Hello, and welcome to Pokemon Colosseum: A Fanfic Adaption. I hope there are other fans of the game out there other than myself, because I'll feel really lonely if no one is. Anyway, time for basic background.

Though I will admit that the Pokemon Colosseum was created into a manga adaption, it is very rare and unknown, since it was never collected in a digest. And since I found Colosseum to be an entertaining game, I decided to make my own adaption. But you don't have to be a fan of the game. Anyone can read it. (But I will still feel lonely if I'm the only fan here...)

Pokemon is owned by Nintendo and its appropriate creators. This story is fan-based and therefore has no influence on the actual game or the manga adaption, Pokemon Colosseum Snatcher Leo

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Pokémon Colosseum: A Fanfic Adaption

Authored by Kaitou Kouji

Based on the Nintendo Game, Pokémon Colosseum




The sun was setting over the horizon of Orre. Not a good thing, thought the one person who did not wish for the sun to go off to its slumber. She bit her bottom lip. She rubbed her fingers against her thumbs and palms of her hands. Not a good thing at all.

Rui's grandparents had always told her not to travel at night—not in Orre. And worst of all, Pyrite Town. Pyrite Town's reputation was spotty, at best, known for its thugs and rampant Pokémon battles. For Rui, traveling here, without a companion, was very similar to suicide.

Her outfit didn't help much either: a purple shirt with a revealed navel, jean shorts and jean jacket. Her red hair, tied in pigtails, practically served as a flare. Why did she have to be born with red hair? Why not brown or black? She wouldn't mind blonde if it meant keeping out of sight.

Perhaps I should return to Phenac City, she thought. There she wouldn't worry as much. But it was far. And the transportation there had stopped just the same as it did to Agate Village. Her best bet now would be to find a hotel.

"Hey, gorgeous," said a voice. Her thoughts were broken by it.

Rui turned. Next to her was one of the people she was hoping not to run into. He was a bulky male with a white and red muscle shirt and sweat shorts. His brown hair grew back to his shoulders.

"Uh…hi…" she stammered.

"So, gorgeous, how about you and me take a night on the town? Come on, I'll make it worth your while."

Rui didn't even want to know what he meant. She looked about for something or someone that could possibly help her. Without much of an option, she pointed to the sky and said, "Look! A flying saucer!"

The man turned his head quickly. He gazed about the sky to find nothing. And when he turned back around, Rui was gone. He was completely dumbfounded.

Rui took a shortcut through the alleyways; not much attention that way; but definitely an assortment of obstacles. The guy wasn't following her. She slowed her pace to make sure—nope, no one. She sighed her relief and proceeded treading the corridor between the building walls. Grime covered the walls and litter covered the ground—Pyrite was overdue for sanitation.

She wasn't an expert of the alleyways but Rui was fortunate to find her way out. She realized she had completely crossed the entirety of the city, exiting just outside the large, rundown dome that was Pyrite Colosseum. Boards had either fallen off, were still sticking on for dear life, or just covered in a rusty brown. (They used to be white.)

"Kick his ass!" came a shout from up ahead. A crowd gathered past the bridge over the "Gap of Pyrite"—a narrow, deep canyon with no sight of the bottom. Jeering and shouting and vulgar remarks mixed in the air. What was going on, Rui wondered. She slithered her way through the crowd, ducking random swings of arms and bewaring tripping over feet.

As it would figure, for Pyrite Town, there was a battle. On one end, two males dressed in the typical "thug" attire of the town—one had spiky blonde hair with red streaks and was dressed in a black, sleeveless muscle shirt and baggy pants. His accomplice was dressed in a black baggy shirt, a pair of pants, an orange fleece jacket, and a wool hat on his head. They both wore sunglasses (but Rui was unsure of whether it was to block their eyes from the setting sun).

On the other end was a boy, backed into a corner by the hate and curses of the crowd. Still, his Pokémon stood ready for battle. It was a small, round-bodied ferret with a tan ring on its belly and a striped dark-and-light brown tail. (Sentret, the Scout Pokémon)

"Look at this, Folly!" exclaimed the man in the wool hat. "This kid beat my Spinarak!"

"Well, what do you know, Trudly?" replied Folly. "You're right! I think we've got a powerful kid on our hands."

"Whatever should we do? We can't go home looking like wimps."

There was something mocking in their words. They were show boding, a play set up just for the audience. And this kid wasn't fooled; he was annoyed.

"Will you just send out your next Pokémon?"

