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Sasuke: Bleached™

Chapter One : Meet Sasuke! Meet Hinata! Meet Hollow!

Konoha Town, Night

Leaves swirled in a gentle wind, as a young man opened the church gates. Wrapped tightly in his dark cloak, his faced shadowed, he made his way through the dark churchyard. Stopping before a particular set of graves, he sighed almost imperceptibly. He reached inside his coat and brought out three white roses. Brushing the leaves off the face of the first grave, he reads the inscription aloud, as well of that of the second and third grave.

"Uchiha…Fugaku…Uchiha…Mikoto…" the boy placed a white rose on each tombstone as he read aloud their names. "Father…Mother…It's me…" turning away from their graves, he looked to the third grave.

"And brother too…" he murmured, placing a white rose on the tombstone. "…big brother…Uchiha…Itachi".

He took a step back and glanced at the rest of that area of the cemetery. A rusted sign hung far above his head, proclaiming the area to be reserveed for the Uchiha clan. Below, all of the tombstones began with "Uchiha"

"And…," the boy muttered, "…my entire…clan…" After surveying his family, the boy turns his back on them, and walks out of the black churchyard. Out on the street, he looks up at the dark, overcast sky, and continues on his way.

Uchiha Manor

The boy stepped out of the shadows, and made his way up the empty driveway of a large mansion. The mansion towered over the houses on either side of it, the dark side of its gothic architecture accentuated in the waning light of the evening. The boy sweeps aside his black bangs from his face, allowing his hair to fall into its perpetual position, almost raven-like, fashion.

"Home, sweet home…" He muttered, pushing the large entrance doors open.

Outside the Uchiha Manor, the wind swirled gently. A sandaled foot landed softly on top of the lightpost nearest the manner. The girl, no, woman it belonged stood on the lightpost with one one foot, the other dangling off it almost gracefully. She wore a black robe, and held her face low, so her dark blue bangs obscured her face.

"Ah, I'm here…I will…continue to patrol, until I receive further orders," she muttered to the slowly darkening evening.

There's a forest fire burning bright
Spreading quickly towards our last rites
Nowhere to run, pointless to hide
Just lay there and scream, pretending to try

Konoha High school

Of late…I've been getting these strange feelings…

Like…there's more…out there…

Sasuke stepped out of the school gates and into the afternoon air, relatively pleased that another school day had ended, although his stoic face betrayed none of his feelings. He hooked his hands into the straps of his schoolbag, which was currently residing on his back, and started the trek homewards. After passing a lonely deserted block, he stopped suddenly, body rigid, head up, eyes staring wildly around.

What is this…weird feeling?

Sasuke slowly surveyed the deserted surroundings. The neighbourhood shops were all closed, barred and shuttered. Homes were locked tight, and no lights were visible. But the feeling persisted…He shook his head violently. There was nothing there, but still…when he looked towards the end of the street, he was shocked. Squinting, he looked again. It was almost as if…there was…a figure there. A huge, hulking figure. But it was barely visible, instead, he could just barely see the outlines of the figure instead.

What…what is that? What's…going on?

Nearby, the girl dressed in black spun around quickly.

"A Hollow!" she muttered. Shifting her hand slightly, she held the grip of the sword hidden beneath her robes, and dashed at almost superhuman speed in the direction of the alley Sasuke was in.

I suddenly feel…this…is so weird…

Sasuke stood, riveted in fear, at the oncoming creature. It seemed like the daylight dimmed as it approached, dragging its hands on the ground. Cold sweat broke out on Sasuke's forehead.

What…is it?

A woman, robed in black, suddenly appeared in the corner of his peripheral vision. Sasuke whipped his head around to see her properly. She was had dark blue hair, cut short at the back but with bangs obscuring her eyes. She wore black robes, complete with a sash at her waist. Most curious however, was the wicked-looking sword at her hip, tucked into the sash. To Sasuke, she seemed like a fallen angel.

She moved towards the hulking figure at the end of the alley, only turning her head once in Sasuke's direction. Satisfied that Sasuke appeared unharmed, she continued her slow journey towards the figure.

"Hey!" Sasuke yelled. "Who are you? What is that?"

She halted suddenly. Behind her, the monster stirred, and started moving forward.

"You can see me?" She asked Sasuke softly.

As melodic as her voice sounded to Sasuke, he was truly captivated by her eyes. They were pure white, yet instead of seeming blank, they seemed to be holding incredible emotions behind them. Suddenly, Sasuke's eyes widened. Behind the girl, the monster suddenly reared up and lunged.

"Move!" Sasuke shouted at the girl, and roughly lunged at her himself, pushing her out of the way. Unfortunately, that put him directly in the monster's trajectory. He suddenly found himself enclosed in two huge arms, and brought in front of the masked face. Looking at the mask the monster wore, Sasuke saw the eye holes and mouth hole were surprisingly dark, almost as if that was the true face of the monster.

His eyes widened.

"Oh, shit."


End of Chapter

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