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Sasuke: Bleached

Chapter 4:

Sasuke opened his eyes, and glared at the morning sunlight filtering in through the blinds of the Uchiha Manor's master bedroom. It was a wonderful morning outside the gentle sunlight basking the surroundings in its warm glow, and the birds accompanying the superb view with cheerful calls. Most people would have stopped to enjoy it for a second, but not the lone Uchiha. Instead, Sasuke mentally cursed and crawled into the bathroom to get ready for school. His morning brooding was interrupted by images of a black robed woman flashing through his mind.

Damn you...

Sasuke grit his teeth and stepped out of his bathroom, running a hand through his jet black, raven hair.

Was what happened yesterday...real? Am I really...

Stepping out into the hallway, Sasuke stopped his wonderings abruptly at the sight in front of him. His eyes widened, his jaw dropped, and he completely forgot about his earlier ambition of getting to school on time. Instead, he pointed a shaking finger at the girl in front of him.

"Why the HELL are YOU here?"

Hinata looked down blushing, and started poking her index fingers together. "Ah...W-w-well, I-I realized i d-don't have a-a-anywhere to st-stay..."

Sasuke was completely thrown by this. "What the HELL? This isn't my problem..."

Hinata turned her white eyes to him. "ah, Pl-Please Sasuke...I n-need to look after you...till i get my powers back."

Sasuke huffed and fixed Hinata with a glare. "You...have until tonight. I want you out after that."

With that he strode past her and out the door of the Manor. Unknowst to him Hinata stood in the middle of the hall, looking after him sadly.

Sasuke jogged down the school halls, not even sweating from the exertion. Stopping outside his classroom door, he ran a hand through his hair, and barged into it. Looking around, his eyes widened as they were greeted with yet another unfamiliar sight. Instead of most of the students sleeping like they usually would, they were all awake, attentive and had their eyes on him. As much as he tried to take his seat without anyone bothering him, he was unsurprised to find that Sakura caught his eye just as he sat down.

"Seems like you were almost late there, huh Sasuke? Is the star pupil slacking off, or did you just have a late night?" she asked in a cheerful whisper.

Sasuke uttered a long suffering sigh. "I really don't want to talk about last night," he mumbled.


At lunch time, the lone Uchiha attempted to find a secluded space on the school compound to enjoy his home made lunch. As usual, he suffered the misfortune of attracting the attention (and lust) of a sizeable portion of the females of the school as he stalked off and stood under a tree, muching on his sandwich. Sakura decided that she would take it on herself to deflect, or at least protect Sasuke from some of the more predatory stares he was receiving. So, she sauntered over to Sasuke's self-proclaimed spot, and sat down beside his feet.

Eyeing her with suspicion, Sasuke finished his sandwich before grating out, "What do you want?"

"Well...," Sakura drawled, casting a pointed look back towards the flocks of fangirls that peered at them from the other side of the school compound. "Essentially, I'm protecting you from the hordes of the undead over there". She offered him a quirky half-smile, hoping that she wasn't coming off as unusually forward, or weird.


By this point in his life, Sasuke was used to girls acting erratically around him, and was counting himself thankful that Sakura was still able to hold a civil conversation with him without drooling, or even worse attempting to kiss him. Looking away from Sakura, Sasuke looked up into the branches of the tree they were beside, hoping to find something to save him from actually engaging the pink-haired girl in conversation. Unfortunately, he found his wish fulfilled, but not in the way he wanted it.

Not again...

Sure enough, in the branches above him, Hinata beckoned urgently. Sasuke stared at her dumbfounded for a second, before mumbling a quiet, flimsy excuse to Sakura, and taking off in the direction Hinata had motioned him to.

Things just keep getting better and better, don't they?


After leading him away from the school compound, Hinata finally stopped. Sasuke remained silent, glaring at her as if daring her to provide an explanation good enough to warrant their sudden meeting. Suddenly feeling contrite, Hinata hung her head and began wringing her hands slightly.

"Uh, Sasuke...sorry for dragging you away from your friends like that...," she began.