"Kids should be patient," said the one named Trudly. "Or they'll get a beating." He threw a Pokeball—a spherical contraption with a red top and white bottom—into the air. It opened on a hinge, allowing a white stream of light to flow from it. The light materialized into a small, chubby, tan creature with black boxing gloves. Its eyes were closed and it smiled. (Makuhita, the Guts Pokémon)

Rui gasped, but it was drowned out by the crowd's noise. Didn't they see it? A strange aura surrounded Trudly's Pokémon. It danced and flicked around like fire; cinders sparked from it. But it was purple—a ghastly purple—one very close to black. If it wasn't some bodiless ethereal attachment, Makuhita would've been literally consumed.

"Sentret, Quick Attack!" ordered the boy. He didn't see it, Rui realized. He wouldn't be attacking so hastily if he did!

Sentret dashed and zigzagged through the people in the crowd, around Trudly, around its trainer, and then charged at Makuhita. The pudgy Pokémon, despite seeing the fur ball coming at it, made no move. It continued smiling and stood there. For a brief second, Rui could've sworn it even opened its eyes very slightly—enough to see a malicious, bloodthirsty glint in them.

It snatched Sentret by the tail. Holding it up, it displayed the Sentret like a prize—a hunter's prize. Trudly grinned, muttering his command, "Vital Throw."

Makuhita giggled; it was somewhat high-pitched and made Rui's hairs stand on end. Like a whip, it lashed the Sentret against the concrete. Sentret yelped. But Makuhita persisted—swinging it back and then smacking it on the ground. The yelping died immediately—blood took its place. Blood drips were on the ground and Sentret was unconscious.

"Stop!" shouted the boy. He ran up to the Makuhita, trying to pry Sentret from its grasp. Makuhita's invisible aura grew. Its color changed slowly to a deep crimson.

"Wait, don't!" she tried to shout. But she couldn't get the words out in time; Makuhita punched the boy in the gut. Then it forcefully threw the kid's Sentret into him, knocking him down and causing him to land on his back. He didn't have time to return the beaten Sentret to its Pokeball before finding Makuhita on top of him. Makuhita landed blows; already there was a crack, probably from the boy's broken nose. His cheeks became bruised instantaneously. His lip swelled. His eyes glazed over.

"Stop! Stop this! Call it back!"

Even the Makuhita stopped that time, watching as Rui dashed to the boy's body and cuddled him in her arms. Blood trickled down his nose and his breathing came out husky. He wasn't conscious anymore.

"Got a problem, miss?" asked Trudly.

"Stop beating up this kid! He already lost the battle! What more do you want?!"

"We were just having a little bit of fun." The crowd agreed, telling Rui to get her "bitchy ass off the streets."

"Fun? The kid's already unconscious! And what kind of Pokémon is that? Why does it have that strange aura?"

Folly and Trudly froze in place. The crowd didn't notice that; they kept shouting at Rui to get away. Time ticked in awkward seconds between Rui and the two men.

"Let's go, Trudly," said Folly.

Trudly nodded, recalled his Makuhita in its Pokeball, and both dashed off.


Pyrite Town's medical ward was a dirty building. Much like the rest of Pyrite, slime and grease manifested on the walls; the bed sheets had holes; and the equipment appeared to be used. Only two rooms, other than the doctor's office and the bathroom, were built into the small edifice. This was the only refuge injured trainers could seek. There wasn't a Pokémon Center, so Pokémon also had to be treated in this dump.

Rui sat next to the brutally-beaten boy's bed. His face was bandaged and his nose placed in a cast. The old medical monitor displayed stable vital signs. But the doctor said a blow to the head from a Makuhita could've meant a severe concussion. The same for the Sentret, which was thrown against the ground.

It was a couple hours past sun-down.

Knock! Knock!

"Miss," said the doctor from the room entrance. He had short, purple hair with one bang zigzagging down a couple inches in front of his face. The glasses he wore were tinted purple. "I'm going to lock up for the night. You may stay with the boy, but he will be transferred to Phenac City Hospital tomorrow morning."

Rui nodded. Tomorrow morning she had to leave to Agate Village anyway.


It was the middle of the night now. Rui exited the bathroom and silently shut the door. Nature had called. Yawning, she proceeded back to the boy's room to return to the chair in which she slept. But a ray of light on the floor caught her eye. She visually followed it, noticing the doctor's office was well-lit and the door ajar. Voices came from the office—the doctor had late-night visitors.

Rui's legs didn't listen to her commands to stop. They walked, slowly, as close to the door as possible. Her face bent forward just to see through the gap into the office. Two men—the same two men from before, with the strange Makuhita—stood there, their backs to where Rui watched.

"She can see it?" came the voice of the doctor. "That girl in the other room?"

"We don't know how," said Folly.

"Miror B said to come to you," followed Trudly. "He said you would know what to do."

Silence followed. The doctor thought.

"It's obvious, isn't it? If that girl can see the black aura, she might tell. We cannot allow suspicions to run amuck, even if nobody believed her. Get rid of her."

