"Almost two degrees."

"My body is practically half dead!"

"Now, Miss Takani, there's nothing to worry about. When will your temperature ever be taken outside of your home? Besides, you're rarely going to fall ill. Your blood cells are remarkable. I doubt you'll get another cold again…"

Megumi's jaw dropped. "Really?"

"If anything, you will get ill from a serious virus, but it will be very mild for you."

Megumi made a sound that was a cross between a laugh and a choke. "Wow…this is…something positive…" The weak smile that was on her face disappeared as she looked down at her hands on her lap. "Will I be able to have children?" Megumi asked softly.

Dr. Genzai sighed, putting the clipboard down on the counter. "I don't know. I don't know how your body will be a few years from now. You'll have to come for regular appointments, because the moment you start craving blood, you'll have to leave your old life behind."

A few silent tears fell down her face. Kaoru nearly cried as well, feeling responsible for Megumi's change. It was a weight on her heart that she was sure would never go away. She put a comforting hand on her friend's arm, silently saying that together they would overcome it.

"You don't feel dead."


"Your body isn't that cold – nobody will tell the difference. I doubt Sano will care – he'll have you anyway."

She watched Megumi's face turn pink. "You think?"

Kaoru grinned. "Absolutely."

Akemi met with Kenshin, Kaoru, Megumi, and Chikao for a final farewell outside the House of Mezaris.

"I do hope you live out your short lives wonderfully." She said cheerfully.

"Don't worry, it's not that short. When you're mortal…time seems to flow at a slower current than what it really is." Kaoru said, not at all fazed by Akemi's comment.

Akemi gave her a true smile, something that Kaoru hadn't seen before. "I bet it is…" She said softly. She then looked to the end of the gravel driveway where a red BMW convertible was. "This is for Miss Takani. We took the liberty of purchasing it – I felt somewhat guilty of the fact that Kenshin got a nice car and you didn't. It doesn't quite compare with a Ferrari…but then again, it's the thought that counts, right?"

Megumi beamed. "I love it – I've always wanted one."

"Excellent! Well, farewell, mortals! And Chikao, of course. Stay away from trouble and, oh, if you see a vampire, just walk the other way. No need to get involved – we can handle it." She said with a toothy grin, revealing her small fangs.

Kenshin bowed to Akemi. "Thank you for everything."

"Dr. Genzai will contact you with more information at a later date through Kashiwazaki. Now, go. Everyone inside is getting riled because of you three, and I can't say I blame them – you all smell delicious. Adieu!" She said, waving to them as Megumi and Chikao walked over the red BMW while Kenshin and Kaoru got inside the Ferrari.

Megumi followed Kenshin on their drive back to the crossroad, which took about a half hour to do. When they got back on the main road, Kaoru asked, "Are you excited?"

Kenshin nodded, smiling. "Yes, I'm excited to rediscover certain things. And to discover new things, too." He gave a side glance toward her and she blushed.

"So this closes the chapter in my life about vampires – I'm officially done with them. I'll just pretend that Dr. Genzai isn't one." Kaoru said, leaning back into her seat with a happy smile on her face.

Something white caught the corner of her eye. When she looked closer, she noticed it was a white face, watching the car drive by. The figure was wearing black.

Kenshin gave a wry smile and gave a small chuckle. "I'm afraid vampires won't go away forever. You heard what Chikao said – they're always watching mortals. Almost as protectors of sorts."

Kaoru looked over to him and saw that his face looked a little whiter in the dark, his eyes a little brighter. "What do you mean?"

All of a sudden, his skin and eyes turned back to normal. "We want to protect humans from becoming like us. We try our best to blend in, so most mortal will never know of our cursed existence."

"You're not one of them anymore." She whispered.

"No, I'm not," he said slowly, "but I still…feel like I'm one. I doubt I'll ever feel completely human."

"You will," she said, putting a hand over his that was resting on his lap, "I'll be here for you. It'll just take some time."

"Yes, time," he suddenly smiled amusedly, "and we don't have forever," he sighed with relief, "and I couldn't be happier."

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