'So, I guess besides being strange and dangerous, she's completely unobservant as well' Sasuke thought to himself.

"...but you need to know, that Soul Society reports that a powerful Hollow will soon be in this area, and will probably target your school, due to the high amount of human souls present!" she finished, her urgency echoing in her tone.

Sasuke scoffed, and began to turn away from her. "Not my prob-"

"You're the one with the power, Sasuke," Hinata muttered, her hands fisting bunches of the fabric of her black robe. "You have to stop it. I-I'm sorry I had to thrust this upon you, and I promise, I will help find a way to return the power so I can do this job. But don't know how important it is that...that..."

Her head suddenly dipped, so that her bangs obscured her eyes, and she rubbed at her face with one hand, barely managing to smother the sound of a sniffle as it escaped.

"It's...important that we...I-I do this job..." she muttered.

Standing with his back to her, Sasuke rolled his eyes. Just another weak person who can't do their duty, huh?

"Just show me what I need to do".


"Wha-What're you doing?"

Hinata looked apologetic and a bit guilty, and mumbled. "It's the only way to force out your Shinigami powers..." and with no further ado, she punched Sasuke in the face. Surprised, Sasuke actually squeezed his eyes shut once he saw the fist aproaching his face, and then opened them again to find himself on the floor...staring at himself.

"Argh! What the-" Sasuke then held up his arms, and saw the black robes he was dressed in, and glanced back at his body lying on the sidewalk. He muttered a soft "Oh." in comprehension. Hinata stripped the gloves off her hands, and dragged Sasuke's body into some bushes. Then she turned around and pointed at the hollow, a slight smile on her face.

"Sasuke, I hope you beat the Hollow!"

Blushing minutely, Sasuke turned his head away. "I'll do it. But first you have to show me where exactly this hollow is supposed to show up."

Hinata cocked her head, her eyes searching the distance. "It seems like it's approaching on one of the roads to your school. Come on!"

They quickly ran towards the playground and hopped the fence easily. The sound of their entrance distracted the Hollow, who had cornered an innocent victim beside a children's slide. It reared up on its two hind feet, and leered at Sasuke. This hollow had a furry body, almost like an oversized shaggy dog, with a grotesque white mask with grinning features. It had been salivating over a small boy who was playing on the slide, completely oblivious to the danger that had approached it.

"Damn Shinigami, always interrupting my meals..." the Hollow muttered.

Sasuke ignored its taunt, and ran straight at it. Grinning widely, the Hollow slammed its arm down in an effort to crush Sasuke, who retaliated by blocking its large arm with the flat of his Soul Slayer. Grunting, Sasuke twisted his sword around, and slashed upwards, severing the arm of the Hollow. The monster roared with pain and punched Sasuke with its other arm, sending him crashing through the slide, to land beside the boy.

Sasuke coughed once, and got to his feet, grimacing in pain. Beside him, the child had stopped in the middle of his horseplay, and was glancing around with a confused look on his face.

"Hinata!" Sasuke called out. "What's with the kid?"

"He doesn't have the ability to see you!" Hinata hissed back urgently, from her position beside the fence. "Concentrate on the Hollow!"

The Hollow meanwhile, had gotten over the pain of losing an arm, and rushed towards Sasuke, who had his back turned to him. The Hollow cocked its remaining arm, ready to unleash a devastating blow to Sasuke, but Sasuke neatly stepped backwards, anticipating its move, and smoothly slashed across the Hollow's torso, spilling its blood on the ground.

"Ugh...shit." the monster muttered, before Sasuke slashed its mask in two. As Sasuke sheathed his Soul Slayer, the Hollow dissolved into nothingness.

Sasuke stretched his arms out, and then turned back the way he had come, with Hinata following close by. "Well, that was fun," he muttered sarcastically.

Hinata looked up at him. "Sasuke...i'm glad y-you...helped that that boy."

He shrugged. "I guess I'm accepting this Shinigami my...duty...". He looked upwards, to the darkening sky.

Mother...Father...Brother...would you be proud?

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