Beast Maker

Inspired by: Garth Nix's The Seventh Tower: The Fall

Special Strength Speed Skin Temper Heart Head

Head Heart Temper Skin Speed Strength Special

The above table is a representation of the Yugioh place mat. In each column (or space) on the mat is a category. Each category is a piece of the creature that u create. Each piece will determine one quality of the beast to come. The top row is your opponent's side, and the bottom is your side.

Parts and element order (from least to greatest effectiveness means higher,

means lower):

Head: increases chances of hitting ( head chance)

Fire, Earth, Water, Light, Wind, Dark

Heart: decreases chances of hitting ( heart chance)

Dark, Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Light

Temper: deals more damage ( Temper damage)

Light, Earth, Wind, Water, Dark, Fire

Skin: determines the beast's defense ( Skin defense)

Dark, Wind, Water, Light, Fire, Earth

Speed: determines the beast's quickness ( Speed quickness)

Earth, Water, Wind, Fire, Dark, Light

Strength: determines the beast's power ( Strength power)

Light, Earth, Water, Wind, Dark, Fire

Special: gives an added ability to the beast

There is no elemental order