"Yes, Doctor Ein!" Folly and Trudly responded.

Rui backed away from the door and then made a turn to run away. Something knocked her down. Her backside throbbed from the impact on the tile floor. And to her horror, she saw that what knocked her down was the same Makuhita from earlier. Its smile was not comforting and it gave her that same bloodthirsty glare she saw before.

"So you're awake."

But before Rui could respond, one blow to the head sent her spiraling into a sea of darkness.


The Outskirt Stand, the "pit stop of the desert". Located in the southeast corner of the Orre region, it was both a small bar and restaurant built within a locomotive engine. Travelers would come in, enjoy a warm meal and cool drink, and listen to the news on the big screen TV or to the jukebox in the corner.

A teenager sat in the back booth of the Outskirt Stand. He wore a buttoned, navy blue trench coat over black slacks. His tan complexion made the white streak that crossed over his nose clearly visible. A pair of metallic goggles covered his eyes and there was a mechanical apparatus donned over his left arm. It was jet black, with red lines curving up its length. It looked almost like a prosthetic arm.

A waitress came up to him, holding a tray with food.

"Here you go, hun," she said. She placed a plate of steak with a glass of iced tea on the table.


He took his goggles off his eyes and strapped them over his forehead, revealing a pair of hazel orbs. He smiled at the waitress, making her blush. She then returned to her position behind the bar. Her friend came over to her and whispered in her ear.

"Who's that boy, Macy? He sure looks cute."

"This is the first time I've seen him. Maybe he's new to Orre."

"Huh, is that so? He does appear foreign……Oh, by the way, did you hear about the explosion in Eclo Canyon earlier?"

"Of course I heard about it. There's been a live broadcast all morning."

The waitress grabbed the remote control. She pressed the power button and when the television flicked on, she turned to the news station, finding a news reporter pictured on the screen. The news reporter was standing in front of a damaged building in the canyons. Flames were spitting from the roof, attempting to survive the downpour of Water Guns from the police officers' Pokémon in the background. Barely anything was left of the building except a charcoal frame.

"Authorities have made a stunning announcement on the mysterious building that exploded in Eclo Canyon. It was Team Snag'em's hideout!" The waitresses gasped. The teenager in the back booth glared at the screen. "Team Snag'em is a gang of Pokémon abductors who have already been marked for arrest. The hideout was discovered only as a result of the explosion. By the time police arrived, the ruined building had already been abandoned. The cause of the explosion is under investigation and should become apparent eventually. Until then, keep a close watch on your most trusted news station."

More film coverage of the building was shown on the television screen, giving the two waitresses time to chat excitedly.

"T-Team Snag'em?!" exclaimed Macy. "Did they actually say they found Team Snag'em's base?!"

"I can't believe it," said the other waitress. "Team Snag'em is the most fearsome criminal organization in Orre. How could their base just explode like that? It's scary. And to think they're still out there!"

Macy looked over to the far booth. The teenager had left—his plate and cup were left empty and he even left the money he owed on the side. "Hey, where did that boy go?" she asked.

If the waitress had looked outside the window, she would see that he was confronted outside the Outskirt Stand by another boy his age. This one had pink hair and the standard cowboy ensemble. They stared each other down.

"So, are you a trainer?" asked the cowboy.

The boy muttered monotonously, "I am. What's it matter to you?"

The cowboy chuckled, taking two Pokeballs from his belt. "My name is Willie, and I too am a Pokémon trainer. Normally I don't battle trainers randomly like this, but I sensed a strong power in you as soon as you entered the restaurant. So what do you say? Care for a battle?"

No reaction came from the boy. He was clearly contemplating the idea before he closed his eyes and let out a chuckle himself.

"Sure, why not?" he replied. He released two Pokémon in front of him. One was a black fox with yellow bands around its ears and tail and yellow rings imprinted on its forehead and legs. (Umbreon, the Moonlight Pokémon) The other was also a fox, but with a more feline appearance. It had clumps of hair near its ears, a skinny, forked tail, and a red jewel embedded in its forehead. (Espeon, the Sun Pokémon)

"Umbreon and Espeon are my choice," he said.

"Fine," said Willie. "Then I choose Zig and Zag!" Willie's two Pokeballs opened to reveal two raccoon-like creatures with zigzagged layers of light and dark brown fur. (Zigzagoon, the Tinyraccoon Pokémon.)

"I introduced myself already. What about you? You got a name?"

The trainer of the Espeon and Umbreon grinned. "Yes. My name…is Wes."


Rui: "Hey, where am I? Why am I bound and gagged like this? Just great, me and my big mouth! I see a strange Pokémon and those goons kidnap me! If anyone can hear me, help me!"

Next time: Wes, the Pokémon Snagger